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United Auto Insurance Group / Refusal to acknowledge claim

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A claim has been filed with UAIG in Atlanta GA, due to an accident on May 12, 2007 caused by a vehicle insured by UAIG. They have been informed that the car has been in the body shop since May 21 & their adjuster, Robert Gibbs, refuses to pay for car rental while it's waiting for their engineer to verify the damage. I have left several messages for these people, including Gibbs supervisor, Patrick Arnold and the Claims Manager Jorge Robles. His phone number is: [protected] Extn: 2064. They have, to date, ignored all calls. They have taken far tooo long to see and inspect this vehicle & also to confirm that the auto rental is covered during this period. It's my understanding that by GA law the vehicle should have been inspected within 72 hours. During my last conversation with Gibbs today, he refused to discuss this matter & hung up on me. It appears his job description requires him to deny all claims until an official complaint is filed with the GA Insurance Commissioners office.

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  • Yo
      21st of Sep, 2007
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    I have the same problem, i had an accident in January 16/2007, so far they have not inspected my car yet and they never return my calls, i sugest you put a complaint in the better bussines beaureau, i am tyred of calling this people, the amount of time i spent in de cel phone waiting to be attended was incredible, they are just no professionals, i never had and will never have ensurance with them and i will make sure to tell all my friends family members and co-workers to never ensure nothing with them.
    I was not at fault in the accident i even have the police report where there is allso a witnes who testified that their customer was the one who created the accident, i am still waiting but my next step is to hire a lawyer for this matter.

    (pardon my english)

  • Je
      24th of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Well well, this is officially my favorite group! Join the club. My accident was in August 24th 2007. This is my first accident and i dont know weither to sue the company or the driver and owner of the vehicle. My vechicle is a total loss. I am really stressed about united auto insurance. I have tried to get a lawyer to help me file a complait. IM lucky to have found one that will actually deal with united auto. They say oit is the "worst" company to deal with. It would take 45 minutes just to get to a representative. They have no form of consideration towards my complaint. I dont even have a case because The guy who hit me wasent under the insurance. Now, they are trying to cancel their insurance so that they wont deal with my total loss of my vechicle. A guy by the name of frank called me and told me that some one will come by and give me an estimate. Nothin, and now I have to wait and see if I will get my money's worth out of this fight. Any Suggestions??

  • Ru
      14th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Me too. We sent them 4 faxes before they finally acknowledged they got the fax. Now they're saying they'll only pay $900 of the $2300 rental car bill (which was so high because they took so long to send an adjuster) and because we didn't send them proof of ownership fast enough (even though we sent it 3 times that they lost). Now what?!

  • Sh
      14th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    same issue here with this insurance. I can't get a straight answer from them and they don't return calls, have only talked to my adjuster once (briefly) and my adjuster was just changed and well that adjuster and her supervisor don't answer phone calls either (not surprised any more) and well I'm sure all of the customer server reps know me by now since I have called so many times, they even tried transferring me to the supervisor but (surprise) they didn't answer the call either.

  • Ja
      17th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The worst company ever there.

    They are notorious for not returning calls. I had an adjuster alysha rodriguez-alba. Who changed her answering machine greeting during midday and blatantly lied she was on holiday when she did this.
    I recently had car accident and the 3rd party insurance denied my claim although i had the proof that the other party was at fault. Even the police report cited the other party as negligent. Having
    no car and a rental car bill of approx 1000 and a repair cost of 4000 dollars is adversely affecting my life.

  • Fa
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    Agree 100% here's my story and complaint i wrote to the Texas department of insurance regarding insurance fraud tht i experineced with UAIG.
    Do not use UAIG for any insurance service because they dont give a ### about customer service they just want your money and when you have a claim they have nothing to do with it. I cant even begin to explain the frustrations i faced when i called the number of my insurance adjustor only to find out that his mailbox was full. Avoid UAIG at all cost.

