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I am a homeowner who was told that this company would be able to help me save my home from foreclosure. I was told that as soon as I gave them my money they would start negotiating with my mortgage company to do this. After the company cashed my checks and I had not heard anything I could not reach anyone at the company. I then heard from the person that sold this to me and he told me that the company had fired all the salesman and was holding their pay. He also told me that the Montalbano's had filed for bankruptcy and that their previous company was being investigated by the attorney general of NY. I have been working with the salesman to try and get all my paperwork back to be able to do this with another company but they will not send it to me. They have taken my money and done nothing. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.
They have tried to place the blame on the salesman but they are the ones who cash the checks and keep your money. He will probably close this company and start a new one again. Hopefully this man will be put out of business for good soon before he can do that. All this information is public record too. Look it up!!!

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  • Ma
      Sep 10, 2009


    The company has an automated system that allows you to track the progress of your file. I see that you have chosen to stay anonymous on this complaints board, did you supply the neccesary contact info. for the caseworker and attorney that are assigned to your case to be in contact with you? You should have been provided with a user name and password to track the progress.
    I am able to gather from your statements that the bulk of your information has been aquired from the "salesman" that you had been dealing with. What efforts did you make to verify the validity of that information. Why would a company fire ALL their sales people? Did you try to verfiy at least that statement?
    There are many reasons for filing bankrupcy, especially in these tough economic times. Many Americans were caught off guard when the bottom fell out from underneath us. I fail to see the relevance of a personal bankrupcy filing and your upset with "the company".
    Please be so kind as to provide some factual data to support your claim so as not to come accross as a SMEAR CAMPAIGN. Is it possible that you are an ex-employee, with a grudge, that is manipulating sites like this one (that require NO FACT CHECKING) to anonymously deter potential clients, "vulnerable homeowners" from seeking the company's services?


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  • Co
      Sep 13, 2009

    charles montalbano is a fat piece of ### in the street. a liar and thief.his education goes no furter than a common wannabe street thug i cant wait to see you behind bars

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  • Ch
      Jun 20, 2013

    i AGREE with you Sr. I deal with a man name Thomas Hsign and he lying to me that if I refin my Rental he would do it for me for 2.50% for 10 years Fix and get some cash out so i did but is a lie now i Receve the disclose is not what he saying I need help what to do about this i aready wasted my money for the appraisel. Help anyone out there help me about my complain.

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  • Ch
      Jun 23, 2013

    Why our government still allowing refin company like united fung mortgag kept on lying to the public is there a way to help take this people like Thomas Hsign down for good for lying

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