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Clumsy attempt to throw a site together and hope it looks authentic, which it doesn't, not even remotely. They can't even get the name right - is this or or It all depends on what page you're on.

Several of the photographs are of obvious fakes, they couldn't even be bothered to steal better images from an authorized site. Other silliness includes ridiculous numbers of "guests" and "members" online - about a thousand of them when I was there - plus helpful links to other counterfeit sites, a discount voucher obviously pinched from somewhere else, and which expired last year anyway, two stats counters for two different websites on the same page - they're counting visitors to both sites on both sites, duh ... and the helpful advice:

"If you are in between sizes it is recommended by the manufacturer that you size down to the next whole size. (For example: If you wear a size 8, you should order a size 8.)"


"Please allow 7-9 business days for delivery of your hands."

and it winds up with

"Thank you for your corperation"

The Smithfield, NC telephone number is also the one for,,, and, so it must be a real hotbed of activity over there. It looks a placid sort of place on Google Maps, but I guess you never know a place until you live there. I'm tempted to phone the number, but if it's genuine they're probably sick of getting people wanting to return their $30 Jimmy Choos with the broken heels.

The public record shows the site registrant's address to be in Southall, Middlesex, China, which must come as a surprise to the people of Southall, who don't live in Middlesex and definitely aren't Chinese. Well, only a small number of them, anyway.

This is an obvious Chinese scam, if you were still in any doubt, and needless to say, you do not want to buy anything from here.


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