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United Cash Services / SCAM

1 FL, United States Review updated:

Started receiving calls from this company. A foreign man was speaking to me. He told me that I had a legal obligation attatched to my name. He told be that I took out a payday loan last year (would not provide month) and that I need to repay the loan. He would not tell me the name of the company I took the loan from, all he would say is that "United Cash Services" was the "mother" company. He would not even tell me the amount of the "loan" I "received". The man was rude, and used foul language. He then passed me on to his "supervisor" whose name is Jason Scott (again a foreign man). This man said he was an attorney, and the he was preparing to sure me. He also said I was facing a $5, 000 fine and 2 years of jail time. Again, he would not provide me with any of the "details" regarding this "loan". Per the Florida State Bar Association, there is not a licensed attorney named Jason Scott. I called them back at the number that was left and told "Jason" that I checked into him and he was not an attorney licensed in Florida. He then had some profane responses and hung up on me. I did some investigation of my own and here's what I found out: United Cash Services 1408 Bayview Ct., Fort Myers, FL, 33901. I have filed a local police report for phone harrassment, I have also filed a FTC complaint. The rep I talked with at the FTC said they are well aware of this "company" and that their tactics are nothing new. I hope that everyone here will read this and not give that company a dime. Know your rights!

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  • Pr
      4th of Jan, 2011

    Individual calls my phone and starts talking about a civil/criminal action against me. Stated I took out a payday loan and never paid it back, had the company I worked for, the last 4 of my social, but could not tell me who I got the loan from or when? This is a total scam, I got the same call about 3 months ago and was told then that the police would be at my buisness the next day at 11:00 am to serve papers and arrest me. I told them my work address and told them to I would be waiting for them. They never showed...go figure. It is a scam, do not pay them anything. Just keep them on the line spending all of there time and energy so they do not get a hold of some one who pays them.

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  • Pr
      4th of Jan, 2011


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  • Fa
      5th of Jan, 2011

    I am having the same problem! They are calling me 4-5 times per day and now they have contacted my family. I have called my attorney generals office, and am waiting for a call back. I cannot take this harrassment any longer.

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  • Dr
      7th of Jan, 2011


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  • Ho
      10th of Jan, 2011

    wow this unbelievable they r doing the same thing to me & now they r calling my work. what should i do. i chaeck with my bank & so such money was deposited. if u can please give so info of what i can do... thanks

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  • Da
      11th of Jan, 2011

    they atarted calling my freidns ho0me where i lived and they ahd called me before stating that i would be arrested etc i called th fbi and they told me it is scam but i dont remember hjavubnga apay day loan i know i had one a long time ago they called and asked for me but they asked if he was home i ama female

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  • Sj
      11th of Jan, 2011

    They have been calling my husband at home and at work saying he is a criminal. He has never taken out a payday loan, or any such thing. We have
    no idea how he got his information. I can't believe these people can't be shut down

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  • Di
      12th of Jan, 2011

    Called my employer incessantly to say that i had an outstanding payday loan that i did not repay but could not provide any proof. They threatened my job and other various threats. This is obviously a total scam since i did not participate in anything they were accusing me of. I filed as many complaints with different agencies as possible to stop this.

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  • Mk
      19th of Jan, 2011

    I received a phone call on both my cell and at work for a Jerry at Unitec Cash Services. As with the other complaints, he said I had an outstanding payday loan. If I did not settle today, I would have legal action taken against me. He too had my SS# and the name of my work but could not give the name of the payday loan company from which the loan came from. He said it would be in the paper work that would be sent to me after the loan was paid. I finally told him I would not pay until I could have the name of the payday loan. He was a foreigner with an American name. I looked up the phone number but it is not published. Do NOT Fall for this scam.

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  • Ti
      20th of Jan, 2011

    I have gotten a call from them also. So far, just one. I am currently in bankruptcy and admit I have taken out pay day loans in the past but not with this company. An Indian man with a heavy accent called stating his name was "Alex Turner." That in itself sent up a red flag. I asked him why he had an Indian accent and an obviously English name. He didn't say anything. I told him i would have my attorney call him back. I called my attorney and he told me to just ignore it. I told him I had turned in all of my creditors and did not know anything about this company. He told me to ignore it. He said not to worry about it unless I got something in the mail from them which I have not. Then, I found this complaint web site which pretty much confirms my suspicions that it is a scam. The Indian man did know the last 4 digits of my social sec number. How he knew that I don't know. But I do know that a lot of pay day loan companies will sell names, addresses and phone numbers to other companies, legit or not.

