Ultimate Vacation Club / Wrongful information given under false pretence

1 Unlimited Vacation Club, c/o GBS 9450 Sunset Drive Miami, Florida ZIP. 33173 FAX (786) 441-2146, United States
Contact information:

Wrongful information given under false pretence that we would be entitled to stay at that resort for free at any time after our payment plan was finished.

Also found out earlier on that we had unkowingly signed up for a timeshare deal, which we had said we did not want to be involved with. We asked if it was a timeshare and was told no. Later found out that RCI was a Timeshare company.

We cancelled this but continued making monthly payments under the impression that the aforementioned (in paragraph 1) was the truth.

In discussion today, I have realised that this is not the case as I will have to pay to stay there after my payment plan has been completed.

If feel insulted and conned and in this day and age i feel that honesty is the best policy rather than trying to lure people in by being dishonest with the sale of products.

May 10, 2017

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