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Horrible repairs

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ultra diamonds
United States
To Whom this may concern:

First I would like to state that I am a DCA certified jeweler and have been in the business for 5+ years. I briefly worked for Ultra Diamonds for a 2 month period and during that time I purchased an 18k yellow gold 1.5 ctw certified diamond mystere ring. Original price was $9599.00 and I paid $2400.00. When the decision was made to purchase the ring, I attempted for 3 weeks to get the store manager at the time to actually come to work to “ring the sale” as only managers were allowed to key-in an employee sale. This “manager” took it upon herself to delay keying the sale until she was finally ready to show up at the store, and the price had increased by $300 during these 3 weeks. I should have passed on it due to that alone but I really liked it so I proceeded with the sale anyway. That should have been my warning. My mistake.

I've had several small diamonds fall out but with the diamond guarantee they're to be replaced at no charge. When the first one fell out they replaced it with a diamond so cloudy and white it looked like frozen spit. It stood out terribly against my other stones which are clean and certified. I had them re-do it and when it came back from being repaired I saw the gold holding the diamond was scooped up and over the stone covering half of the diamond leaving sharp edges and a gouged area instead of re-tipping the prong securing the diamond. The ring was starting to look as if it had years of wear after only 3 months and the first repair because they buffed off a lot of the detailing on the ring. Which I've since repeatedly asked them to not do.

Please understand that I have no ulterior business motives to try steering business from their stores to mine. My store is actually in another city. I simply want my ring repaired properly, which is fair considering I paid a lot of money for it. My issue is strictly personal and only revolves around the horrible work their goldsmiths have done on my ring and the fact that no one up to and including the owner cares at all about their actions and my loss. I have a quote from a neutral independent goldsmith to restore my less than 2 year old ring to as close to original condition as he can get it. His cost to me- $600. He also stated the pricing he quoted was doing me a favor. He has stated it will be a very time consuming job and recommended I forget about fixing it and remove all the diamonds, use my gold mounting as scrap/trade and start fresh with him making a completely new ring. He stated they've destroyed it...and it will never be “right” but he will do the best he can.

This ring has been destroyed by their jeweler after needing to have it repaired and re-done 9 times. On their own website this ring is clearly described as having pristine milligrain detail. Yet, each and every time this ring was in need of repair for diamonds falling out, it came back with more and more of the detailing miligrain removed- buffed off even though all repair work orders clearly stated to not disturb the detailing-

Six weeks ago, another small channel diamond had fallen out, and once again I trusted them to take care of it. I actually asked them this time to restore the detailing that has been removed over the past 7 visits. The ring came back a few weeks later with a large dent on the side of the disc that holds all the center stones. I told them I wanted them to RE-DO the job and I'd give them “one last opportunity to make it right for me.” The bezel should have been rhodium plated (it was not) and the milligrain detailing was completely removed and now resembles a bad diamond cut edging. I picked it up a few days ago after being gone for over a month and surprise!! Upon closer inspection, I could see one of the center diamonds was completely tilted and out of its prong, and the side diamond that was replaced was not secured. Both are ready to fall out. The worst part? The ring has been buffed and ground down to nothing around the edges and the rails where the channels are...and it is as bad as it's ever been. They did nothing to try fixing it and have only made it much much worse. How can they send back work to be re-done and it comes back in even worse shape is beyond my comprehension.

Perhaps if the prongs had been re-tipped each time a diamond fell out instead of trying to use the surrounding gold as a bead set these diamonds wouldn't continue falling out. I can only shake my head in disbelief at the thought of having a ring I waited 8 years to get from my boyfriend become a decoration on top of my dresser. If I took care of my customers like this we'd be out of business. You probably wonder why I kept taking it back to them? Well if I had to pay for the replacement diamonds and the work out of pocket the cost would have been over $200 each time. This is what the guarantee is suppose to cover. It's sad that I had to print an 8x10 color glossy photo of the ring and send it along with the RE-DO job the last time so their goldsmith could see what its actually suppose to look like...and still it comes back looking horrible.

