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Ugg Australia boots from are one of my favorite kinds of shoes. These are the expensive (over $100) boots that came into popularity about two years ago when Hollywood celebrities took notice of the comfortable boots. Uggs have been around for a lot longer than just a few years however; they have been worn by surfers for a very long time.

Although Uggs on first were used by surfers, they have now become popular for everyday wear. Uggs are extremely comfortable. The entire boot is very flexible, and bends to move with your foot. The boot is also lined completely with sheep wool which keeps your feet very warm and comfortable. Uggs come in a variety of different styles, although the classic boot is definitely still the most popular. The company also makes slippers, clogs, flip flops, etc. now.

Uggs at became very stylish about 2 years ago when they began showing up on celebrities. Although Uggs are only popular with girls in the general population, I have noticed that Uggs are also popular with guys in beach towns. Uggs come in a variety of different colors ranging from black to pastels. Their comfort and the fact that they keep your feet extremely warm in the winter has probably added to their popularity.

Although Uggs in are not said to be in style anymore, plenty of people still wear them. I doubt the boots will ever fade completely from popularity due to the fact that they are extremely comfortable, as well as practical to wear in the cold. The many different types of shoes offered by the Ugg company will also likely continue to grow in popularity, as they usually come out with a new line seasonally.

I would highly recommend Ugg Boots. I think that Uggs look great on both guys and girls. Children, in particular, look super cute in Uggs sale at Also, the soft and comfortable boots are extremely durable and will hold up to rough children’s play. I would recommend buying one size smaller than you usually buy due to the fact that the boots are cut rather large. Although you can buy protectant, I have found that my Uggs have naturally stood up to the elements. In fact, I have had one of my pairs of Uggs for 4 years. I consider them well-worth the monetary investment, considering I wore them almost every winter day in college. The Ugg Website online is a good staring point, if you are interested in these boots!

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  • Ug
      2nd of Dec, 2010
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    These are some really good boots, they keep your feet warm during the Winter, and they’re really stylish! Even though they’re over-saturated in the NY area, you see all of the kids, teens, and young adults wear Ugg boots in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, so they’ve been kind of hyped up too much for the past couple of years, that no one really thinks of them as a big deal. I bought my first pair of Uggs in 2008, in the classic chesnut color, and I purchased it at Nordstroms. It cost me like $140.00, but at the time I didn’t think of it as a lot of money, considering the fact that I didn’t have money budgets back then. So I bought it, and there were only a few of my friends that I knew that had them, so I knew it would be something a bit exclusive for a while, until it started going more mainstream. I know that a lot of celebrities would wear Ugg boots, with a pair of leggings, a long tank top, and a pair of over sized sunglasses. It was just the craze years ago! I loved the
    fact that these boots could be worn with a number of outfits also.

    First off let me review the feeling of these boots. Well when you first step your feet into them, it’s a warm sheep skin material, and it feels real comfortable and soft. Within minutes of wearing them, your feet feel super warm and toasty! I have never owned any boots or shoes that kept my feet so warm like Ugg Boots, none can compare to these! Some don’t wear socks with these, because it might be too toasty, that they’re feet are sweating inside these boots. I always wear socks, I usually put on light socks that come up to my ankles. They feel so great on your feet, sometimes you just don’t want to take them off! That’s how good they feel on your feet. Sometimes I see girls wearing these boots with a pair of shorts late winter or late fall, I can never understand it, maybe it warms up their legs too? I myself have never tried that, and I don’t plan on doing that. These boots are not meant for warm weather, I’m sure then your feet will be sweating like no other. I only use mine
    during the Winter time, Late Fall. Oh and I do need to add, do not let these boots get wet! If you do they will be ruined, and you will have to dispense money for a new pair. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of my friends’ pair of Uggs get ruined by snow, and rain. Be careful with these!

    Overall, Ugg Australia Classic Chesnut Boots are pretty cool, they last real long if you take care of them properly, and they leave your feet feeling warm and toasty for the harsh Winters. I love my pair of Ugg boots, I plan on purchasing more newer styles soon! No others can compare!

  • Br
      19th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes - Taken money with fake traking number
    United States

    Rather stupidly after being conned once by another online ugg boot seller i went back on line to look for a uk based company and found these people i ordered the boots payment was taken then a couple of days later i recieved an email saying that my order had been procesed and that the good had been sent and it gave me a dhl traking number i left it that for a week and have just tried to track my goods but to no avail the tracking number does not exist with dhl so once again i will now have to try and go to a shop to get my wifes christmas preasants these people need to be stopped they are making what is already a hard christmas for a lot of people even harder i am just so gutted that i fell for this scam oh the name of the other company is they took me for around £70 and i paid through visa master pay or so i thought thes people are the lowest of the low !

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