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United Auto Insurance Services / Refused to pay their insured's fault, refused to issue written letter - only deal by phone

1 PO Box 2608Addison, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 8004508247

UAIS refused to pay 100% demaged to my car, refused to provide written letter to state their explanation why I am responsible for 20% of the demage. On 04/04/2015, I and my family was involved in a car accident with UAIS's insured driver. The police was called to the scene, accident report was made by police and also traffic violation ticket was issued to UAIS's insured driver for failure to yield the right of way. Here is the investigator's narrative opinion of what happened: U2 E/S 1100 BLK EAST BARDIN RD. U1 WAS EXISTING PRIVATE DRIVE PULLING ACCROSS 1100 E BARDING RD. U1 FAILED TO YIELD RIGHT OF WAY AND U2 STRUCK U1 AS U1 CROSSED BARDING TO ENTER ANOTHER PRIVATE DRIVE.", I was U2 driver and U1 is UAIS's insured driver, there's also witness at the scene whom police took the statement and agreed to testify. Miss Danielle Sanchez, UAIS's claim adjuster called my cell phone to informed that UAIS is going to pay 80% of the demage and I am have to be responsible for the other 20% due to my fault. I asked to Miss Danielle Sanchez to explain her reasoning to dertermine my 20% of fault in written letter but didn't receive any letter from UAIS, I called back 1 week later to ask for the letter she then said that they do not have such letter but later consulted with her manager then agreed to send me the requested letter. It's now 2 weeks since the last time I spoke with Miss Sanchez on the phone and I still not yet received the letter. About 10 days after Miss Sanchez informed me the 80% settlement (which I disagreed and refused), I received a check from UAIS for 80% of the demage $5306.39, I called Miss Sanchez to let her know what I am sending the check back back because that was not the amount for the estimated damages. It's now 40 days since the accident happned and we still not yet paid for the damage. Since the accident, my family have to go through many trouble with transportation, injury and emotional distress, my 5 year old would not let me use Bardin street.

Your Desired Resolution:
I would like UAIS take full responsibility of their insured and pay 100% of the damange.

May 14, 2015

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