Umdloti ResortBad treatment at Umdloti Holiday Resort

I had booked at Umdloti Resort for a weekend (4th September to 7th September) and our reservation was confirmed two weeks before we went to the resort. the room number we were confirmed at was 809, however when checking in we were given keys to room 808, we queried this but the security guard assured us that the rooms were the same and there was no problem. We got into the room and it was small, stuffy and NOT at all like what i saw on the website, we were not impressed at all, but it was already after hours and there was no one to assist, so we slept. The next day we went to the beach when we got back we saw that THERE were people on the room we had initially booked (809) and we also saw that it was bigger, beautiful, with sofa etc, when we complained the security guard told us there was nothing they could do and we would have to wait for Monday to complain, that is when we picked up our bags and left in the middle of the night because we were not getting honest answers as to why the couple next door to us got our room and we were given a fiflthy, small, rubbish room?

To date i haven't heard from the guys at Umdloti but i want my refund. Please advise on who to talk to.

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