Unemployment fund / No Service No payments

1 Rustenburg, South Africa

After working for the same company for 15 years I was forces to apply for unemployment. After completing the required documentation as per your departments specifications and submission on the dates as specified on the door and controlled by the security guard at the door. No payment was made. Again after 3 days of standing in the sun and rain from 8h00 the door was closed at 4h00 right in front of my face, twice. On the 4th attempt I was told by a person who was very busy having a private conversation on her cell phone that I must wait another 2 weeks because the person who could fix the mistake they made was sick.
Why on Gods earth did I pay UIF to receive nothing, since I applied. You cannot complain about service if there is NONE and the government is just collecting, because they made it a law, but God forbid when you want to get a return on years of payments. It is disgusting how the government institutions don’t give a flying duck about their service and the image of their departments.
No when am I gonna get my money

Jan 29, 2015

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