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I ordered the free trail and they charged my credit card for the shipping and handeling and before I even got the pills another 84.01 for the next order. I tried to call them and was on hold for over 3 hours finally hung up and tried again and was on hold for another hour. When I finally got a hold of a customer rep. they told me there is nothing they could do for me and I could not return the pills or get my money back. They wouldn't even let me speek to a supervisor. So I would not recommend buying this pill unless you plan on paying $84 before you even know if it works!!!


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      Aug 17, 2009

    I ordered a free trial of resveratrol and was charged $84.00 after I cancelled and returned the pills in the time allotted for the free trial. I have spoken to the company about my full refund and they continue to say that they have sent a request to the refund department and to give them 3 to 5 business days. I waited a week and NOTHING I called again to complain and the same thing give us 3 to 5 business days. AGAIN A WEEK AND STILL NOTHING!! I need someones help in getting my money back.
    Thank You for your help.
    Debbie Contento

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      Aug 24, 2009

    Hello Debbie,

    I looked up your name in our database

    Search Customers: Debbie Contento

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    and you have never been a customer or placed an order with Ultra Resv so perhaps you should think before writing libelous claims about complanies. And to the anonymous poster your information is inacurrate as well. Our customer service hold times are less than 3 minutes and we offer a full refund within 30 days to any unsatisfied customers.

    In todays modern world it's easy to write harmful lies about anyone but considering we have over 10, 000 happy customers and these 2 bogus complaints our record speaks for itself.

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      Oct 18, 2009

    My my, how terrible. Disatisfied customers are being treated poorly with their complaints being called "bogus".
    In today's modern world, its easy for some businesses to lie themselves. I thnk our experience as a customer speaks for itself.

    Anyways to start, my mother bought the pills for me and tried the free trial so she can only pay for the shipping and handleing.
    While waiting for the pills to come, I decided to look further into them just in case and came across this site a week ago. When I read these people were charged 84 dollars, I became a bit worried but thought that these were really just lies.
    So I got the pills last Thursday, if I remember correctly. They were good. They controlled my appetite quiet well.
    But then my mother told me she checked her balance and said something had charged her 84 dollars... And believed it was the pills. I told her about this site as well as this site:

    That's the whole story for now, but soon we'll see if John is correct about the customer service thing. =)
    Also, to assure you people reading this, I'm not lying. I'm a customer (girl) like you, trying out this product and simply putting my 5 cents in. Hopefully though, my personal opinion won't be called a "lie" as well as "bogus" by a certain rude guy.

    In any case, I'm happy with this product (except for my mother) and I hope your business enjoys those 84 dollars, John. 'Cause I'm gonna enjoy telling this to friends. This includes: texting, gossiping, myspace, twitter, and facebook. >;P

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      Oct 24, 2009

    So your saying your mother signed you up for the free "trial" and the pills worked well but you have an issue because when the trial period is over and you are billed the regular price?

    GNC sells a considerably lower dosage for $ 74.99 But I guess you're just an honest customer who expects us to give away our products for only the price of shipping.

    You would think you are happy finding a product that works and a company that is willing to let you try it for only the shipping cost. Perhaps that is what you should consider telling your friends via texting, gossiping, myspace, twitter, and facebook.

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      Oct 27, 2009

    I too was sucked in by the so-caled "Free Trial." Before I even had the product in hand the company was taking the $84.01 from my account. When I called to complain I was told that I needed to read the "Fine Print, " that I had 10 days to cancel or they would charge the full amount. Assuming that mean't 10 days from receipt of the product, but that was not the case. So I contacted my bank and asked for help, they told me to call the company back and ask for a full refund. I called the company again to ask for a refund and was told they would only refund my money if the product was returned unopened. Of course the product was opened so they would not refund my money. This company may not be committing fraud, but their business practices are very unethical! I would recommend that people not do business with this company and furthermore, the product does not work!

