I noticed charges for $49.95 on my bank statement when trying to get credit for charges from a credit card processing company that we decided to not use. They informed me that the $49.95 charges were not from them. I went back to all of my statements and saw where we were charged that amount for the last 8 months. The credit card processing company gave me a phone number for UMG so I called them. They told me they were for Discover and I told them I never signed up for any program and she said she would call me back and play the recording of me agreeing to their services.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Mishawaka, IN
She played it and I was answering their questions then they started going into something else and finally I got fed up and told them I was not intersted and hung up on them. They said what I disagreed to was the second offer but that I agreed to the first offer. I told them I had meant I wasn't interested in anything. When listening to the recording I heard the gentleman say they would be going ahead and sending out the first packet but since I was hanging up I never heard that part. They said they would only credit back the last two months instead of the 8 months that they were charging me.
I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau on this.

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