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United Legal Department / Asking for too much money I never got fro a payday advance company

United States Review updated:
I recieved a phone call at work. They had a strong Indian accent. Telling me a company had filed legal charges against me. They said they wanted to help me resolve this legal matter. They said they were from the office of Robert Matthew. I didn't pay much attention to them so by Thursday 8-28-08 they started calling me at 5:30 am. I was on my way to work. And they called my work around 6 - something in the morning. When they called me at my cell phone I told them it was against the law to call that early. They just said " I apologize for that." To make a long story short... Around noon they called me pressuring me to pay them 400 dollars out of 800 and some dollars. I told them I wouldn't pay them. They transfered me to their SR. Investigator or Rep. I don't remember the word they said. He asked me if I knew how my credit was.. I told him I knew it wasn't that good.. He sarcastically told me " No its not good, it's pretty bad.. He said that if I didn't pay he would download the case and it would go to a small claims court. and someone might be waiting for me at my house or they could go to my workplace. so that scared me a bit and I just thought to myself, , just to pay it and then investigate. So I paid them $400.00 and now they want me to pay $400.00 more next week. Is there a way to sue or get my money back? I can't believe there are people like this out there...

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  3rd of Sep, 2008
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I got the same phone call from an Officer Jimmy Watson (had an Indian accent) When he answered the phone he said Hello not Hello this is United Legal Department. I reported them to the Texas Attorney General because I never took out a payday loan and they had a lot of information on me.
  9th of Sep, 2008
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I received the same phone call today. They actually said I had to fax them an apology letter stating that I could only pay 1/2 today and would pay the other 1/2 on my next payday. I told the lady I would have to call family to borrow the money and I was driving to work. I let her know I would call her when I arrived. She made it very clear that she would sign the affidavit (which she could not fax me) if I didnt give them the money. I was unbeliveably scared, but wanted to check out the validity of the company - sure enough I found your post and filed fraud alerts with all 3 credit reporting agencies and notified my bank not to accept any incoming debits without my approval. I'm not sure if they will try to debit, but they have my bank account number and wanted to be safe. I'm sorry this happened to you but I really appreciate your post and this website for preventing anymore money from going to these people.
  9th of Sep, 2008
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I got the same exact phone call with the same exact Indian accent. They threatened to have me arrested if I didn't pay for an outstanding loan from Cash Net USA. I in turn called Cash Net USA for more information and they told me that there is a company by the name of United Legal Department calling their customers with the same thing and I should contact the police.
I advise anyone who has gotten this call to d othe same.
  23rd of Sep, 2008
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i got the same phone call on 9-22.08 and they said that i need to pay them 690 or i wll be arretsed in 2hours and lock away for 2years. they had he same indian accent, then he told me that he would speak to someone in the courts t try to he lp me and then he offer to help by apying two hundred dollars to the court from his personal debit card, something is not right. he said he is calling on behalf of midlandmarketing, from my knowledge i paid them off becaus my loan was from in july 07 and i sure remember them debiting my account for 90 dollrs finace fee then they started to take there fee. something is very fishy . don't give the no more money because when you try to call thm no answering machine with the comapany name ever comes up that's strange then on top of it thay ae nasty. the number that i have for them is 646-213-1090 or 732 -312-5536. a d second they are not to call your house at 5am then they are very rude and want to hang up the phone don't give no more money they are trying to make something for themself...also iam requesting a opy of my bank statement so i can check because i know i paid them off.
  26th of Sep, 2008
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just received a voicemail from a "Mike Williams" with a very thick Indian accent. He foolishly stated "a lawsuit has been filed against you, and you need to call me back today at 800-717-1708, extension 1002." This is interesting, not just because I am a lawyer but also because I have not been served with a copy of the complaint or any other documents associated with this alleged debt. Something is rotten in Denmark. C&D is on the way with an FDCPA complaint to follow in federal court if these individuals do not comply.
  13th of Oct, 2008
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This company is a total scam, I am a manger at a collection agency and I attempted to locate this business off all the numbers they called me on, as well as "United Legal Departement" and could find nothing on this business existing. If anyone manages to get a correct adress or phone number for these people please email me, thanks.
