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Ultra green/acai ultra burn / Acai Ultra Burn Cancellation

1 2160A Sunnydale BlvdClearwater, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-866-620-4731

This company is the biggest rip-off/con-artist operation I have ever seen. I'm no stranger to internet purchases and know about making sure I read the terms and conditions when dealing with unfamiliar companies. I ordered the Acai Ultra Burn during a "free" sample trial web listing and after trying the "free" sample product, I decided it was not for me. IT DID NOT HELP ME LOSE WEIGHT even though I followed the directions word-for-word. I called, as per the terms and conditions, and expressed my wishes to cancel my automatic membership within the allotted timeframe. I was told the charges will not be made to my credit card account. Well, lo and behold, I received another bottle of this MESS and my credit card was indeed charged $59.95. When I called the customer service department again, I was told they could not refund my money. Well, they WOULD not refund my money. The customer service rep was totally rude and refused to make any attempt to accommodate me. I AM PISSED!!! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT waste your time or money on this "product". Ultra Green and Acai Ultra Burn are RIP-OFFS!!

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  21st of Jan, 2009
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Ultra green/acai ultra burn - unauthorized charges
United States

i ordered acai berry diet supplimjent on tv ad says get free bottloe pay 5.95 shipping only i id gpot bottle then 15 dys later got another bottle in mail and was charged 59, 95 on my debit card i called they would not remove charge and sid i cannot return bottle for refund there was no mention of this on tv ad or web page on invoice on back page very small print says that if not cncelled after 14 days 15th day will be biled 59, 95 month ongoing CROOKS EXREME RIP OFF DO NOT BUY EVER I LOST 94.00 CAUSED MY BALANCE RTO OVERDRAFT GOT A 35, 00 FEE PLUS 59, 95 FOR NOTHING

  31st of Jan, 2009
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Hello, I fell for the same scam, and I DID read the fine print on their website before ordering! Furthermore, I work for a law firm and do not consider myself to be a gullible individual. Their wording is deceptive, their advertising is deceptive, and I was charged the $5.95 S&H on 1/3/09. I received the product and started using it. I was uncertain whether or not it was really effective so I figured I would keep using it and get the first $59.95 bottle, then cancel if I didn't see a benefit. My AMEX was charged $59.95 on 1/21, and today, 1/31, I called to see when the product was shipped. I was told that an additional bottle had not been shipped yet, and I was referred to "paragraph 3" of their terms and conditions. I was told that because I had not cancelled within the 14 day trial period, I was charged the full $59.95 for the bottle I had already received (plus of course the $5.95 paid for the "free 14-day trial"). So there is NO free trial whatsoever if you do not cancel and return the remaining product within the 14-day period. I am in process of disputing this charge with AMEX and have asked for a refund of $29.47, which is one-half of the $59.95. I feel this is fair, because I did in fact keep the 30-day supply bottle. However, this company's advertising tactics need to be investigated, because they are definitely fraudulent!

  3rd of Feb, 2009
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Trust me this co. is a rip off.
Fred in Huntsville, Al.

  3rd of Feb, 2009
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I fell for this scam as well! They charged me TWICE 5.95 for my 'free' trial. 14 days later I was charged 59.95 for the 'free' trial so I have spent $72.00 for my free trial! EXCELLENT! The number I was to call for the second 5.95 they erroneously charged was to a Spanish speaking message, no option for me to speak at all and no options for me to hear it in English... I have no idea what they said on it but as you can see I was unable to cancel before the 14 day trial. Not until they charged me 59.95 for the 'free' bottle I did not cancel... did they include a phone number on the bank with drawl that I could actually talk to a person who made me wait 15 minutes before speaking to me. She said it is non refundable... so yeah Don't order from Ultragreen Acai Burn! todays date 2-3-09

  5th of Feb, 2009
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I found it very easy to cancel my order. I did read the fine print and was fully aware if I did not canceled within the 14 days I would receive an order at full price. After receiving the second order they gladly canceled any future orders. Very nice customer service in fact I would consider my interaction as courteous and friendly customer service. Maybe you people should read before accusing companies of unethical practice.

  9th of Feb, 2009
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Acai Ultra burn does not work, well at least it did not work for me. I order the product and began taking it the first week of Jan. 2009. I was consumed the entire bottle and only lost one pound in spite of drinking more water then usual and eating less junk. I began to eat more fruits and vegetables, but do admit that I only worked out occasionally. Before I received the second bottle, I called them and the receptionist stated that the second bottle was already on its' way and could not cancel. Not only did they not want to cancel the order they had already charged my debit card $59.95. By the way I never found myself having the energy they promised I would. Don't trust these people...they are a scam.

