Ulf Waldvogelcar battery

U Nov 17, 2017

I bought a car battery about 2 years ago at the Sams Club on Mesa Street in El Paso/Texas. It started failing 3 times in the past 30 days and the problem was checked out by a local repair shop. I went to Sams to replace the battery (has 3 years warranty) and was asked for my membership card. I (and 4 friends of ours) have not renewed our membership in case you want to know why let me know. I was told that they could not change the battery under warranty because I had no membership card anymore.I told them that the warranty was given by the manufacturers and not Sams but they refused to honor the warranty. I asked to talk to the GM but he was busy and another person came. After 2h20min they changed the battery. I was treated in a negative way like never before in my life even my wife told me to forget the warranty and buy another one in a different store.
The new battery was limited to a 6 month warranty and I had to sign that the favor to honor the warranty was given only once. That morning in your store was something that I never can forget and my friends and neighbors hat a hard time to believe it.

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