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Unified Services - $1000 Shopping Spree and Free Trip / $1000 Shopping Spree and free trip is a lie!

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Approximately 4 weeks ago I had been contacted by a young man named "ED Green" for Unified Services informing me that I had won a $1000 internet Shopping Spree and a vacation. I was hesitant about giving my account number but I was hassled for some time about me giving them my check account number and that they could NOT go over the amount of $1.95 for shipping and Handling of the packet explaining my benefits and a CD for a trial if Internet and some fat burning pills. I told them I DID NOT want them but they insisted saying it was only a trial and I WAS NOT OBLIGATED to purchase. I kept insisting I would send a money order but "Ed" promised me "We cannot make the check out for ANYMORE than $1.95, not a PENNY more". LIE!

Now, last Friday, I find a check had come thru for $149.80 made out to "Unified Services". I am in the process of cancelling my account (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SINCE THERE IS NO STOPPING THEM FROM DOING THIS AGAIN IN THE FUTURE, REMEMBER, THEY HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER!).

This just shows you to go by your instinct my first one was to hang up. And they called on my cell phone so I thought it may have been one of these online entries from the Walmart receipt that I had filled out.


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A  2nd of Oct, 2007 by 
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They just barely called me. I kept asking questions, and they kept pushing. I made a lot of excusses (no checks, dont have account number on hand, I had it hid on my online banking and such), but they kept pushing to get my account number. I hung up with the guy in mid sentance when they where trying find a time to call back.
Sorry that it happened with you.
A  2nd of Oct, 2007 by 
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we've been getting calls from these people...over and over telling them to NEVER call here ever again. no name and no number on the caller id. tonight we were ready for them--they of course called again, and we played them as if we were completely intereted in what they were calling us for. we got the name Unified Services, that we had won a $1000 shopping spree, and we were talking with a "Enriqua". "NO WAY!!!", we said. What do we need to give you!!! Yep...were we over 18 (yes), and then "do you have a valid checking account". that's when i lost it and actually laughed into the phone. i kept saying she HAD to be kidding. it was so outragious that they would call with such an obvious scheme...i could just see her and her buddies sitting at home randomly calling numbers hoping to find someone to snare. this is absolutely criminal, and we told her so. i basically yelled into the phone "no, NO, YOU listen to ME--you EVER call here EVER again and I will immediately call the police." interesting response...apologizing...saying "i'm so sorry...OK...no, no police...i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry." i said one more time to NEVER call here again, and she agreed. if there is a next time, we will get full information, a number to call back, etc. we'll play them again to get as much info. for the police as possible. we're in the middle of contacting legal agencies and the L.A. police. we're hoping they will go a head and put a tracer on our phone to trace all calls--hoping that eventually one of the calls is them. then we just keep them on the phone for 15 seconds and they've got a route number or phone number to their location. we also just put in a request for investigation to the CA attorney general. these people could be here in CA, somewhere in the U.S., or even off-shore. please everyone be warned to be on the watch for these calls--they are identifiable as very unprofessional...not very good verbal or phone skills--and it's for a shopping spree or vacation--and the key ingredient: they want your checking account number. please, i hope no one else besides the person who wrote on here has to experience such a fraudulant act. the girl who spoke on the phone tonight...she sounded very young. one thought--overseas? poor? all she can do or is forced to do to survive? maybe farfetched, but who knows. she sounded very young, though. perhaps they're just a bunch of teenagers in a basement hoping to get a few off-guard and into their snare. amazing the low quality of human that can exist. 'nuf said.

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