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Unicorn Financial / Unicorn Financial scam artists!

1 P.O. Box 4758Carol Stream, IL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-519-6444

I got a loan, so that I could have some dental work done. My first statement came in the mail on my due date. I went online to pay it so it wouldn't be late and they do not provide that service. I called, explained what was going on and the lady said I could pay it over the phone. My next statement came the day before it was due and I noticed I had been charged $25 for paying over the phone. In June 2007 there was a note on my statement saying I would be charged 24.5% interest starting with the July statement. I called, told the lady I wanted to just pay off the loan and yes I know there is a charge to pay by phone. I also asked her twice what the pay off amount would be, because I knew it would be higher than what was on my statement. She put me on hold, supposedly asked a supervisor, came back and said that I only owed what was on the statement. Again, I asked her was she sure, because I did not want to deal with this company any longer. She assured me I would be paid in full. In July I received a bill for almost $300. I wrote a note with the statement and I emailed the same information to UF. Long story short, I am still receiving bills and harassing calls. They are very rude and need to be put out of business. I will be filing complaints with BBB, attorney general, and any one else I can think of including my dentist. I do not owe this money and will not be threatened into paying it.

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  • Ro
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    I applied for credit from Unicorn for LASIK. My terms were 18 months no interest. Well, either they did not disclose or I did not read that if one payment was missed they will add on all the interest for the finance term. I had the entire balance paid up in 6 months instead of the 18 months; however I missed one payment. I did not receive the statement that month. Unicorn is now charging me the entire amount of interest for the 18 months on money that paid them before it was due to them.

    I think it is fraudulent to charge a person interest on money that was not due to them for another year. I tried talking to customer service about it and they were very rude, they basically came out and called me a deadbeat. Well, if I was a deadbeat, why would they extend credit a large amount of credit to me in the first place? I have complained to the physcians' office and I have filed a complaint with the federal government with no assistance. I just hope that others will take heed and not sign up with this company, it is not worth that procedure you that you want.

  • Sf
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    Unicorn Financial - Fail to post payments on time every time, then blame it on you
    Unicorn Financial
    United States

    I was warned by my dentist about how they have some questionable billing practices, yet I thought how bad could they be, I mean they came recommended by my dentist as way to pay my dental bills... But little did I know it started with the first month's bill which I sent in 10 days before being due because surprise they don't offer a way to pay online, which they did wave my late fee and told me to call if I should have any other problems.

    So now it is a monthly call to Unicorn who has now placed my account in collections because even though I send my payment in 10 days before it's due it mysteriously doesn't get posted to my account until just one day after the due date, even though on my returned check it shows that my check was processed on or BEFORE the due date! I spoke to some nasty supervisor who told me that even though I send my payment in 10 days before it's due that it is my fault my payment doesn't seem to reach them in time and that I should take it up with the post office. DO NOT take out a credit like from UNICORN or as they are now called CHASE HEALTH services, they are just going to RIP you OFF and DAMAGE your credit in the process!

  • Si
      8th of Jun, 2016
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    Unicorn Financial - Unicorn financial -A loan shark, BEWARE
    Unicorn financial service
    New Jersey
    United States

    I had a lasek surgery and was naive enough to enroll on this so call "zero interest loan" hoping to save some interest dispite I have the cash to pay for the surgery. This is a three year loan, I am six more months to go until I pay off. Every month I scheduled automatic payment from my checking acct, for some reason last month, the payment failed. I received a warming letter from Unicorn on a Friday evening, guess what, the next business day when I am able to speak to a representative, they have cancelled my finance free plan and all the interest kick in from the start of the loan, which is a whopping 20%. I think this is just a bunch of con artist trying to prey people to fall on their trap. I even fax them the previous transaction history for the whole year, showing my monthly payment schedule. I also included my statement with reversal entry of the fee that posted on my bank in error that caused the fund failed to go out. No it's not sufficient accoring to them. They want my bank to send them a letter admitting it's their fault that the payment was default. How could this be possible? What's the benefit of these people to provide zero interest loan? None, but they will make every attempt to make you fail or miss a payment somehow. I hope the BBB will start to investigate this company and put them out of business, if not there will be more victims

  • Am
      8th of Jun, 2016
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    Unicorn Financial - Insult to injury!
    Unicorn Financial
    Aliso Viejo
    United States

    This company is the most unethical, unprofessional, shadiest company I have ever dealt with!!! I had to get major dental work that cost about $5000. I had complication to a routine surgery and ended up in a coma for 5 weeks. During this time I clenched my teeth so bad that I cracked 4 teeth and needed to get a bridge. Unicorn helped finance the procedure.

    I had the bridge put in on Nov 11th, 2006 and was waiting for the bill. I start getting these calls around December 10th about 3 times a day. Ok, so I figured out the payment was due by the end of the month. I at least thought I had 30 days. This was the beginning of my torture with this company and their employees.

    I have had so many problems with them. The biggest one is the ridiculous amount they charge for paying over the phone $24 bucks and they are not current with the times so they do not accept online payments. I always mail my check in at least 5 days before the payment. I even have a reminder on outlook calender ("Pay the Evil Unicorn People") but it always conveniently is at least 1 day late so they can charge a late fee. Then they call on the late fee as if you have not paid in 6 months 3 -4 times a day. They even called my husbands job and my mother in law just because of a late fee.

    This is their scam... they "conveniently" log in your payment 1 - 2 days late so they can charge you a late fee then they charge more for the finance charge because the late fee is now added in. They are scamming left and right and making lots of money. Then to add insult to injury they collectors treat you as if you are a criminal, or stupid or trying to scam them. They are unprofessional, rude, not educated or trained in how to retain a customer (especially ethically) and extremely condescending off of their own scams!!!

    Honestly this is the most unethical business that I have every dealt with. I would not refer them to anyone, and because I am stuck in a loan with them for about $1000 more I will just keep up a good fight.

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