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Ultimate car Deals / CashOnlyAuto.Com / Ripped off

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Well I wouldn't believe much of anything Ultimate car Deals / CashOnlyAuto.Com has to say they completely RIPPED me off with a Land Rover I bought from them. The vechicle needed a complete Transmission overhaul that I had to relpace costing over $4300. Had bad airbags, leaking radiator, brake master cylinder, let me finish the rest in a list.
1)Transmission overhaul
2)Brake master cylinder
3)Bad Radiator
4)Bad battery cables
5)Bad airbags suspension(with missing compressor)
6)Vechicle had been previously involved in a wreck and the bumper had loose pins holding it in place instead of bolts holding it in place.
7)Vechicle alarm did not work nor NONE of the door locks
8)Needed all new hoses and Belt

What a Headache ..

They would not let me have the vechicle inspected and READ THE FINE PRINT in the so called WARRANTY...I learned a HUGE LESSON But It cost me BIG BUYER BEWARE !!!

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      12th of Oct, 2009
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    Used Car Dealer FRAUD - Scams victims out of deposit and charges about $400 for a bogus 90 day warranty.

    I want to see the owner/president behind bars. He is a criminal. This dealer has been ripping people off for over 5 years. Pompano Police Department frequently goes to this establishment but can't do anything as this dealer steals cash deposits under false pretenses, hiding behind a "non refundable deposit slip" that cannot be legal as it does not fully disclose all the terms of the purchase contract. Some people have submitted complaints to the BBB. Others just post warnings to others online. I am appalled he can steal cash deposits from people and get away with it.

    The company tricks people into signing a non-refundable deposit by lying and saying the money can be used towards another vehicle if the vehicle is a lemon - then changes story to say that if the engine is good and the transmission is good - then victim is forced to buy vehicle though they hand you a document stating they would not force you to buy a lemon.

    Date of Transaction: 9/30/2009 - Went to this "Wholesale" used car dealer who promised 90 day warranty and risk free 3 day inspection period. Gave $1, 000 Deposit for vehicle in order to have the right to inspect/test drive as the vehicles are parked very close together in a small area. Signed 1K non refundable deposit with the understanding I could use it as a credit towards another vehicle (I had seen two other alternatives so I thought it was safe). Victims are not allowed to test drive or inspect until cash deposit is given. Dealer added $280 for tag & title fees although I just needed a replacement tag (was in the Army).

    Dealer also added amost $400 for the bogus 90 day Warranty which would not take effect because INDS/WARRANTY DIRECT does not cover vehicles with over 150, 000 miles. I have a document to prove this. Date Problem Started: 10/2/2009 - vehicle did not pass mechanical inspection - would require too much money in mechanical repairs, money I did not have as I wiped out my bank accounts to pay $3800 for a vehicle that was priced at $2911 because of all the additional fees. Dealer would not provide quote on cosmetic repairs and would not provide warranty information until I paid for the lemon in full. They also took my deposit slip and would not give it back though I asked for it twice. I had to contact th e Pompano Police because of the intimidation tactics used by this dealer, Zachary Kessler is the name used - most likely fake. I finally got the deposit slip back when the police officers were present. Zachary Kessler refused to let me choose another vehicle, said it would open him up to discrimination lawsuits. He posted on an online forum that he has offerred that option to other customers. He also tried to charge me another $100 for rescheduling the Title company when I tried to reschedule for another day.

    I have a PDF file showing everyting wrong with the car. I also have a picture of the windshield showing his ad that it only needed $350 in cosmetic repairs. This vehicle needs a lot more than that to be drivable - I'm talking mechanical and extensive body work.

    Amount in Dispute: $1000.00 Invoice Number: none - paid CASH DEPOSIT so this individual is getting rich by stealing from people and not even reporting a red cent to the IRS and Florida Dept of Revenue. Complaint Type: Selling Practices, FRAUD, Warranty Fraud & Discrimination (dealer abuses mostly single women, disabled, minorities)

    Product or Service: Dealership Sells Used Vehicle they knows is a total money pit. Suspect presented vehicle as mechanically good, just cosmetic issues that would cost $350 to repair in house. I had contacted the dealership via email and advised I needed reliable transportation to get to job interviews - he knowingly misled me to beleive I was making a great investment. 90 day Warranty they offer is bogus, the vehicle in question had over 150K miles - warranty company confirmed they would not cover repairs on the 2000 Toyota Solara I put a down payment on of 1k. Dealer Pressures customers to put $ down on lemon. cant back out or consumer loses refund. Dealer led me to believe I could choose another vehicle if the one I picked was not mechanically sound - he reneged in front of the police officers I called although his company even posted they have allowed other customers to use their down payment towards another vehicle if the one they chose did not pass a mechanical inspection. I am livid. I was just medically discharged 2 weeks ago by the US Army. I was looking for an affordable car for work/school, found this place online. They offerred a 3 month warranty. I was also told I had 3 days to inspect and test drive the vehicle, but only after a deposit of 1K was given. I was told the vehicle only needed $350 in body work repairs that would be done by them –I had a photo of the ad on window. I told him I didn’t care about cosmetics . Before I got there, I had sent numerous email messages stating I needed a reliable car and could not afford expensive repairs. I told Mr. Kessler the same thing before I said I wanted that vehicle. Kessler never gave me a written quote for repairs after I gave them the deposit –then he started changing the story. I had sent them email messages asking about the quote, asking about the warranty the day before I went with a mechanic. The mechanic found so many things wrong with the vehicle, it was a total lemon.

    I have a PDF fil e of the report and pictures of everything wrong with the car. It would cost way too much to repair. To purchase this car, I was just about to wipe out my bank account because on top of the car's price, Zachary Kessler added $300 dealer fees, $400 for the warranty which like I said is bogus because I called the company and they don't insure vehicles with over 150K, and he also charged about 250+ in title and tag fees although I already had a tag and just needed a replacement tag / for the metal. When I told them I was not buying the car, I wanted to check out the other 2 cars I was interested in they just kept my deposit because refunds are "against company policy". I called the police because they even took my deposit slip when I got there & didn't return it. I have the slip because police officers were present when I asked for it. Resolution Sought: I NEED my $1K back. Otherwise, I will take it to court and will request tripple damages plus legal fees. I will not rest until I close them down if they keep my$$.

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      15th of Aug, 2010
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    can't we join forces and put him behind bars... how dare bill mccollum run for governor when he can't even keep these kind of crooks out of florida... my son lost $4800 of the money I lent him to buy a car... zachary kessler deserves the same punishment that bernie madoff got as the money he takes from little people is comparable to what madoff took from the rich.

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