UEFA EURO 2012 / Are the lottery prizes real?

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I have been informed that I have won 300, 000 euros in a UEFA 2012 lottery. To receive this money I am required to forward approximately $20, 000 to Edith Lubin at UEFA at 34 Bond Street London.
Is this a scam?

I look forward to your response
John Orr

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  • De
      28th of Feb, 2013

    i was just informed the my mobile no has won the UEFA lottery of the amount of 1.5Mil ZAR ticket no X60/GP/UK

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  • Lo
      8th of Apr, 2013

    I received a message stating that I have won the Eufa lottery 1, 5M. I phoned and actually spoke to a man called Benjamin from the UK bank and he told me that I should pay 800 pound to get the money that I won after speaking with him he told me to phone Pamela Herman so that she could explain to me how much 800pound would be in rand I just want to know is this real or are these people trying to scam me

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  • Be
      8th of Apr, 2013

    Tell them to take that money out of your winnings and see how quickly they change their tune. There is NO Lottery. They are trying to scam you.

    If you didn't enter the lottery, how could you win it? They are trying to scam your info and your money. DO NOT REPLY to any of them. REPORT them to the police.

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  • Ca
      15th of Apr, 2015

    I just revived a message telling me that i have won 2 million from UEFA/AFCON, and they gave me the hell number to call with ref Number, i called the guy they said i should call, and he directed me to their admin, he even sent it back to me via text messages. i called the admin and no one picked up. i called the guy again and told him that no one is answering me, he said they are a very busy organization i should call about 9;30. i haven't call yet, but is this a scam or what? where do they get our numbers this people? i never gave my number to anyone. i actually just got my number, no one has it, even my family doesn't have it. how the hell do they do this?

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  • Fb
      16th of Apr, 2015


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