Unissued passport / Undelivered Passport enquiry file no DLH- B002594-10

1 India

Dear Sir,

This with reference to my Daughter 'ANUSHKA AGRAWAL' Passport Application with reference File no:DLH- B002594-10. The status on the website is showing: "Passport was promised for delivery by post on 10-06-2011. But It is not ready. Please meet concern Public Relation Officer'Your father/mother name(s) differ as per document furnished by you; please clarify '. this is as per 04.07.2011

I have visited the hayrana PRO- 3 times after that 14.06.2011, 16.06.2011 and then 27.06.2011 and everytime it was promised that the passport issue is clear now and they will despatch the passport to my residense but havent received it yet and passport status is also showing the same status and not of despatch.

I dont know how many times i have to visit the PRO for clarification of just Name spelling of AGRAWAL and how many more times they will take all the documents including Affidavit of spelling.

I request you to please help me out in this matter.

Thanks and Regards

Akash Agrawal
F/o Anushka Agrawal
File refer no : DLH-B002594-10

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