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      Oct 28, 2009

    I wanted to try with the "Free Trial" as well if thats what you want to cal it. I ordered the product an immediately the 1.99 for I believe shipping was removed from my account. Then about a weeek later the 84.01 was removed from account. About a week after thta I received a full bottle. I only was interested in the trial.(I would then decide if I wanted to continue). I realized at the time that I was unable to use the product so I returned it. I received an RA number and everything. So when I go to call around 2-3 weeks later because I had not heard anything. I was asked for my information and then I was told that they where going to check their receiving dept. I never heard anything. About a week later I caled again, nothing. I then caled the next week and spoke with a Supervisor. He said that he was going to personally make sure that I get my reimbursment. I caled a week later and was told that it would take 7-10 business days to receive my reimbursment. So I waited and then after ten days I caled again and was told that it didnt go through until the day I last day I spoke to the rep. So 7-10 days from that day. So I caled back after that and they said it has been processed and they dont know, give it another week, oh some time next week dont worry. So I did it has been almost Three months now since I have returned my bottle. Over a month since I have been doing this back and forth tat I have been promised my reimbursment. I asked to speak with a manager this time and they said that they dont have manager that works in their building and Ha they can even give me number to teir main office. Though I was promised that I would receive a cal from the main office today. We shall see if that even happens. For those interested in this product if you do purchase it realy think of whether or not you want to stop it and if you do make sure that you use what you are billed for.

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      Nov 06, 2009

    Is there an actual phone number to call because I too ordered the Trial for $1.99 and now I am being charged $85 monthly and cannot stop the charge.

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  • L
      Nov 10, 2009

    I have a severe allergic reaction to UltraResV/ultraresv, I have itchy red blotches on my face and neck. I went throught the same negative experience as the above complainants, by the way this is one of the few sites that allow unfiltered reviews on ultraresv. I also posted my reviews on can file your complaints with the BBB, Better Business Bureau, [protected], [protected], Fax [protected] and their address is 5673 South Redwood Road #22, Salt Lake City, UT 84123. Ultraresv is a Utah based business. I also advice that you immediately dispute the charge with your credit card companies and suggest that they ban this merchant/vendor to protect their other credit cardholders.

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      Nov 30, 2009

    I ordered the resveratrol and inadvertently put my email address where I should have put the mailing address. After three weeks I still had not received my order so I called them. They told me they had not sent it because they didn't have my address. Yet by then they had already taken out 84.00 dollars and was going to continue to take it out. I cancelled it, gave them my address, and ask them why they did not try and contact me since they did have both my cell and home phone number. They said they had no way of doing that. So I ask them would they have continued to take out 84.00 dollars a month without ever sending me anything. They said yes. now if that is not a rip-off and scam what is. I still have not taken them because I have not received them. The only thing they did right was cancell. But if they make 84.00 dollars off everyone, they don't care if you do cancell. I attempted to get my refund, but they said they couldn't. When you cancell make sure you get confirmation order, and also go to your bank.

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      Jan 11, 2010

    I have had a terrible experience too. I only received the free trial bottle which by the way, didn't have any effect what-so- ever. I didn't accept the next bottle and sent it back without opening it. I called to cancel. I was left on hold for about 1 hour. Tried 2 X again the next day, same thing. The third time I was on the line waiting for approx 30 minutes. I was told that by clicking "I agree" to the minut print on their website, I had agreed to them being able to charge my account indefinitely. After yelling and screaming they finally agreed to cancell. They have charged my account for two $89 charges and one for $ 84. I disputed the charges but to no avail. My credit card company deemed the charges valid. They had initially taken the charges off, but now they have been added on again. I have threatened to cancell my card and refuse to make payments because I really don't know what else to do. I have never again received any product. How do we stop this thievery??

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      Jan 17, 2010

    Too bad... I was convinced this would work but the negative unethical method this company does business has just lost them a sale. What a foolish way to run a business. Ethics and customer service goes a long way. In this economy you are lucky anyone would be willing to try your product. You will not stay around long. People need their money and to tie up someones refund or charge them ahead of time has a cause and effect. You don't know how holding up someone's money like that can do to their financial situation. Your reputation is at stake here. Do the right thing!

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      Feb 01, 2010

    Wow, I am so upset. My third phone call to Ultraresv to beg for my refund. I returned the three bottles unopened 10/29/09.
    I have not received my refund. Today was my third call to them and I have kept a detail notes of my conversations with them with dates. I have come to the conclusion that this a fraudilent business A SCAM.

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      Mar 02, 2010

    I am currently on the phone trying to get a hold of someone to cancel this as well. They have charged my account without my knowledge. I was under the impression that there were no hidden fees and now I can not contact anyone to get a refund or cancel this. I m so frustrated. I have been on hold forever and am still waiting for someone to answer the phone. I should have known better. I will never order anything on line again.

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