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United Publishers Of America / nuisance phone calls

1 FL, United States Review updated:

We keep receiving repeat phone calls from this company. They keep upping the price attempting to lock us into a 5 year subscription to cheap magazines. The company had our names, addresses, and phone numbers and asked for credit card and date of birth information. When I refused, the agent became belligerent. When I questioned the exorbitant monthly subscription charges, he became even further incensed. I told them to remove us from their call list and hung up after multiple phone calls. This company should be shut down.

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  • He
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    If you're not on the National Do Not Call list, then get on it.If you already are on it, file a complaint about the company

  • Ca
      10th of May, 2010
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    I just recieve a phone call from this company stsing i won 5, ooo dollars, in which I would recive in January of 2011, qas long as I answer my phone, I also have been geting a lot of those 404 area sode numbers, but I don't answer, any way when I wouldn give out my credit number over the phone the repersentive, got very upset and told me not say yes to question, i hung up, on her, they didn't tell me that I had to give out my card number over the phone, everything was free, a least that what I was told, with a dimond watch from new york, what a joke free magazine and dimond whatch plus a5000 dollars in january, sorry united I'm not the one, no scaming here. RM, ORLANDO

  • Tf
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    They're sending me bills for magazines that I did not agree to subscribe to. A lady even called screaming at me to give her my banking information because I changed it. They never had it to begin with. When I received the first bill, I called them to dispute it. Everyone I spoke to got rude, except one person. He could barely speak English. I called them like ten times, they told me their manager informed them not to speak to me and they'd hang up.

  • Ni
      8th of Mar, 2011
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    It takes a fool to start a quarrel. same thing just happen to me when i decline to buy any magazines because i got two different versions of what i was supposed the get, the young lady on the phone, Sherry White, was very rude. I know the time I would have cursed her out; but I didnt because then I knew something was wrong when she said I wasted her time. How could I have wasted her time, when they called me and was so upset that i didnt buy any magazines. People hardly magazines today anyway. the teaser was i supposed to have won $5, 000 Jan 31, 2012 but when this Sherry White came on the phone she said I was in the running. Dust Storm in El Paso, TX

  • Li
      25th of Mar, 2011
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    I answered a call yesterday from the 404 area code that had been calling several times a day for several days. I was told that I was in the running to win $5000 and that I'd get a package of 3 magazine subscriptions absolutely free. After a lot of glamor and glitz talk from the guy, Jacob I believe was his name, I was told about the diamond watch from New York and $500 in grocery money. Sherry White called me a few minutes later to confirm everything and told me that I misunderstood what Jacob had said when I declined payment for 3 additional magazine subscriptions for 60 months!! I was going to be charged over $50 a month for the next 5 years. I was told that the extra magazines were a 'bonus' as some of the subscriptions were only 11 months long, not a full year. What a crock. I did not consent to anything and when I checked my online account I noticed a $50 debit to UPA. I have been trying to call them back for the past twelve hours to dispute the charge, as 1. I did not consent to pay for anything, 2. everything was supposed to be free of charge as Jacob said and 3. I was dumb and confirmed my acct # over the phone. PLEASE LEARN from my mistake and DO NOT confirm or give your acct information out! I NEVER usually do this, I always ALWAYS ask to be taken off the call list and/or refuse to give out any personal information, but I did and look what happened! I've changed my acct and am currently on the phone trying to get through to UPA.

  • Jo
      2nd of Jun, 2011
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    This same company, United Publishers of America, has taken $64.88 from my checking account this month under the pretense that I owe for a magazine subscription that I thought was free along with a watch and a $500 grocery coupon. I have received neither the watch or the grocery coupon. If I can find a way to get in touch with them I may be able to get this settled. However, I am having trouble getting a phone number for them. They are definitely crooks and should be prosecuted. By the way, I am on the National Do Not Call List. Jon in Illinois on the Illinois River

  • As
      5th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    same thing happened to me i ordered the magizines and they said i would get them half price because I am a student. Today I received a collection notice in the mail from them and guess what never received a magazine watch or my $500 grocery coupond so I will try to get a hold of someone tommorrow. How can they get away with this? And how could I have been stupid.

