SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Extremely Rude!!!

1 United States

I ordered a bridal slip from this company in August 2010. Almost a week later, I still hadn't heard from them and wondered if my order was ever received, let alone shipped. Luckily, I paid thru PayPal and was able to file a dispute. That got 's attention!

My disputing the payment started a series of rude, unethical, and accusatory emails from their customer service department (one employee in particular).

I did receive the product and the quality of it was very good and I don't have a problem with it. My problem revolves around the extremely rude emails and comments trying to get the issue resolved. As it turned out, had entered my information wrong into their records-an honest mistake. I can live with that. What I can't stand is the rudeness incurred and the accusations made that i was trying to "steal" their product.

They have a great product from what I can tell, BUT their customer leaves a lot to be desired (quite contrary to what they post on their website as "friendly email communication".

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