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I buy and sale cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the top performers. I screen my clients as best as possible. Skrill has seized my accounts that I do transactions with as buyers and sellers on various websites that I do business on. Skrill without even asking for all my records of transactions has not only closed my accounts with them but has reported my transactions as fraud to all the companies that I have done business with. This is like my web hosting company several my exchange companies. the list goes on. I am not incorporated yet so I am about to lose everything. I have lost 35 clients and the number is growing. Their customer service has called me a crook lied to me and has hung up on me more times than I can count. I am starting a complaint with the federal government and the more people that get involved will be the better. This is where I will start I am in touch with a rebel lawyer who is known for taking on the system. I have created an email if you wish to get involved and the blog will be next. Email me at [protected] I don't know what else to do. LETS ALL STAND TOGETHER AND GET WHAT WE ARE OWED. They have ruined a 3, 000 dollar a day company. I was only in business for two weeks and I have a long list of customers that all have given me positive feed back. I am a great salesman and not a crook. I will turn in every trans action that I have made but Skrill doesn't even want to see them. I am responsible for catching and reporting over 5 cases of fraud in just the two weeks I was in business. I was on their team. I do not like the dirty name the altcoin currency has but I do believe in the future.

Jun 10, 2017

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