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I've been hearing that UBH's claims service has been going south for a while, but until I personally experienced it, and am still in process after 5 calls and over 5 weeks, I believe it!

I've been seeing my doctor for over a year now, and then suddenly, 5 weeks of claims go unpaid. This starts a flurry of calls, and followups, assurances, etc... only to find after being in process for 5 weeks, that the original confirmation of investigation was for the wrong dates of service! Not even close! I've written record that the claims were to be submitted for a certain period, but now I find I have to resubmit for the correct dates and then wait another 2 weeks...! When you ask for a supervisor, they are always on another call, and never call back. What doesn't make sense is that claims after this point in time have started to be correctly paid, so something is really wrong over there.

Heads up their ### or a dodge... I don't know. This is a really big time suck and possibly the worst case of insurance idiocy I've encountered yet.

What will it take to get this corrected? Well likely at least another 2 week time period and at least another call... I'm sure.

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      Feb 22, 2010

    United Behavior Health is impossible to communicate with. They keep sending me a bill for which no services were rendered. I have made numerous attempts to contact them but am only placed on hold. I f I leave a message they do not return my call. I have sent them certified letters in which they fail to respond to.

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