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United Pay Services /Pay Day Loan Scam Artist / Harassment

1 Inverness, FL, United States Review updated:

I received a phone call last Tuesday at work from an Officer Shane Watson. He stated that he was an officer representing my bank and the bank was in the process of filing bank fraud charges against me as well as money laundering, money crossing state lines and altogether I would have over 30 felony charges. He stated that he was giving me a courtesy call to let me know that I was going to be arrested within a couple of hours, just as soon as they were finished processing all of my warrants. after hearing all of that, I was scared out of my wits, started shaking and just wanted to pass out from fear! Somehow I managed to gather myself and asked him to repeat what he had said because he had an Indonesian accent and I was just stalling for time. My caller ID gave me the phone number [protected], which when I looked up the area code on my map, he was calling me out of California. I reside in Florida. I was still scared and falling apart and I asked him what this was all regarding. He stated that I had an outstanding payday loan in the amount of $420.00 from 2 years ago and they have not been able to cash my check and that I had ignored all invoices from them. They had taken me to court (really...I wasn't there, nor was I contacted). The loan was with Cashnet, which I had already paid off, or thought that I did. After all, that was 2 years ago, I don't honestly remember. He gave me a case number and said if I wanted to settle out of court, that he could note my account that I was sending in the payment of $420.00 via Money Gram using the red form, which sends money DIRECTLY to the company. But the person I was sending money to was First Name: ANITA - Last Name: NAGENGAST - City: INDIO - State: CA and that I must write my case number on that form as well. I told him that I did not get paid until Friday and that I couldn't pay anything today and that since he was calling out of the blue, I would have to try and work out a budget to pay this off. He agreed to me making $100.00 payments for the next 4 weeks and also agreed to hold off until Friday of pressing any charges when I made my payment. He also stated that I would have to call him back with the control number. He stated that he could fax or email the signed contract that I had with Cashnet, so I gave him my email address at home. I was shocked to see that he has my bank account number and he also has my social security number with my old address. I agree with Steph B, it sort of looked liked he made the form himself and it is signed, Sincerely, Shane Watson - Cash Net Co. Asst. Manager! Now, how fishy is that...when he called me at work, he was Officer Shane Watson and on my email he is Shane Watson - Cash Net Co. Asst. Manager. I did not send a payment to him on Friday as I had originally stated. He called my office again on Monday and stated that I did not call him with the control number and that he now wanted to talk to my manager. I said what do I need to do to get this resolved and he up and then he hung up. He called back and asked to speak to my manager and since we have caller ID, the secretary stated that it was the same number and I picked up the phone again. I told him that I would make the $100.00 payment after work and I would call him tomorrow with the control number. Once again, I didn't do it. Did I have Heck, Stress & B.S. to pay on Tuesday! He called my office over 20 times and eventually I let him talk to a co-worker who posed as my boss just to shut him up and hopefully not call back anymore! WRONG! He would call, let it ring once, then hang up. Finally I picked up the telephone and stated Shane, I have had enough of you calling my office and harassing me. I will make the damn payment of $100.00 and call you after work. My co-worker who posed as my boss found this web sight along with many others that I read and printed off at the office. When I got home, I called him back and said Shane Watson, he said yes, how can I help you, I said that I am Dianna and I spoke to you a little bit ago about my case. He said yes, I told him that I contacted Cashnet and he stated that I was lying, that he had proof in his records and to pay up and then hung up. I called him back again, Shane I said, "this is Dianna C., I spoke with you a few minutes ago regarding my case, please said don't hang up and please hear me out"...he said.. okay. I said, since I left work today I have decided that "I AM NOT PAYING YOU ### BECAUSE YOU ARE A SCAM ARTIST AND I FOUND OUT THAT YOU ARE SCAMMING INNOCENT PEOPLE AND I HAVE CONTACTED THE FBI, THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE AND MY LOCAL AUTHORITIES". Guess what...since I used Steph B's advice, this is Wednesday and he did not call our office today! Thank God! I do want to say of Monday after work, I have been very busy trying to locate this idiot and bring justice to what is owed to him. I have contacted a lawyer and they stated that since this is not a legitimate company and they cannot prosecute. Fine I said, I am not giving up. I found another website and have filed complaints with the following: Fair Debt Helpers (which called me back this morning and stated that Shane is running a VOIP and they believe he is operating out of India. Since I had taken out an internet payday loan on line 2 years ago, that is how I have fallen victim to his scam. He stated that he was sorry that he couldn't help me, but this was a big time criminal act and I would need to go to the proper authorities to get anything done. This scam has been going on for over 3 years now and he said congratulations on not becoming a victim of sending him any money and apologized highly for me being a victim altogether and what I have gone through over the past week.

He stated to contact:
My State Attorney General's Office, the FBI (, the Secret Service ( and the Federal Trade Commission ( Please let everybody know that you are being targeted by EXTORTIONISTS over the telephone!

I am not going to give up on this and I am going to try and bring him down! If we all pull together, it will make the difference that is needed to make that happen! Please contact the above authorities and follow Steph B's and my advice! DON'T SEND HIM A DIME!

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  • Ac
      21st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had the exact same phone call today. except they stated that i owed 1400 dollars. i have actually not ever accepted a loan from this company but they had all my information. ss number address etc. i reported it as well. and hopefully they will stop calling.

  • Be
      23rd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have the same problem, but this guy has a heavy accent I can't understand a word he is saying...just that he is threatening me with arrest and lawsuits. The number he calls from is 000 000, or private numbers, he called my work a 100 times today after I had told him I wanted him to stop calling my work and that he nedded to send me everything in writing. How can I find out who they are and report them ?

  • Ki
      11th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Good Morning I am receiving harrasing phone calls from 347 416-5090 it comes up on my cell as 000000. this guy is very rude nasty and curses at me, has cursed at my co workers. i cant have this please someone help me. they are very rude and abrupt told me his name is jackie williams. i googled the number and come to find out many people have had the same problem with this company. i dont know what to do.

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