My questions include: How many times does a person have to re-send a ring to a goldsmith to have it fixed properly? How can they be so utterly careless with a ring that they have a price tag on of almost $10, 000? If this is how they take care of their “fine jewelry” just imagine how well they'll take care of pieces valued at much less than that. Why is it that every repair has to be a RE-DO? Why not get it right the first time? What kind of flunky goldsmiths are they using? They have had 4 different goldsmiths work on it over the past 21 months and not one of them came close to doing a good job. I am not being overly picky either. Why should my ring have to be forever pitted, gouged and dented (unless I pay someone else to fix it) because they have unqualified people working on it? Why will they not stand behind their repair work and either make it right or replace the ring they destroyed? Why would the company say “you've had the ring a while now and I understand its dented, so we wont exchange it” ...when the reason it's ruined is their fault?? They said they could have another jeweler work on it. What a joke! I suppose if I wasn't being paid my commissions since last April my attitude might be sour too. The employees just don't care at all. I under no circumstances would allow them to touch any of my jewelry ever again. I simply was hoping for an exchange to replace the ring they damaged beyond reasonable repair and would have my own goldsmith size and solder. They won't even do that- oh and did I mention they're great at trying to make me look like I was wrong, that this was somehow all my fault.

I would NOT recommend ever buying anything from Ultra Diamonds. I would not EVER recommend having ANY type of repair work done by them. I would not EVER believe anything you hear from the staff at any of the stores. The customer service is terrible. I have been hearing more and more complaints from other jewelers in that city regarding the quality of merchandise sold and quality of repair work. They're giving the industry a bad name in general. Unfortunately, I know first hand.

