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This is formal complaint, submitted via E-mail after attempts to communicate verbally and via your chat system.

On 9/19/17, I attempted to pick up my medications for diabetes at your local office at 3:30 pm after your delivery service fail to deliver my medication to my home because I was not at home. Apparently, I am expected to wait by my door the entire day to sign for the medicine.

It should be noted the delivery time on the notice was not recorded on the infoNotice.

InfoNotice [protected].

At 3:30 pm, when I attempt to retrieve my medical supplies at our local office in Cheyenne Wyoming, I was informed the delivery truck would not be back until 7:00 pm, to late for my return.

I was informed that the package of medical supplies would be redelivered the next day, but there was no way to identify the time of delivery, any where between your opening time and closing.

This puts my medicine on your truck for a period of 48 hours. This occurred before and the medicine had to be returned due to heat damage.

At the time I was in your office, I noticed a rather large sign stating "Home delivery at my schedule" when I inquired about this service, I was referred to your office manager, Shannon,
who could not explain the advertisement, the policy and procedure behind the advertisement or the method in which I could establish a set time i.e. 9-12 or 1-3 for home delivery. As I pointed out the advertisement, she rudely and abruptly left stating she did not wish to argue.

At 4:00 pm that same day, I contacted UPS at [protected] and was placed in contact with Shannon. I informed her that I would file a formal complaint. She informed me to contact [protected] and dial two 0, which I am sure you are aware does not work.

After multiple attempts to submit a verbal complaint I contacted Ms. Eds to relate the above story, I did ask her to record the phone call. Later, I file a complaint via the Chat box on your home page.

I believe, your computer system should have a specific area to file concerns or complaints.

I am asking for:

1. A specific time period on a delivery day, to arrange to be a home to sign for my medication.

2. A formal apology.

3. A method to have a long standing request to just leave to packages at my door, so I do not have go through this unpleasant action again.

4. The establishment of a effective method for costumers to contact your service about specific concerns.

David Sones, PMHCNS-BC, APRN
Ph: [protected]

Sep 19, 2017

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