Unilever Sunlight Paste / Contaminated with Hazardous Glass Pieces

1 Bangkok, Thailand

RI have an interesting and ongoing communication between myself as a concerned consumer and the manufacturer and supplier of a household consumer product owned by a global conglomerate.

The product I purchased is a cleansing cream in a plastic tub and is marketed under a popular and well known brand, the product was found to have been contaminated with pieces of glass and this was through the entire contents of the tub.

I contacted the local office contact but due to language issues I ended up communicating with the regional communications guru who responded to me in an email copied to a local contact as I was informed the regional communications guru did not have an operational role and then the buck passing commenced, I was passed to the companies distributor, not to a company employee versed with product complaints / recall or investigation. I was offered a replacement tub of product which was not the driving factor for my report, it was to warn and ensure no other consumer would be exposed to this health and dangerous hazard, what was offered as a solution was an insult.

After further emails and a phone call from the distribution company I opted to contact the CEO of the global company who is headquartered in the UK, I wrote a detailed report accompanied with pics of the product but after a week there has been no response so this has confirmed to me as a consumer of this companies product that the consumer doesn't matter

Please find the pics of the product and if anyone wants to sight the emails between myself and the people from the corporate HQ and the local manufacturing platform please do let me know, in the meantime please be wary of the product as I have reported...

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