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United Magazine Service / Its a scam!!!

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* Names changed to protect privacy* While having dinner at my parents one night in March 2008, my dad (who is hard of hearing) answers a phone call. They ask for my mother but only as Mrs. Smith. My dad asked "do you want Jane?" The man on the line never identified himself, only stated he was from United Magazine Service & that it is b/c she is in collections for a magazine subscription she hasn't paid from 2006. My mom gets on the line and tells him she has never had a subscription to any magazine. She tried to get the name of the magazine(s) and all he would say was it was special deal f0r 3 magazines & didn't have the names. Then he tried to convince her to pay right then with a credit card or her credit score would be affected. He said this a number of times and she refuses. At this point, I knew a scam was happening so I got on the line and listened in. WHen I asked him for his name he freaked out and asked" How many people are on this line". He did give us his name, David Johnson. We informed him that he would have to send us something in the mail before we would pay and refused to give our address since they should have it in their file. She never received anything.
But the story continues...
May 2008 I happen to be at my parents dropping off some things while they were out. I answered the phone and they asked for Brenda. I said this is she. He said that he was calling in regards to my unpaid magazine subscription. I asked for the company & his name-again it was United Magazine Service & it was David again. I made sure not to specify my last name or give away anything he could play off of. When I asked for the names of the magazines he again said it was a set of 3 & didn't have the names. When I asked for the address on the subscriptions, he acted like he was looking it up & put me on "hold" but he couldn't provide it. I asked when this subscription was started since I was only visiting and haven't live there in years. He asked when I moved before he answered and i said a few years. Then he said I started this in 2004, which informed him I haven't lived here in over 10 years so how can that be? and also how come i haven't received one magazine at this address then? He was unable to answer any 0f my question and would keep steering the conversation to "are you goingto pay today with a credit card? if not this will affect your credit score when it is reported" I informed him No payment since i never received the product and they can send me the paper work if they want payment. He kept pushing the "credit score" issue and I could tell was getting agitated I wouldn't comply. I finally told him that he can go ahead and do what he had to and I hung up. Later when I told my parents, my mom said someone had called earlier in the week asking for Brenda and she said I wasn't there so it shows how persistant they are by trying to reach me again there.
I am so thankful I had gotten emails about scams that try to get you to give personal info over the phone otherwise parents (who weren't aware of these scams) could have gotten sucked in if I wasn't there and that I was visiting when I did in May to catch them and realize it was the same guy & company as before. Everyone should be aware of these scams!!

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      12th of Jun, 2008
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    I came to this site because on this day, because earlier June 12, 2008 I recieved a call from United Magazine. They called my mothers' home while I was there and asked for me. I came to the phone and I can't remember the girl's name but I remember the company she is representing. She claimed that I had opened a subscription in 2004 for magazines that she could not give me the names of, and supposedly that I failed to cancel it.

    Bottom line she tried to collect $847.00 over the phone. I informed her that I never recieved a bill at my address, and asked why she was calling my mother's phone number. There were too many questions that she could not answer, namely what my actual address is, magazines that I supposedly have subscribed too, and when they tried to collect the money owed earlier than 6- 2008. She told me I had a verbal agreement, I told her only written ones will hold up in court. I am posting this because this company is scamming people.


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      18th of Jun, 2008
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    I've been going through the same thing. The first time was a John Stinton who was with USA Collections collecting for United Readers Services. United Readers Services told me that they KNEW this person to be a scam artist when I called and asked them about it. 3 phone calls later from him, a Jacob Andrews from United Magazine Services has started calling. United Magazine Services does not exist as a legitimate company as far as I can find. They refuse to give me an address. They refuse to give me a phone number. And they don't have my address. All they DO have is an old credit card number that expired a few years ago. The first guy (John)only wanted $399.99, but this new guy (Jacob) wants 849.15. And both were VERY rude and informed me that I was a bad person for not paying my debts and that this would reflect badly on my credit score and they would make sure my score was in the toliet when they got done with me. They told me that they would put me down as refusing to pay and take me to court. I asked very nicely for an address to send them a money order and they refused. Against policy they say. THIS IS A SCAM. PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR IT !!!

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      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    My wife has been receiving phone calls for the past couple of months saying I owed for magazines. One time the call was from USA Collections and the last was from United Magazine Services. They also told me that it was from 2004 and could not tell me what magazines I had 'ordered'. They have told of different amounts of money owed and what they would settle for.We also tried to get them to give us a phone number, but they refused and threatened with court procedures. This is the only website that I come up with after searching 'United Magazine Services'.

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