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A  21st of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
MYhusband bought me this ring A very pretty ring but the diamounds keep falling out we have took it back 4 times now .we picked it up 1 week ago .wore it for one day and it fail out again .so now i have to drive 2 hours to the store .and have it fixed again .and be told i hit this ring real hard .well i do very little i am a keep woman. i did not buy this ring for nothing or to sit in a jewelry box we bought it to wear .we are very disapointed in all this .we bought this ring at [commerce ga. tanger outlet center]you are talking to one SAD costomer.this means we have to take another day to take it back to be fixed!!! and another to go and pick it uppppppp!!!AGAIN... THANK YOU VERY MUCH . SAD, VERY SAD
A  4th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am a former employee at Ultra Diamonds and it pains me to read your complaint. I had the best experience with co-workers and customers. I only left because I relocated. I know of the ring that you speak of very well. I have sold many of them.I hate that the lack of customer service of the people that you have dealt with has caused such a effect. This was something that you would have forever. They should of realized that this beautiful piece of art should have been treated with the utmost of care. At the store I worked at we took bad repairs personnally because we knew it reflected back on us. That jeweler would had been fired. We also knew that if you keep working on something( especially in the same spot)it can be damaged. Just to be safe we would of requested a buy out. That basically means that the company buys back the ring from you in order for you to make exchange for the same or something different. It would have been the best way to go since this happened a few months after you bought it and the jeweler damaged the rest.You see we believe in treating everyone like family that we cared about and the jewelry like our own. Again I am so sorry for what you had to go through and I hope you can come to a solution.
D  19th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I really would like to comment on your complaint because I have been working for Ultra Diamonds for over 4 years now. As with any jewelery store (As I have worked for 2 and in two different states) the customer service and people that work there are going to change. It is up to the management to keep with the repairmen and their responsibility for making sure that the job is done right the first time. Our jeweler has had problems with the ring that you speak of (I sell many of the mystere) but he has fixed it to perfection and never have I had another one come back. If you had so many problems with your ring, the wisest thing to do would be to contact another Ultra or home office itself. Please forgive me for sounding rude, but if you explained the situation to them instead of posting bad rep on this board, then maybe you would have gotten a new ring. I honestly think it's horrible that other stores and people like you that give us a bad name. I hate hearing customers come in and say they have had a bad experience and to be honest, I know its true. I have visited many of our other locations and a lot of them are jerks. But PLEASE do not say that all of us are! My store works had to keep our customers happy and I would have replaced your ring for you long before you had any more of those repairs done. I truely am sorry for your nightmare... I just ask that you don't judge.
A  8th of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I totally agree with this review of this company. They are very misleading to get you to make a purchase. Once the purchase is made, it is like you never existed. I had the misfortune of entering one of their shops during the Thanksgiving holiday. The saleswoman CNOVIA convinced me to purchase a ring, insuring me I had to make NO payment as long as the ring was paid up before 12/2013. February I get a call from a finance company informing me I missed a payment. I am so distraught because I have not even got a chance to wear the ring because of sizing and I have heard nothing but horror stories regarding their extended repair warranty. Then they say you can trade at any time, however, they don't tell you your new purchase has 2 be AT LEAST 100% more than your original purchase. Their warranty is a bunch of crap. My warning to one and all is if you are not looking to be ripped off and left feeling like a fool BE WARNED!!! BE WARE !!!AND MORE IMPORTANT STEER CLEAR!!! FROM THIS RIP OFF JEWELRY CHAIN
N  24th of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
My fiancee bought my engagement ring from Ultra Diamonds. Just recently we went to trade it in for a wedding set. (The shape of my engagement ring wouldn't allow us to get a band. so we decided to get a set.) Well while at another jewelry store, They told us the diamond in my engagement ring was a fake. We took it to other jewelry shops for second opinions, all said the same thing. When my fiancee bought the ring, the guy who sold it to him told him it was real. And he paid for a real diamond!!! We were so upset to find this out!! And it was so heart breaking to see him so upset with himself for being fooled like this. The guy got fired a while ago. And they said the best we can do is in store credit. But at this point, we don't know if we want to go back!! I'm sure not all the stores are the same. But I'm so upset about this... Its a really hard thing to forgive.
A  7th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am so very disappointed in this jewlery store, my fiance got my ring from Ultra Diamonds and I love it...I bought his ring there as well, we new it was about 2 sizes to big but we were told that it could be sized so I bought it. We went in about 2 months ago to have it sized and were told they could not size it due to the way the diamonds were set. After 4 hours of being in the store we finally settled on another ring that had to be special ordered, no problem they said two weeks max and we would have it. Well it is now three weeks and we leave in one week to go to Las Vegas to get married and he has no ring! The store continues to give me the run around, so I finally called corporate and was told oh no this ring actually takes 6-10 weeks to get!!! Are you kidding me!!! I was told two weeks I leave one week to get married and your telling me I may not have the ring! I then called back to the store I purchased it from and told the manager what I was told and he replies with "I am still waiting on them to call me back from my call I put in yesterday" really so you call once a day when you have a bride with no ring! Thanks douche bag! So I preceede to ask do you forsee my ring being here in time? and he replies "well again im waiting for that call back but I would think so, however I will get back to you either what and let you know what you have to do" well I just got a call as I typed this and it was the manager, apparently, the previous manager just didn't feel the need to call me and let me know what they need my ok to put a bar in to get it the right size for my fiance so it has been sitting at this company waiting for approval. Needless to say I will never bring my business back there nor will I refer anyone to this company! So if you are thinking of going here please reconsider and save yourself a headache and stress!
N  10th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have recently had the same problems above. My husband bought me a diamond ring and after wearing it once, three diamonds had fallen out. I had to go through two seperate calls to get the shipping label as I had never received it after the first phone call. I sent this ring to be fixed and it came back looking fine. I wore it one time shopping and when going to put in jewelry box, noticed two diamonds again had fallen. Would never buy another Ultra Diamond product.
N  19th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Well I was about to by a 12k ring for sale at 2k, but I have no desire for my diamonds to fall out. Scared in Texas
A  9th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
My fiancee bought me a ring less then a year ago and already we have had to get it repaired 3 times. I have been to different stores to get it fixed. And the "fix" this time looks worse than before it was "fixed". I could've got a better ring at Walmart or Kmart. That is how bad their products are. I have tried to contact customer service about this issue then I look up and find out they have had several other complaints about their products and service. I would never recommend ultra diamonds to anyone, even my worst enemy. Steer clear of them if you are looking for a jewelry store. They make and sell crap. Go elsewhere.
N  16th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes

