Umpire Today / overdraft fees

1 Canton, OH, United States

Came out to house on a Friday to show samples and measure rooms. After measuring rooms she gave us a quote of 8000 dollars. This included doing carpet in living room, up the steps into hallway. Doing the dining room in laminate flooring, and the kitchen in vinyl. We said this was to much and she made a phone call and gave us a quote of 4650.00. She said I had to write out three checks for a hundred dollars to save the price because if we waited to feb. we couldn't get the price. After thinking about the price we decided to cancel. I called Umpire Today on Saturday morning and did so. They explained the checks were canceled and would be returned within 7 to 10 days. On Monday I tried to use my debit card and it was declined. After checking with bank it was said that they took it out early that day. I called them and they said it wasn't there fault. We are still fighting with them to pay the 281 dollars in overdraft fees I recieved. It was said the money wouldn't be taken out till Tuesdays day, so even after canceling Sat. they took my money and screwed me. DO NOT GO THROUGH UMPIRE TODAY BECAUSE THEY ARE LIARS AND THERE SERVICE SUCKS.

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