  11th of Nov, 2008
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Hi everyone. Its been 63 days since I first posted my comment, the day that ULD got me. I received another phone call today from an Officer Adam Smith at 518-212-1618 ext 1059 - I didn't answer my cell so he left a message and called my office. He was very rude to my receptionist and she gave him the "what for". About 30 min later he called my cell again. This time I decided to have some fun. He asked me to verify my name, which he couldn't even say correctly - April, oh what a hard one to pronounce! Then he proceeded to call out my social security # and I stopped him right there. He got angry at me and told me not to speak until he finished. WRONG thing to say to me! I went off on him bashing his personal self (just to get him mad) and accusing him of being a terrorist. I asked him where he was hiding Osama BinLaden - He didn't like that at all. I told him "this is Bull****" and he whispered (where his boss or whomever couldnt hear) "you are bull****. I laughed so hard and he got madder and madder. He began yelling at me saying that the call was recorded and that since I said bad language to him I would be behind the bars in 24 hours. "Oh good" I said, "why dont you come arrest me yourself, dont you think that would be fun". I laughed like a hiyena and hung up on him. Thought ya might like that!!
  22nd of Jul, 2009
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There Indian idots are still at it...they now have my information...I called all the Pay Day Loan Companies I could find on the internet and complained to their fraud departments. Obviously my main concern is these idots have my information. They are deep in a box and use to people yelling at them and just try to insist that you owe them money. I phone number I have for them is 973-400-6137. EVERYONE who reads this should call this number, wait until someone answers and them start yelling or making noise, just to piss them off. This is a real scam...they rattle off all the charges they are bringing against you. I asked for their address and they refused, I asked for their web page and they refuse, they wanted my attorney to contact them, which is a scare tactic. DON'T give in to these idiots...this is a real scam, someone is making money off selling these idiots our information and encouraging this fraud. They need to be stopped. Enough is enough, this has been going on for too long. I don't think they will call me again, but I will keep you posted.
  23rd of Jul, 2009
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  14th of Aug, 2009
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BEWARE OF PHONY DEBT COLLECTORS - Phoney debt collectors are calling consumers nationwide and claiming they have defaulted on a loan and will be arrested if they don't pay immediately. The scammers claim to be lawyers and allege they are equipped with a disconcerning anount of personal information. The "Financial Accountability Assocaiton",
"United Legal Department" and "Federal Legislation of Unsecured Loans" are three anmes being used but there may well be many others. They accuse the victim of defaulting on a loan and claim he or she is being sued. The phony debt collector threatens that if the victim doesn't pay as much as $1, 000 immediately via wire or by providing bank account information or credit card numbers, he or she will be arrested and extradited to California to stand trial. WHAT TO DO: If you receive a suspicious telephone call regarding an outstanding debt, you should: 1) Ask the debt collector to provide official documnetation that substantiates this debt 2) Refrain from providing or confirming any bank account, credit card or other personal information over th ephone until you have confirmed the legitimacy of the call 3) Report suspicious calls to the Federal Trade Commission at www.ftc.gov or call 1-877-382-4357...Good Luck...keep your cool...it's a fraud, it's extoration...don't give in...
  18th of Nov, 2009
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I have also received these phone calls. "Kevin Johnson" with a heavy accent at "American Legal Division". Call back number 949-242-3665. He claims I have lawsuit(s) filed against me in California for upaid payday loans...NOT. When I called him on it, he got mad and hung up, but is still calling me on my cell and at work. Today he wanted to contact my attorney...whatever. Beware! This is a scam. This guy(s) try to scare you by threatening lawsuits or being arrested. It is a total scam!!! Please don't let them scare you into doing anything other than reporting them to the authorities.
  14th of Aug, 2010
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Omg. I had the same thing happen. They ask you to fax a apology letter and bank info etc. One of the guys claimed to be an autorney Brandon Benedict. The number's that contacted me are different though. One is 1-347-614-1507, another is a weird over seas number 052312293. I don't know, looks like the same people or "Company " are using all different types of numbers to contact people. I also called Cash net and they are well aware of this issue. I reported them to the fraud division. They or any creditor debt collector can ever file charges or take legal action against you plus they can not threaten or tell you, you can be arrested. Do not give them any info, bank etc! They can't do [censor] to you. Tell them you've contacted the proper authorities. If they keep harassing you, call the police. They need to be shut down! They are being investigated. Don't let them scare you. Report their sorry [censor]. I wish anyone that its dealing with this luck. If anyone has paid any money contact your bank and report a claim, they might be able to reimburse you all or some of the money. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate too contact me: sherryse@gmail.com
  24th of Aug, 2010
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United Legal Department - Calling for Money
United Legal Department
United States

I have received two calls from a Jack Williams stating he was an attorney out of California from United Legal department requesting money due to a loan I supposedly received. I never took a loan out. I asked for documentation as Mr. Williams advised me I was going to be in contempt of the California Supreme Court and a warrant would be issued for my arrest. I have been contacted twice with threats from this company and they wanted me to fax a copy of my drivers license and debit card. I did not give any information, and have contacted my local police department for fraud. Thanks to everyone for filing your complaints as I just searched and here I am with this website. The phone number Mr. Williams called from was 760-582-0305.