Ultra diamonds - Diamond ring
Ultra diamonds
United States

Which ultra did all the complaints come from? I got mine in Pa n they shipped it to me n also had it sized within a week.. Hope mine isn't fake!
N  16th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Which store did everyone go to? I went to the pa one n I like my ring so far I had it sized n it was back in less then a week. They even shipped it to nj for me
N  17th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
I went to the multiple ones in Arizona. I also had it make my finger green after being "repaired". It was a very beautiful ring that my fiancee bought me and it was a lot of money. The last time it was fixed because diamonds fell out and this time it made my finger green. I went around and around with them. Look at the attached photos for evidence of what it did to my finger and it still has not gone away, even 3 months after it had been "fixed" and originally turned my finger green.
N  17th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
The ring did not make your finger green it could be that you are eating to many tacos.
A  16th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
I bought a sterling silver single diamond ring 1 year ago from ULTRA Diamonds in Sevierville TN. I found out 11 week ago today the diamond was cracked. I sent it back to the Sevierville TN was sent to corporate for evaluation/replacment. I made over 11 phone calls to the Corporate Store and not once did I ever get a return phone call. Just tons of excuses. Finally I called the Store in TN and the Manger was very helpful and decided to go ahead and replace it since CORPORATE could not find the ring nor return phone calls. The manager needs to be fired! The replacement I received today I took to the jewerler and was told it has a huge CARBON DEPOSIT and basically is worth nothing. I paid over $400+ dollars for the ring. What is this tells me is your company is selling crap! I am very upset with your company and will be filling a complaint with the BBB. I will also be posting negative feedback on all web sites. If this is the example of how you do business you need to be closed down. I hope you enjoy the $400+ dollars you received from me it will be the last.
A  8th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I just put an order in to get my 14ct white gold ring rhodium dipped when I got my ring back my diamond was chipped & they buffed out all of the ingraveings inside my ring... when I brought it to their attention they acted like they were blind to the fact that they totally messed my ring up! So now I'm trying to see a way to resolve this issue!
A  5th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
I bought a bracelet for the my son's 26th birthday on February 25, 2 012. The salesman offered me the insurance in case something happen to the bracelet, they will replace it or repair it for me this was great so I paid for it. The total price tor the bracelet $113.40...last month my son came that the clasp the bracelet was broken. I went to the store and the sales lady said since I have bought the insurance they will replace it. A week after I received a call from the store, the bracelet was there and ready to pick it up. I went to the store to find out that it was a different bracelet from mine and the salesperson asked me if I have another bracelet because the item number does not match with the bracelet I had. I said that was the bracelet the sales person sold me at that time and is is the receipt they gave me at that time. She said that the cost for the bracelet I got was more or less 50 dollars and the item number does not match with the bracelet I had...her question..."ARE YOU SURE YOU DONT HAVE ANOTHER BRACELET AT HOME?...I answer LOOK THIS IS THE BRACELET YOUR SALESPERSON SOLD ME, THIS THE RECEIPT WITH THE ITEM NUMBER, SHE SAID...YEAH BUT THE ITEM NUMBER DOES NOT MATCH THE BRACELET AND NOW THE ONLY THING WE CAN DO IS TO SEND THE BRACELET BACK...BUT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE REPAIR...I WAS RIPPED OFF. ULTRA DIAMONDS SOLD ME A BRACELET THAT IT WAS CHEAPER FOR AN EXPENSIVE PRICE ...Is this the way they treat customers... I NEVER GO BACK ...I would like to do something so they won't continue committing fraud with customers.

A  20th of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
Horrible customer service, terrible cells representatives. They make you waste your time they go back on their word. not honest they sell you jewelry and once you pick up they change the price!! beware, if you walk into their store and purchased anything from them because when you go pick it up they WILL change the price!!! And other employees are aware that this is going on!! Texas store
N  28th of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
Is it OK now that they have been taken over by Kay jewelers?

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