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1 Ireland


My Name is Julie O'Brien. Firstly I want to say I Love Your Ugg Boots so much I have 2 Pairs.
In October of 2009 I ordered a pair of infant uggs and two pairs of adult slippers from a site I
Took to be UGG Australia in plenty of time to have them for Christmas.However When I got
them Knew They Werent The Real thing as I have Uggs of my own, not only were they not UGG
products but badly "Put Together" Fakes, And the Glue even came undone once they were worn from the End
Of December.This has caused me great Embarrasment and when I contacted the Company By Email all
I got was NO SATISFACTION saying they would not under any Circumstances Refund My Money, so I could Buy
the Real Product. Their Company Email is : [protected] after That I ordered two ladies Slippers
from Ugg and they were perfect. I Dont think this so called UGG supplier should be allowed to Catch People like me and rip us off.I am still very very angry about it and have nowhere to go to complain.

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