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After submitting an on-line application and an on-line behavioral assessment, I was invited to take an on-site proctored assessment made specifically for the job posting of claims representative associate. This was at 9am in the morning and the on-site assessment was to take at least 45 minutes. I was told that I would be notified within 24 hours if they wanted to pursue an interview. The job training was to start the following Monday. When I got back home and looked at my e-mail, I had a rejection notification with an e-mail time of 10:08 am. I BELIEVE I WAS STILL TAKING THE ASSESSMENT WHEN THE REJECTION E-MAIL WAS SENT!!! My only conclusion is that I was not judged by my assessment but rather by my long-term unemployment and my age. The sad thing is that I will never have the knowledge as to why I was rejected.


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