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United American Insurance Company / This should be criminal

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I am a former branch manager for United American and Liberty National. If you are a United American or a Liberty National agent let me speak to you first. Get out now. You can still have a great insurance job somewhere else and be able to sleep well knowing you are helping people and not hurting them. You may be to new to UA or LNL and have not seen the claims that will get filed with the policies you are selling but they will start to come in and you will not sleep once you find out what you have done to hard working families.

I worked for UA for 3 years. Started off as an agent, then unit manager, and then finally Branch manager. UA use to be a very respectable Insurance company. I use to because they now see themselves as a recruiting company. I once heard in a managers meeting a very high up say we are a recruiting company not an insurance company.

As managers we were taught to lie in our presentations. Say anything to get anyone hired that usually meant say one we are hiring managers and not agents. Tell them truthful yet unattainable possibilities about income potential while leaving out any possible negative. The point was to hire at all cost and then see what sticks. Once sometimes twice a month we would have 'cattle calls' or recruiting seminars where the goal was always to have 100 'butts' in seats that usually meant getting about a 1000 confirmations. Once we had the poor saps in the room we would start get them to fill out all their personal information before they knew what it was for. We would then take that information and start typing up a contract with it on laptops in the back.

Once the event was over we would call them to the back one by one and get them to sign an e-pad to get them hired many times without them knowing what they were signing. We would often tell them it was for a background check to see if we can get you a writing number. If we did get them a writing number that meant we hired them and charged them a $15 appointment fee.

I feel sorry for the directors that had to do this day in and day out from city to city living as just shells of humans. Their job didn't use to be like that and there are two people to blame I they are the only two people I feel like calling out personally.

Andy King - President and Author of the Flex plan that ruined the company's name as an insurer

Jay Politi - Vice President and Andy King's right hand man, womanizer and top recruiting guru who ruined company's name as an honest employer

United American has never been a Major Medical insurance company. They use to be the best at what they did in defined benefit medical plans. However, this changed with the introduction of a plan called the Flex or FlexPlus. This made them the worst at what they do. They say they aren't supposed to replace major medicals with it but they do all the time. I saw a $42, 000 hospital claim only payed $11, 000 with a Flex. And they were paying over $300 a month for the policy. That should be criminal. Agents will come on here and say they knew what they were getting they signed the papers. The papers are meant to be confusing and misleading and unless the person as a insurance or law background they will more than liking go by what the agent tells them. This should be criminal.


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  • Ph
      16th of Nov, 2008
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    This author is absolutely correct about the product and techniques used to recruit. I left after finding out how badly the policies paid. They send you "on the road" when you become a branch manager for 4 weeks of observing "successful" offices. There are some wonderful managers! I was on the road with several other new managers. Some had been with the company for many years. None of us are still with UA. I handled so many customer complaints that I could not sleep at night, lost weight, prayed for the clients, prayed for my agents, prayed to get out of the business. I finally gave my notice and left. I continued to have trouble with UA. I put a huge amount of business on the books BUT the minute my contract was terminated, they charged me for anything that fell off the books and gave me no credit for what remained on the books. I finally got to the point (after losing almost $2000 dollars in commission and being threatened with a vector on my license and ruining my credit) where I told them that I would employee an attorney. Oh, and THEN they researched the account and dropped their newest set of charges. IF you are an agent or in management, please listen to these accounts. There are good insurance companies out there; you do not have to work in a situation where people treat you badly, yell, cuss, threaten, and humiliate you.

  • Yv
      21st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow. It's true. I was a part of the cattle call. ...and still they have no "real " office!! If you go to one of they're rented buildings or hotels ( because they are "expanding so fast " and "have no room" and you have to sit on a table in the lobby...check it out, Really look, that's all I'll say. Use your gut, not your need for a job, .. that's where the get you.

  • Db
      24th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is oh so true. I used to work in the home office and the supervisors in the call center used to talk badly about agents ALL the time, calling them liars and what not. Of course we customer service reps, answering the phones and talking to irate customers all day, had to bear the brunt of this. Not to mention UA mistreats it's own call center reps, breaks numerous employment laws, and if you don't fit into their "country club" and "good ol boy network" mentally you will eventually get the boot, no matter if you were a good employee or not. How UA manages to escape the radar of the employment commissions in the states it employs people, as well as the US Labor and Justice Departments is beyond me, save to say they are a small enough operation to not be noticed. I would love to see the Federal goverment flatten this company.

  • Mr
      4th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I could not agree more. I worked for UA for 3 years. When I started they where just introducing the Flexguard. I did my homework before I started and back then they where a respectable company. But as time went on and I saw what lies where feed to me by UA about coverage and so forth it almost made me sick. I always felt that I sold the policies very honestly and straight forward, but as soon as someone had a claim it was a living nightmare. I had multiple clients end up with $10, 000+ in hospital or surgical bills after UA paid thier part. I could understand that if they were not paying much for their policies but many people where paying 500 a month for coverage like that!

    UA was excellent at supplemental insurance and I truly feel that if they want to get their name back they should scrap the entire branch department. Many UA policies work absolutely wonderful when accompanied by a major medical, but agents cant live on making $8 - $50 sales. I honestly hope that Mr. King is held accountable for what he has done to this company and takes a huge hit because of it.

