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UKFakeID.com / Fake website - ID never sent

United Kingdom Review updated:
This website needs to be shut down as they are advertising fake uk Driving licenses but it is all a big scam... Identity theft is what it is. A week ago I paid them £42.00 for a fake driving license which I was gonna use as a joke on someone... They sent you an email with a reference number... You are told to send money via western union to a man called Nedialka Halatcheva in sofia, Bulgaria. He advises you that when payment has been received, the id will be made overnight and he will send an email to confirm that the id has been posted... I have not received no emails back from this loser... He is probably now using my identity for illegal purposes... The website is linked to other sites, forums and chatrooms that advertise ukfakeid as the best online fake id site... Be careful as all these websites are in fact run by the same people and are linked together to deceive you... His other sites are underground-review.com, Efakeid.com, Noveltyidsite.com, fakeidmakers.com, CanadaScam, Fakeidnews.com, Identity-solution.com, Silvatek.co, Myoids.com, 21overnight.com...

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  15th of Jan, 2007
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I searched for this company's domain name ( www.ukfake.com) through WHOIS. they are registered and this is there details if you have been ripped off like me... if this is the address than someone out there needs to investigates and get the ### sent to prison....


Vassilis Balodimos (webmaster@ukfakeid.com)
54 Kapodistrou Str
Vathis Square
Tel. 030.2105245506

Creation Date: 12-Aug-2005
Expiration Date: 12-Aug-2008

Domain servers in listed order:
  12th of Feb, 2007
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I too was scammed by www.ukfakeid.com although I was told to make the payment to a guy in Cyprus. Along with my money, this guy now has my name and address. Is this scam website just being used to scam me out of £41, or are there reports that he has been using peoples details for fraud? Any advice?
  24th of Feb, 2007
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I have just seen your postings on https://www.complaintsboard.com regarding the scam with ukfakeid.com. I have recently just realized that I could have been involved in a scam with this same person. I too had to send money via Western Union to a man called Marios Konstantinou in Cyprus. I have not heard anything back from him and Western Union have reported that my money was picked up.

I am very worried that this is an identity theft scam as the person now has my name and address, as well as robbery of my money. I would like to know whether anyone has heard anything from the person since your posting on https://www.complaintsboard.com and whether you have any good advice regarding this matter.
  25th of Feb, 2007
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Yeh, i ordered mine yesterday and the money has been picked up. i hope it comes, but i am unsure. I should have checked this site out sooner =( im down £41 and he knows my details too, its that marios guy as well. I feel like ### =(

These guys should be put in jail.
  28th of Feb, 2007
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This guy has scammed me as well, he is probably using our information as identity theft. The funny thing is my nationality is Cypriot but live in London. Cant believe been ripped off by a fellow citizen. He should be banged up.
  1st of Mar, 2007
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Yes old marios seems to be getting a lot of money from people such as us - huh? If anyone can find out his contact details please let me know!
  7th of Mar, 2007
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I have done my research and I have found his Dads telephone number its - 0035 725368683 or 0035725368950
Good Luck! I called him and told him what I thought of his son, he acts all innocent but hes a crook!
  8th of Mar, 2007
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I too was scammed by this crook in Cyprus. His name was Marios Konstantinou. How can we do something to stop/get revenge on this cheeky swine?
  10th of Mar, 2007
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I got ripped off recently there by big Marios on ukfakeid.com, and like the rest of you guys, i would also like revenge. Any hackers among you who can shut the site down?
  11th of Mar, 2007
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I paid 42.00 pounds to novelty product never received any emails or the product its bull ### its rip off dont trust them cheaters dont even think about ordering from them.
  12th of Mar, 2007
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Wat a ### eh, Old Marios has made £66, plus transfer charges, out of me and two of my mates and never did i get a reply. Got a big family though including a law graduate and an internet infrastructure modifier plus thanks to Jenny iv got the ###s phone number so lets see what we can do!
  12th of Mar, 2007
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Same happened to me :( Wanker should have done my research first i think.
  13th of Mar, 2007
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Yipeeeeee the ### have been caught !!!
  14th of Mar, 2007
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Well if i read this site i would have not sent any money! But their will be hundred more people who have sent money. We all have been scammed. So what can we do to recover or try to get our product. If he is still out there and has got equipment why not send the id cards out. Sign of good faith.
  15th of Mar, 2007
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Has anyone got anything yet?
  30th of Mar, 2007
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Hi guys! I also have been 'stung' by this thief! Just to let you all know he will NOT be able to receive anymore payments via Western Union. I have called Western Union and reported him. I have spoken to the legal department and they have all his details to enable a block on him! Victory at last! We will not be able to get our money back, but to know that he will not be able to rob anyone else is such a relief! Best Wishes to you all!
  30th of Mar, 2007
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I was going to send my money to him but when i rung western union they warned me not to. I knew it was 2 good 2 be true offering fake drivers licenses.
  18th of Apr, 2007
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Well, I haven't been scammed but whilst looking for ID I found this site, looked abit dodgey with bad close ups on cards (not optional cards ) etc ... So don't think I will be giving him my £41!
  24th of Apr, 2007
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If you look on google the driving licenses are in google pictures, so the lazy ### aint even put the website together all that well. I didnt get scammed by this man because i was warned by western union when i went to send the money. Thanks guys you saved me £30.

  26th of Apr, 2007
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UKFakeID.com - Total scam website!
United States

Do not use UKFakeID.com it is a TOTAL SCAM the products look very real and they will send you a email and give you details of the person 2 send the money to in mine was MARIOS IN CYPRUS??? They got $80 out of me and have sent NOTHING SITE IS A COMPLETE SCAM DO NOT USE THIS SITE!

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