    To Texas Department of Insurance
    April 23, 2007, In response to Mr. Fred K. Harvey’s letter:
    First of all I would like to begin by informing Mr. Harvey that my case file was not promptly setup. When I called United Auto Insurance Group (UAIG) to report my case I spoke to a Marlene. She noted all my information and told me that my claims adjuster was a Mr. Blaine Rozek. I contacted Mr. Rozek like I was supposed to, and he told me to email him pictures and supporting documents regarding my case which I did as per his request. Nearly a week later I received a message from Marlene the customer representative that she had made a mistake and filed my case in the wrong category and that my new claims adjuster was a Mr. Jose Salfedo. Now as you can clearly see almost a week was wasted because of the carelessness of their customer representative. Next I called Mr. Salfedo numerous times until finally getting a hold of him. First he told me I need to send him pictures and supporting documents to which I told him that I had already sent Mr. Rozek everything. Not only this i found this very awkward that the first few times I spoke to Mr. Salfedo he was clueless of who I was and told me that he does not have any picture or documents pertaining to my case, and then after arguing he would acknowledge that he does have them. The reason I am mentioning this is to show how UAIG has been wasting my time instead of working on my case. As Mr. Harvey says that I reported the case on 3-8-"2006" and he spoke to the insured on 3-23-"2006" you can clearly see in the letter how careless, unprofessional, and incompetent UAIG is that they don’t even know that we are currently in the year 2007. And also I would like to inform Mr. Harvey that I called and reported the case on 3/5/07 not on 3/8/"06" as he claims. My loss occurred on 3/3/2007 why would I wait for so many days in reporting the case. The reason that Mr. Harvey thinks that I reported the case on 3/8/2007 is probably because Marlene the customer representative had made an error in filing my case in the correct category. I can provide written proof that I reported the case on the following Monday 3/5/2007 because I went to my neighboring insurance company and the owner of the place helped me place the call. So I believe Mr. Harvey has got his facts not only wrong but they are not even in the right year.

    Anyways continuing to what Mr. Harvey says about "sending an appraiser out to inspect the property only to find that most of the property damage had already been repaired". I am not sure what Mr. Harvey was expecting. I mean the appraiser came by like a week after the accident occurred so was Mr. Harvey expecting that I leave all the damage out for a week so the appraiser can inspect it. What Mr. Harvey does not realize is that this is not an auto-auto accident. This is a business and every day that I have to keep our store closed or every day that I go without window advertising I lose money. That is why the day the accident happened I had to call someone to come and board up the place so I could open up the next day and resume business. And as Mr. Harvey says that I have "handwritten receipts" I am not sure what he is expecting. Is the repair guy supposed to carry a computer and printer in his car so he can print out receipt? It was an on the spot job so the receipt was made on the spot. Furthermore all receipts or invoices have telephone numbers on them so if the insurance company has any questions that need to be addressed they are free to call the respective companies.

    Mr. Harvey states in his letter that "we spoke to Mr. Qureshi and explained that this was not sufficient and we needed an invoice or receipt". I sent Mr. Salfedo (the claims adjuster) all the invoices that he requested. Mr. Salfedo called me and said the weirdest thing I have ever heard in my life. He said regarding the$4000 door and window invoice that "what you have sent me is an invoice, it is not a receipt". I believe that a receipt or invoice is the same thing. We argued for like 15 minutes but Mr. Salfedo could not clarify for me what he meant when he said that "what you have sent me is an invoice not a receipt". So anyways to clear this I am attaching an additional copy of the invoice and as you can clearly see on the top right corner it says "INVOICE" I have even circled it so Mr. Salfedo and Mr. Harvey can easily spot it. Also Mr. Salfedo told me every time I called to check up on the status of the case that the case is under investigation. I mean this should be an open and shut case there should not be these pointless delays. The driver insured by UAIG ran his vehicle into my store, he has called the insurance company and acknowledged that he has ran into the store, the police report clearly says that the driver ran his vehicle into the store. So what more is there to investigate? What is UAIG investigating on?

    Mr. Harvey states in his letter that "It is very unusual for a business to pay $4000.00 in losses in cash as every business usually documents it's expenses". I believe how I pay for my losses is my personal matter. The door of a business in my opinion is the most important part of a business because if there is no door or if instead of a door there is a wooden boarded up front to the store no one would want to come in. Additionally if the insurance company wanted me to pay by a different method then they should have told me when I spoke to them. In our many conversations no one mentioned to me that I should pay by credit card or by check. Furthermore I do believe to the best of my knowledge that I have tried to document everything the best I could but still I am new at this. It is not every day that someone drives into my place of business; this would be a first for me. Additionally we are not here to discuss what "usually" happens and what is "unusual". It is "unusual" for a guy to run his vehicle into a store but it happened. "usually" when someone does damage to someone else he/she is supposed to pay for it. And also "usually" when the police report says that the driver is at fault then the insurance company should not be conducting their personal investigations.

