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Unauthorized charge / Money taken from my account

Mallanganee, Australia Review updated:
There have been two transactions from my credit card one from the 31/12/2008 RMT*IF [protected] VIPE [protected] 9.95 USD 0.44 AUD $14.96 and the other is 28/11/2008 RMT*IF 1-[protected] [protected] 1.00 USD $1.60 please let me know what i have been charged for and refund my money as i do not know why i have been charged for something? that im not aware of my email is jack.thomas24@gmail.com OR jaxz1@hotmail.com
My name is MR Jack Vanderklugt i would like this resolved ASAP


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  16th of Nov, 2007
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Unauthorized Charge - Money deducted from my checking accoutn!!!!
United States

I was charged 12.95 by this comapny, this charge was unauthorized. I've never heard of this comany before. I received a copy of my credit report from annual credit report. com, but this other company was not authorized to charge me anything!
  29th of Mar, 2008
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We have a charge on our Chase credit card that was not authorizd. I plan to call these people later today to see what is happening. We requested a free credit report and received it. That is all that we will need.
  7th of May, 2008
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A charge of $7.81 appeared on my credit statement and was not authorized. It needs to be removed.
  12th of Jul, 2008
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Unauthorized charge - money stole from account
United States

you dont need any info other than you stole money from my account and I want it back before I go to the feds for you stealing credit card fraud. I never gave you or anyone permission to take money from my account I never even heard of you so i want my money back today or monday I go to the fbi and find out how you got ahold of my info and how you were able to tap into my account and steal money. I will be there on monday if I dont see my money by then.who are you and how do you think you will get away with stealing from poor people. some nerve. I wont stand for it and I will sue and whatever I have to to stop this kind of abuse of info.
  30th of Sep, 2008
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i need you to return my 149.00 you took out of my bank
  5th of Oct, 2008
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Unauthorized charge - unauthorized chrge
todays better health
United States
Phone: n/a

On my card it shows that your company took money off my card for something called exteenz. For one i have never heard of todays better health in burbank, ca. Two I looked you all up on yellowpages, directory on the phone, and yellowbooks. I could not find your information. Where you are located, your number, anyting. You took $126.94 off my acount. I need you to reimburse that or I will be taking you to court.
  6th of Nov, 2008
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Unauthorized Charge - Money deducted from my checking accoutn!!!!
North York
Phone: 416-495-9341

My credit card has been charged in
October & November for something I
have no knowledge of.

Please see that credit is issued to
have these charges reversed and
cancel any future billing.

Wilkie Johnson
  23rd of Aug, 2009
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This company is charging my bank card monthly for a 19. 82. My bank says they can not do a stop payment because it is set up as a one time payment but they draft this money every month.
Key Club Savings
  17th of Feb, 2010
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Unauthorized Charge - Money deducted from my checking accoutn!!!!
United States

ther is a charge in the amount of $39.99 on my mastercard-credit card.I have not ordered anything.I want this charge removed as soon as possible.Please let me know when this issue is resolved. Thank-you
  26th of Sep, 2011
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Unauthorized charge - Money deducted from my checking accoutn!!!!
Unauthorized Charge
United States
Phone: 978-225-6323

I just saw a charge on my bank statement of $16.42 - dated 9/25/11. What the heck is this and what am I being charged for?????? It seems lately everytime I buy something on line there is a mysterious charge and I'm tired of it. I want this refunded to my account ASAP and in the future I will be discouraged from buying anything on line again. Please respond as soon as possible - I will NOT let this go.
  26th of Sep, 2011
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Did you call your bank, as well as post this complaint? They should be able to help explain the charge and then you need to match it to your purchases. If it isn't a charge you made, file a claim with your bank.
  3rd of Sep, 2015
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I receive 2 letters from them that they are will file a case against me cause I didn't pay . And they stated that I need to appear in New York court regarding this case. And they are asking me if I want to settle this outside the court. They didn't sent me phone number. I just want them to stop sending this kind of letter and to erase all my identity that they have.
  3rd of Sep, 2015
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I spoke with you about the $11.97 charge to my credit card and you refunded me several months of billing. This shows me that you are definitely in the wrong. You said you started billing me for this in 2010. I expect you to refund me for the full amount since 2010. I am writing this to you and if you do not refund, you will be hearing from my attorney, Mr. David Dwight. I will expect you to refund to Visa Card Number;4625471000055020

Regina Mancuso
  8th of Sep, 2015
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They took 70.32 off my card on Saturday the 5th the second time they did it got my money back the first time. I don't know who they are my caring in 3374 was cancelled. So requesting a refund please.I hope this will never happen again thank netspend for resovleing this for me. Have be with netspend for over a year and love it don't want to leave them
  9th of Sep, 2015
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text said: Your phone # won $825, 000 in the Chevron/Texas (PAP) send name and phone number to chete205@outlook.com. How stupid are they? They say that my phone number won but ask me for my phone number, lol!
  9th of Sep, 2015
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I just got the same text today and I live in Phoenix AZ
  9th of Sep, 2015
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Total BS
  9th of Sep, 2015
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On the 13 august I paid for 2 mobile covers $24.27

13/8 order number 1508130120860682

I did not recieve it when I checked tracking on the 31 august it advised the order had not been completed .
So I thought I had done it wrong so I entered it again.So I was charged $24.27 again and given another order number

31/8 new order number 1508302021074273
up to now I still have not recieved the mobile covers .

I asked them to be delivered to my home address


I have tried to check on site to track but it says there are no orders

Please send me the mobile covers and refund me the extra $24.27 I sent to you .

Thank you
Irene Hourani
  9th of Sep, 2015
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  10th of Sep, 2015
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I Purchased one of these drills (crap), returned, item my carriage, received a second item, crap;
I have spent money to try and get touch (answer phone) crap. My drill is still crap, now I use hammer and raw tool, witch is more reliable.I will never place a other order with your (CRAP) company.
A dissatisfied, customer, PHURRRRRRRT.

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