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  • Su
      27th of Jan, 2011

    Two days ago I received a call from a Columbus GA number so I answered it thinking it was a friend calling me from work. To my surprise it wasn't. The gentelman who was on the phone started out by threatening me. I asked if I could call him back so he gave me his name: Henry Scott at 888-343-4933 and fax 800-783-9394. I called him back he stated that I have a lawsuit against me for a defaulted payday loan and charges are bank fraud & theft. He had my address, last four of my SS#, former employer, and name of Bank and part of my account number. When asking questions about the date of the loan, amount of loan, name of the payday loan company, and the address of his company; he started getting angry and yelling at me and said I was not entitled to any information until they receive the payment. He said that I had to have my lawyer call him immediately. I explained to him that I don't have a lawyer. Henry Scott said that I could go to jail for 2 years unless I pay a one time payment of $308 within a week. He also said that I needed to send him a fax stating that it was a miscommunication on my behalf, was on economic hardship, and that I am willing to pay a one time payment with my last 4 of my SS#, he told me what to exactly say in the letter that I was to fax.I told him I know for a fact I have not taken out a payday loan.He was rude and cussing at me. If this was a real company Henry Scott would not have had a problem releasing the information pertaining to this "LOAN", instead of getting angry and cussing at me. I spoke with Justin at the Florida Trade Commission this morning he said that United Cash Services is not a real company and this is a huge scam and for me to contact my local states attorney, which I will be doing today. I have also contacted my bank regarding this matter. They can try to take the money all day long but they will not be able to access my money. To say the least I was very mad. I hope that the police can find these [censored]s and put them away for a very long time.

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  • Ms
      3rd of Feb, 2011

    A guy from United Cash Services cont to call my cell phone saying i took out a personal loan and didn't pay it back he said they are calling for my atty information because they are filing legal action against me then asked if I want it to go to court or take care of the loan asked me if i just forgot to pay or just didn't pay . After i told him that i never took out a loan from this company he gave me my SSN, dob, address, bank name and acct number and the name of my employer . I asked him for a phone number for their company and he gave me 1-888-343-4933 and gave 1-800-713-2818 as the number for the loan company . Then when I told him to send this to court he threatened to call my job and hung up on me.

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  • An
      4th of Feb, 2011

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! A G.Perkins and Raymond Scott called me about the same thing only he wanted $848 by today or he was going to have me arrested. He wouldn't give the number to the loan company but I looked it up and sure enough you had both the numbers. I called United Cash Loans who is what he was trying to hide and told them all about it. They said they've had a number of calls about this and took the info and gave it to managment. Again Thanks for posting this or I would have been out that money.. BTW I did have identity so I just paid out over $3000 for what this other person did.

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  • Em
      28th of Feb, 2011

    I am an employer who is receiving calls for an employee. These people are not at all legitimate ...don't let them scare you or pressure you in to offering information. Contact your local police dept. and report the name of the company they are using and any/all phone numbers they insist you call back on. The most entertaining part of this scam is the heavy accents with the most common American names.

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  • Am
      14th of Mar, 2011

    I have just started getting these phone calls at work about a payday loan that I owe. I have never taken out a payday loan. The indian man named George Taylor said that legal action was about to be taken out aganist me, and when I asked for information about the so called loan he put me in with his supervisor and his name was Nash. Nash could not tell me any info about the loan either. When I asked Nash questions, he just hung up the phone. Today I got to speak with the indian man named Raymond Scott, who yet again could not give me any information about the loan they say I owe.
    My question is what do I say to my local police department when I call and report this phone scam?

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  • Jm
      12th of Apr, 2011

    File a greivance with the Attorney General Office with your State, also I was told by United Cash Services to file a complaint also with Homeland Security, they are now working on a case against them.

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