    Mr. Harvey also states in his letter that "We are reviewing the glass bill with another company to verify the reasonableness of the repair cost" I believe it is a little too late to verify the reasonableness of the repair cost because now that we have paid $4000 we demand that we be reimbursed $4000.
    Mr. Harvey also states in his letter that "We are also completing our own estimate on the carpet and wall painting so this can be paid at the same time". Mr. Harvey obviously does not know that the walls need more then paint. There are gaping holes in the walls that need to be repaired before it is painted. And even so how long does it take to get an estimate. It has been well over a month still the insurance company has not been able to get an estimate. I can get an estimate in 15 minutes by making a few phone calls from the local greensheet.

    I would like to comment on the appraiser’s behavior and attitude when he visited my business on the two occasions. The first time he visited he came inside took about 4 or 5 pictures and was done in about 2 minutes. I stopped him and said is that it? are you only going to take 4-5 pictures. He said yeah that’s all they told me to do. So I said well we have cleaned the place since the accident so these pictures that you are taking won’t really explain a lot. I then showed him pictures that I had taken on the day of the accident and he started taking pictures of my pictures. I thought this was ridiculous because I had already sent them these pictures so why is the appraiser taking pictures of my pictures. I urged him to stay and take more pictures of the cabinets and the pieces of glass lying around in certain places etc. but it seemed he was in a hurry so he left. So this is why I believe that Mr. Harvey thinks that "the property damage has already been repaired" because the appraiser failed to take pictures of everything like he was supposed to. Also this is the reason they had to resend the appraiser a second time which was about a month later. If the appraiser would have done his job correct the first time there would be no need for him to come a second time. Anyways the second time the appraiser was there he asked said some idiotic things and asked some ###ic questions such as, "where is the glass", "I don’t see any glass anywhere" was the appraiser expecting that I save the pieces of glass somewhere for him so he could come by a month later and inspect it. This is a place of business I cannot wait months for the insurance company to come and inspect. If they wanted to inspect everything they should either have come the day of the accident or the following Monday.
    United Auto is not only handling my case with such disrespect, but many of my customers and close acquaintances tell me that UAIG is a terrible insurance company and they always handle cases like this. Our next door business neighbor Mr. Sal Ortiz who is a highly decorated Allstate insurance agent also tells me that UAIG is one of the worst companies that he has ever dealt with. Surprisingly even Mr. Sergio Forbes (the driver who ran into my store with his vehicle) upon his visit was surprised to see that the insurance company had still not settled the case. He said that he would go home and call the insurance company again and ask them what is taking so long.
    After reading Mr. Harvey’s letter I am very disappointed with his response and his lies, and I must disagree with Mr. Harvey completely. Mr. Harvey states "This claim was handled properly any delays have been due to the alleged cash payments involved" I would like to remind Mr. Harvey that according to UAIG the claim is still being processed so it would be incorrect to say that the claim WAS handled properly. And again since the insurance company did not tell me to pay by check or by credit card or by any other means they have no further right to hold me responsible for paying in cash. So far everything that Mr. Harvey has said in his letter is not only incorrect but is lies. I believe that my claim is not being handled properly and any delays are due to the negligence of the insurance company.

  • Jn
      12th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have the same complaint...It is the worse Insurance company I have ever had to deal with..they are rude with the worst behavior and attitude .
    I have a claim right now and they will not pay for and it is their client that hit my car. Their client will not answer their phone and give a statement so they won't pay for the claim...UAIG need to be Investigated. My claim is not being handled properly and any delays are due to the negligence of the insurance company. How can I get them to take care of my car?

  • Di
      4th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    I am a paralegal and just tried to speak with Adjuster Robert Gibbs regarding property damage for a client and he refused to discuss it with me, told me his supervisor's name was none of my business and then hung up on me. I have never in all 12 + years dealt with anyone so unprofessional.

  • Mo
      17th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    I am having the same issue! Their client hit my car and they are refusing to pay for the rental reimbursement. Can anyone tell me how that got this solved? Did anyone call the GA Insurance Commissioner?

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