  24th of Aug, 2010
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I just experienced this same calls from a Mr. Jack Williams from a phone number 760-582-0305. They have made threatening calls to my work, cell, and threatened to file fraud charges against me. I have not released any of my information and thanks to this website, I am now aware of this awful scam. I have contacted my police department. thanks, for all who have posted their comments.
  24th of Jan, 2011
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I recently received the same kind of calls. I did not give my debit card info over the phone, but said I would call at the beginning of the week to do it. I was informed I would need to write a letter stating I need to resolve the matter and give my permission to debit my card $500 on the set date. I was also to say I would not dispute this in the future. After thinking over the phone call for the weekend I was like WTH? The guy couldn't tell me when I took this loan out & when I asked he said he didn't have the information it was just some time in 2010. When he called me back today I asked him for the name of his company, the physical address, license #. He got pissed and said I thought you wanted to resolve this issue. I said I do, but not until I can verify this information to make sure you are a legitimate business. He said have your attorney contact us & we will give them the information. I said they are the ones who told me to get this information. He then hung up on me & when I tried to call him from my cell phone my phone said I couldn't make calls to that number any longer. So then I called back on my land line and asked this other guy for the information, he proceeded to say they are now going to sue me $3100 and my attorney needs to call them. I said well just so you know I am recording this phone call and I will let my attorney and her husband, who is a cop, know about this. He hung up. When I called back I couldn't get that guy again because he was busy. I said I would wait. They said it would be an hour, so I said I would call back.
I am freaking out about this, but again after thinking about it if you can't tell me the date I did this, and you haven't sent me any paperwork stating what the claims are and you want me to write a letter & fax it saying I give authorization to debit my card a certain amount of money & I won't dispute it in the future... don't you think it's a little suspicious. I am glad I read these posts and know I am not the only one going through this. The number I was given was 800-713-2818.
  9th of Mar, 2011
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I have too received these phone calls so yesterday after 15 phone calls from 646-351-1253 and 918-442-0662 from Shawn Smith and other names that you know do not exist to these people. They stated I took a loan out ffrom Cashnet.usa so I called Cashnet.usa and was informed that yes indeed this is a fraud and the federal and state have an investigation ongoing with these people. DO NOT GIVE ANY INFO. IF THEY SAY THEY HAVE YOUR SS DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT THEY MIGHT HAVE IT BUT NOTHING TO GO ON. IT IS SOMETHING YOU MAY HAVE FILLED OUT ONLINE BUT DO NOT EVEN ANSWER THEIR CALLS. the ones i have spoke to and given a hard time to right back and call their bluff they get really angry and do not want to hear what you have to say including telling me they will take my child away from me. So please lets all work together to stop this crazy BS we do not need in our lives. File as many complaints you can.
  2nd of Apr, 2014
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I also have heard from United Legal Dept a man named William Nelson. He had the last 4 of my SS# correct but he did not have my correct address or my current employer. I had moved from one state to another and he has me working 1200 miles from where i live, seems fishy to me. He did have names of friends that he said I used for references and one was my former land lord the other was someone i bought a car from. I believe that information would be in some public record like maybe the tax commissioner or the credit companies. The one thing that really stood out was that he told me I had a payday loan and when the company tried to collect the bank account was closed. Well I did close my bank account before I moved from one state to another however, no one waits five months to collect a payday loan. How could I have a payday loan in May and no one pay on it till October? Doesn't payday loan mean the next time you get paid? I was really scared but
now that I know others have this problem also I feel better. Thanks for your comments
  16th of Jan, 2015
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united is a joke, should not be legally allowed to function as an us corporation
they over charge for lagguages ($25/flight) while most customers deposit their lagguages right before entering the plane for free
concrete example, flight from chicago to mobile, al, this afternoon, 1/16/2015:
nurse patronized all customers, literally eat during her shift, was ruud, and refused requested befrages inventing non existing united regulations, if you do not let her go IMMEDIATELY, we will escalate to supreme court and ask for suspensiton of practice for undetermined amount of time and zero dollars, we will win you know that!
if you belive that you can act like you are a banana republic corporation, in the holly United States of America, well, good luck with that...

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