Unbeatable hire / overcharged - lack of transparency regarding fees and the deposit

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Unbeatable Hire, Hire Booking Centre, Motorholme, (a bit shady they have multiple names, don't you think?)

Firstly, Please do not use this company. They have been nothing but disappointment, taking up a lot of time and energy.

So lets start off with a positive... the motor home was great but then the praise ends there. It was a last minute booking due to a problem with our booking with a different company. The customer service was great, until they wanted their money. I was sent emails and received calls multiple times a day until everything was paid. The checking in and payment process was unnecessarily complicated and then came the extra charges...

After each process I was asked to cough up admin and card handling fees for the most ridiculous of things. You were made to agree the original price to hire the motor home which is the quote they give you on the phone and after this had been agreed the payment was not refundable. The next processes then lump these extra charges on so you are stuck with paying them or losing out on the basic price of the motor home. I mean I don't mind if there are fees that have to be paid, but it should be made explicitly clear before you agree to anything and hand over money. The original payment of £700 or so was mounting and I was charged credit card fees but did not even use a credit card. After complaining they were willing to waive these. If you are not much of a complainer then you run the risk of being ripped off by these con artists. When I originally called up asked for the absolute final payment, the one they gave me did not include all of these hidden charges. There was no transparency, just a load of smoke and mirrors. It's deceitful and very unprofessional.

And then the deposit. After being hounded everyday until I paid, they did not reciprocate the same enthusiasm when it came to giving my money BACK! The guy who checked over the motor home said it could take up to 28 days. "Could" should've been omitted from that sentence. In fact it took longer than 28 days. I actually had to call up on multiple occasions to ask for it back. I was told 28 days, the 28 working days then it needed to be processed and would take another 5 days. Complete lies, while they sit on my £1250 to help with their cash flow. When I finally got the deposit back I noticed that £75 was missing. I called up and asked what this was for as the relevant checks had been made and it was signed off. I was then sent a financial statement that read as complete gobbledygook. I was charged an admin fee, a card handling fee and VAT on those payments. Being charged for them to take a deposit and give it back to me, is this company actually for real?! Never have I ever encountered this, and I have hired a lot of vehicles from various companies in the UK and abroad.

From the word go they have shown themselves up to be an unprofessional, money grabbing bunch of racketeers. And I highly doubt all of this is legal? They have hidden extra, unnecessary charges anywhere they can. I am currently waiting for them to get back to me about these deposit payments, it will be interesting to see what they have to say about this and what action they will take. Maybe I should charge them an admin fee for all of these emails and phone calls I've had to make to rectify their shoddy business protocols?

Oh another thing I observed was that the customer service staff seemed to be able to real off a standard answer for every question and complaint I had regarding the process. It was almost as if they had these complaints that regularly they just knew what to say. This is worrying. Instead of rectifying the issues they just try to worm their way around them instead. And they were fully aware of all the bad reviews out there too. Didn't have much to say about that though!

Anyway if this does not get resolved then I will be taking legal action.

Any final words... Yes! There's nothing unbeatable about this motor home company. I strongly suggest you stay away!

Jul 27, 2016

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