Unifund CCR Partners / Misleading credit card debt

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I had an. AT&T universal MasterCard with about $6000 in bad debt. The bad debt was bought by Unifund. I was never informed who they were until a local lawyers office (Peroutka and Peroutka) summoned me to court for an almost $13000 debt!

I owe debt... I know this. Peroutka settled in court to pay the over [protected] plus fees) via monthly payments which I have been for 3+ years now.

I checked my credit; unifund is STILL RACKING UP!!! How is this possible. It's over $35000!!! If peroutka was who settles an represents them, how can unifund keep raising te debt! It has RUINED my credit. It was one thing having $6000 show up negative. But since I have gotten car loans and that boosted my credit, this $35000 is loomin over me!

Unifund are idiots and wouldn't help me understand. And perotkas answer was they have no control over that and to call unifund.

Can someone help me in what I need to do next?

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