UBI Payment Services / I did not receive my $5,000.oo check.

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I received a letter from UBI Payment Services, stating that I will receive $5, 000.00 if I return the release form and complete the contest requirments. This was back in late February and we're in the middle of April, and I still have not received my money! So, I did a search on the net to find the company to ask them what happened to my $5, 000.00! To my surprise I found that people have been scamed by this so called company! It was a real heart breaker because I've been suffering financially because of the recession the U.S.A. is experiencing, and the money would have come in handy. I personally would like to find accountant Joe Ryan if that really is his name? And sue him for fraud.

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  • Wh
      May 06, 2009

    I have recived the same letter and have not recived anything either and i have nothing seriously and it really breaks my heart to the extream i even promised people that i could finaly pay thenm back. I got an e-mail the other day and it said i had won $1, 000, 000.00 on an e-mail lotto raffle ticket and all i had to do was send them the infomation back of my agent and the winning code and the e-mail came back fake im like why must people play with peoples feelings like that. you neer know where people are in there lives so you shouldent play games like that especialy with people you dont know.

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  • Cy
      Feb 19, 2010

    To: Hector
    Hi! I just receive the same letter by 2/19/10.
    If U did not pay for a lottery so how U can win some real money and have a HOPE to real get them?!
    I'm very doubt that U will find a person named "accountant Joe Ryan" especially if they "company" in Australia...
    But it IS very good to have opportunity to check it out at some Forum anyway. So, my VERY thank to the site Administrator and to all of you, people.
    Best regards, Fedor

    P.S. People! If U need money simply try to cut your expenses were possible. Consider you financing and expenses more than once a year. My first 4 years in the USA were terrible. My family of 3 was lived for $16-20.000 per year with rent $9.500 and car insurance $3.000 and this is expensive NY. But I newer had deep credit card debt, used them but paid in time (if not than I paid $15-25 finance charge and that driven me crease…). Now the situation is different- I got city job but I have experience to spend much less money than 80% of all of you. Now a credit card pays ME for using THEY money (about $300-400 per year). I personally know some people whom had a millions of $$ but now they R in miserable positions.., some of them even borrowed money from me.

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