UHC Dual Complete / non payment of bills.

1 Camas,Wa., United States

I joined uhc dual complete on 3/1/2018. I was told that my pcp was in network. My bills on 3/12/2018 & 6/7/2018 we're both paid but I understand there are 8 dates that aren't paid due to being out of network. I was just notified of this!
I am enclosing a photo that I took yesterday that shows my provider is in network. I don't understand why some were paid & some not. When I talked to the supervisor if I explained one thing she would change her reason as why I wasn't covered.
I would appreciate if you could help me with this asap asmy pcp's office will no longer let me be seen until this us resolved.
I would never have signed up if my provider wasn't in network but I was told several times they were. And as you can see your link that I signed into says the same thing.
I'm in disability & very low income & can't afford what they say I owe... That's why i'm on dual complete.


Vicky califf
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UHC Dual Complete

Oct 24, 2018

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