  11th of Feb, 2009
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Have you tried filing a claim with your credit card to reverse the charges?

  12th of Feb, 2009
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They are doing wrong things. i saw one person post that all of us should read the fine print- I feel they are some company reps doing that. i have called them 45 times. I was told to contact 727-239-0658.
No one picked up worst it says if anyone does not pick up then call again they dont even have call waiting. The person also says that one cannot leave message as there is no message center.
What kind of office will not allow have a message center. they have several websites and they never state that you need to pay 59.95. It does not say so in the invoice.
They dont say that in the invoice. Not even on the page.
One can clearly see they are crooks.
Someone needs to take action against this company.For those who say read fine print let me tell you there is no fine print in this. It is done in a very deceitful way. When someone tries calling they are struck with nightmare.

  15th of Feb, 2009
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This happened to me also and I am having a hard time canceling the darn stuff !!

  19th of Feb, 2009
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What a scam! I signed up for the "free trial", and thought I had avoided the autoship, but no, I just got another bottle and saw that my account was charged $59.95. I'm soooooo mad right now. I kept my original packing slip, and the status on it said "trial" and now on the new packing slip it said active. Also, the phone number on the packing slip is bogus. When you push #3 to discuss your account, it hangs up on you. I finally found this page, and called the number here and actually got to talk with someone. They said they would cancell it, so we will see. I'm still going to go to my bank and try to block them. What a rip off!!!

  20th of Feb, 2009
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i had a very similar situation. I ordered, paid the $5.95 and then never received the product. I then tried e-mail as there was NO number (there should always be an 800# i've since learned). Finally i ended up at my bank and he was able to contact someone who told him it would ALL be refunded. I was later called and told the same thing. In the meantime, they billed me for the first "real order" of $59.95. They were just billing me this when my bank called them. Anyway, i've since learned that any Acai free offer is 100% fraud!! Also, still waiting for $.

  26th of Feb, 2009
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I also ordered the "Free Trial" and found that this product is completely bogus. Not only did I not lose weight I think it made me hungry!! I called the customer service rep and was treated so rudely that I will only persuade people to stay away from all Acai Berry products and I mean all of them!!! I have contacted my credit card co. and am currently working on getting my money back. They also set me up with some weight wellness company who charged my credit too. These people must be stopped and made to pay people back.

  6th of Apr, 2009
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This company is a rip-off! They do not stand behind their product (which made me sick) and they make it impossible to cancel. There should be rules about the "free Trial" offers companies make. I only wish I had checked this site before ordering my "free trial" that cost me $59.95! Customer service was rude and I'm sure they are instructed to tell customers it's their problem that they didn't read the fine print in the terms.
Any company worth its weight would want customer satisfaction first and would make it easy to refund/return. If their product was any good, wouldn't this make sense? Well, their product isn't any good and the only way they can make money is to rip off customers. They are not looking for loyal customers who will swear by their product. They are looking for all those one-shots out their suckered in by their sales pitch!

  27th of Apr, 2009
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Same problem as others. Advertised as a FREE sample trial webb listing. I wanted to return the 2nd bottle which they mailed to me. I called the 888 number and they indicated that it was an automatic shipment because I accepted the FREE bottle and that I should have read the fine print!! They said had I returned the first bottle -opened and partially used, they would have accepted and cancelled the order. FREE BOTTLE --NOT!!! $59.95 was charged to my credit card. I am so angry with this company. They are rip-off artists -- don't trust them for any products.

Middletown, Ohio

  6th of May, 2009
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This company is a hugh rip off. I can't even get any body on the phone. The bank did and all they say is terms and conditions. Well you have to be able to see them first. The only way I finally saw them was by accidently running my mouse across what i thought was the bottom border and terms lite up in tiny letters. Of course this was after they had went into my account for 69.95. I don't intend to accept this.

  3rd of Jun, 2009
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I need the phone number that someone was able to get a person on the phone with. I also wanted to know if anyone wrote to the company? I cannot even find the address in the address lookup. Anyone have info I can use?

  9th of Jun, 2009
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I did not see anything about a 14 day trial and I was charged $79.95. I saw no fine print anywhere and when the pills shipped they shipped along with a packing slip, not an invoice. And no where did I see a cost for these pills, And they sure don't work.

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