  • De
      18th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    The author of this complaint is 100% correct. I hired in to Liberty National early in 2006 before Andy King had really sunk his teeth into the company. It was a completely different company than the one I left two years later as a Unit Manager. I absolutely could not sleep at night, knowing what I was doing to people, just to keep my job. I am not writing this as an UNSUCCESSFUL former employee, but one that was very successful and more than once was a top 20 Unit Manager and Agent of the company. The way that we were asked to "hire" agents- if that's what you want to call it- was completely misleading. They were not completely informed about their compensation and especially not exactly how hard they had to work to get just one sale. Furthermore, training people to open a laptop and push a button to begin a program to do their sales presentation for them borders on being, well, stupid. If someone came into my home and did that...I would ask them to leave! You really should think twice about working for a company whose only concerns about the prerequisites and qualifications of their employees is their ability to pay fees for school and licensing and ability to purchase a laptop (oh, and fog a mirror- I'm sure most of you former UA/LNL folks will get that).

    And as far as Jay Politi being a womanizer...that was a running JOKE which young blonde (intoxicated) new agent he was going to put the moves on at quarterly seminars. Yet another clue that you may want to question a company's ethics: The Sexual Harrassment Policy was printed on EVERY earning statement I got for TWO YEARS! I've never worked for another company that felt the need to do that.
    There are excellent insurance companies to work for and purchase insurance products from. Don't be fooled about companies that boast about their "AM Best ranking" because AM Best is actually funded by insurance companies! Instead, use The Street, they are funded by CONSUMERS and will give you an unbiased account of the company you are considering.

  • Ca
      22nd of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Thank you for taking the time to write. I'm an insurance agent, also, and LNL just had a big deal in my town, hiring 200 new agents. We all know why!!! Because you spend so much money out of your pocket and make so little. Does anyone know where I can find a decent insurance sales job? I'm a single mother out of work and going insane, but so scared to get hooked up with another scandalous company like UA and LNL. Please help if you can.

  • St
      15th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Some people just don't have what it takes to make it this industry. LNL has paid me very well for 2 years. My wife stays @ home and I doubled my income from my previous employer my first year in the industry. What I have seen, is that everyone who leaves and tries to make it somewhere else, almost ALWAYS tries to come back. I have also helped many people make substantial amounts of money in their first 4 weeks of training. We all know that little saying about "he who points the finger..." Come on guys suck it up.

  • Co
      24th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i also agree...i worked for them for a short time & when i left they said i owed almost $3, i have a collection company calling me wanting money all the i really have to pay this??

  • Gp
      29th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I left UA in June of 2009 with money showing in my debit account and it had been positive for the 10 or 11 months. A few weeks after I left I received a letter stating that I owed them $1.035.00, no detail given. I called the person who signed the letter and asked that she sent documentation on all policies and when I received the "documentation" it was computer generated, from someone's personal computer, excel spread sheets and my last agent's statement with a manual entry for the $1, 035.00. I am under threat now by UA that if I don't pay they will turn it over to a collection agency. Well, I am not a novice in business or large corps operations, I advised UA of that fact and also advised that if they did follow through with their threats I would see them in court, and that's not a threat, that's a promise. As others have advised I would stay away from this company. I started in the insurance industry because of my age and the ability to make the money that I needed after retiring from Marathon Oil, but with UA you can't stay ahead of your lapses.

  • Um
      8th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Ok so I have worked for this company for awhile and have found that what they promised me was true. I am very happy here and am so glad I did not read this posting before I interviewed with them. Yes they interview lots and lots of folks. This job is not for everyone. I have seen many good folks come and go. Just because you do not make it does not mean you should go out and blast folks. I am a devote Christian and I sleep very well at night with what I do. I have seen many claims and seen them all paid. I am not sure about the UA side that you folks are complaining about but I do know that Liberty is a great company and I am proud to work for them!!! I by the way am not an agent or branch manager I am a Unit Manager at branch 61 in Chattanooga and would gladly share my experience with anyone that wants info.

  • Un
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes
    United American Insurance Company - PLEASE READ ON!!
    United American Insurance Company
    United States

    I have worked for united american 10 + years and have had nothing but great things to say about the company it is a wonderful place to work and all of our policy holders are very very happy and most have been with us for years, these comments are of bitter ex employees who have had grudges against the company,

  • Un
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    what branch do you work for ? Do you work for United American?

  • Un
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    oh ok

  • Ho
      4th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am a seasoned insurance and financial advisor with more than 21 years experience in the business. I originally started out in the business at NASE, and like many who have posted on this site, learned very quickly what the "real deal" was. Fortunately I left after only 10 months there, and ultimately was able to move nearly every client into legitimate individual medical plans. Over the years, I have evolved significantly, becoming a Certified Tax Specialist and working on my Master's Degree in Financial Services. What I will say to all of you who have been burned, or are even prospectively looking at entering the field...keep your eyes wide open, and READ EVERYTHING...especially items you are going to sign. If it says something different in black and white than some yahoo who is promoting it, walk away. At th end of the day, ALL insurance and financial matters stem from the tax code, so learning about business and taxes will insure a fairly significant amount of leverage against being duped by these predators. Additionally, ask yourself the following questions...1.) Would I personally purchase one of these policies on myself? 2.) How would I like it if I only discover at claim time how a policy is actually going to pay? 3.) Do I thoroughly understand ALL of the legal premise behind the policies I am marketing? Rest assure, folks, if you think the insurance companies are not protecting themselves, you are in serious denial. The reality is that, in this business, you would be well-advised to become very proficient in legal matters, because if a complaint is filed against you with the state board of insurance, and they find you guilty of some improporiety, intentional or not, they WILL fine you and they WILL terminate your license. The old adage of "ignorance is not an excuse" is particularly true in this business. If you want to become an agent, get with someone who has multiple licenses, multiple appointments with many carriers, and who has a solid business and tax background, then work your tail off to learn what he or she knows. It will pay off, eventually. But this business is about helping others IRRESPECTIVE of the compensation. If you put yourself in your client's shoes, and treat them the way you would want to be treated, you usually will not go wrong.

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