Unchained CapitalPlease, add more information about team members

I learned much about crypto funds and I know what criteria are important to consider before investing. If something is lacking you have a right to cancel collaboration or actually stop considering this company at all.
Why? Because they have to provide all the necessary information so you don't have questions.
Unchained Capital has a decent website, they explained a lot, gave many examples, there is more than enough information on the website.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Austin, TX
However, unfortunately, there's something they forgot to do and it's strange.
I can repeat it again: an investor shouldn't be left with questions, they have to be answered right on the website without a need to call or to write/email.
So I have a question about the team page: photos and names are provided, but what about information? In theory, you just should go and check their linkedin or twitter profiles, but I think it's not fair enough. I guess, they put a lot of work to create this website, but did it happen they forgot about their own people? Not good.

Nov 30, 2018

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