  • Je
      15th of Jul, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Just received a phone call from United Publishers telling me that I have won a diamond watch and a $500 grocery coupon/voucher. The representative then went on sweet talking me...saying I sound so young "are you 21?"; asking me if I was a pisces because I sound so mellow; asking what city I am residing in. I quickly relized that with in a few minutes he now has my birth month and year; whether I have a credit card; where I live and whether I have good credit. Sounded suspicious to me "RED FLAGS". He then went on repeating himself...forgetting he had already read that part of his script to me...asking some of the same questions. GET THIS...he repeated, again, part of his script (third time). At this time, I couldn't help myself but laugh. He asked me why was I laughing...and instead of telling him he screwed up...I told him "Is this a joke? Is my name really up for a $5000 winning sweepstakes?" He said "yes" and all I would have to do is purchase Ebony magazine for $2.99 (no offense to the magazine Ebony...but what legit company preselects the magazine for you?) and receive a diamond watch and the grocery coupon. He then said he didn't have time right now to explain further because he hasn't eaten and is trying to go to lunch...that I should answer my phone in 15 minutes and someone else will get my order for the magazine. He said I owed him a steak dinner...and I laughed again.

    "WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT????" So glad I knew of this website ""...taught me alot about how to recognize these kinds of scams and has been a quick reference material for me to rely on. The company wasted 3 minutes of my time...atleast, I can say, someone made me laugh today!!! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO GET THESE SCAMS TO BE STOPPED...GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO LAY DOWN THE LAW WITH HEAVY CHARGES/FINES AND JAIL TIME. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  • Fr
      17th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Don't give these people any information, because they are a bunch of thieves who are running a scam. Indians from Britian with british accents are in charge at this company and they are lying, filthy

  • Ca
      9th of Sep, 2011
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    Contact your state's consumer protection bureau or attorney general's office. Fraud is a crime. You don't have to put up with this.

  • Ca
      9th of Sep, 2011
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    The Federal Trade Commission has a complaint against this company -- check their web site. Also, NEVER use a debit card or provide direct bank account withdrawal for any company, but especially one you don't know. Unlike with a credit card, once the have your money it is very difficult to get it back.

  • Wb
      7th of Mar, 2012
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    They got to my wife, who is mentally and physically disabled. She ordered two magazines from them, believing their speil. Now, they want 17% of her $600 monthly disability check to pay for magaznes she never ordered. Harrassing phone calls and abuse over the phone leaves her trembling and shaking. Her attempts to negotiate payments have only resulted in her receiving more abuse. She now gets such calls several times per week.

    My question is this: Who's got the money to get the justice system in America to shut them down? 'Cause we don't have it, ourselves. Or does anyone give a crap?

  • Si
      27th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I got a call 7/26/12 that i was in the running for 5000.00 as well and that i would also get a diamond watch and a 500.00 gift card for groceries. The guy was like you have a nice voice do you sing? and to my suprise i was like yeah. He then was like you have a nice voice blah blah blah. anyway he then told me i would have to talk to his supervisior and to answer my phone someone would call me back and it was a sherry white. she wasnt rude but she was about getting the account information from me for the magazine for 2.99 but i had to authorize 50.00 to make sure i had an active account and it would return in my account in 72 hours.. I was stupid and gave her the information and then after about three hours of looking this company up and seeing that this was a scam i called back and i canceled. please please please people dont do it. save your self from these scammers. Here is a number i called to cancel it is 1-8779313237. mrs sherry gave me this number i guess she liked me cause i was so dumb.

  • Gr
      25th of Nov, 2012
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    I did a few on line purchases, got a calls saying the packages respectively are alreay posted (some hae alread arrived), also some magazines, then to hold to speak to someone else to receive gifts that I have won, orsometimes I am told in a few minutes I will receive another call telling me what I have won.
    One of the calls was from 404 area code in, also I'v orming me it Publishers and his name is Mike Ward. I was informed of a winning of $86.38 payments that would be payable with effect from Nov/Dec 2012 to June/July 2013, also I've won a gold watch and 500 dollars grocery voucher also gift relief forms.
    Just after Hurricane Sandy a woman called me and ask me when I would like the money go towards my debit card, so I give her debit card #. I remember asking if I have to pay $86.38, she said no, I must give a date for this money to go towards my debit card. Last week she called me back after 7' P.M and was very rude because there was no money in my debit card because I told her it would be from the 10th November 2012 and threatened to take me to court. So she played back a recorder of my voice of agreement. Yet part of the recording recorded she was not hearing me well because of the recent storm. I became worried, borrowed over eighty dollars and reloaded my debit card. Well theScam Publishers took my money. Now that I got a letter from them I check their rating on the net, and now realised their are scams. I have received nothing from them, except another letter reminding me to send the money for December. I am a pensioner, I am not working, I would not delibertly put myself in this bad position, I was tricked into this.

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