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u ship in Washington / shipments

1 WA, United States

alot of pets on this web site are not where located! they will tell you they ship the animal the pet is free, that they will only charge you shipping..and its low! beware! the carrier will call you and tell you they want LIFE insurance on the animal. $500!! to wire the money western union! IF you call the place he says hes from you will get a message saying its a scam that no pet will be delivered!! if you dont call it continues!! they will try get you for abandonment if you dont pay!! the owners say they just got transfered to this state because of their jobs and its too hard on the pups.usually they have 2 of them left a boy an girl!! when they supposevily ship the pet, they will call again saying the crate is not big enough that they need a ventulated climate controlled crate that the one there in has animal waste in and and to secure their health these crates they want between 600-1000 dollars for..but dont worry the owner will pay hal[censored] and everything you spend will be refunded!!in a brown envelope when they bring your pet to your door..someone else will leave feed back on the website saying they arrived safely that all went well and thank you for a great job..yet you had not received your pet yet!! if you inquire they will say ohh..tomorrow nite at 11PM or later!! and its over 8hours from the time you asked!! even though its should be in your state already!!
the place you are to send money to is in victoria limbe and its in cameroon and they want you to tell the cashier its money to a fried so password is to who and answer is friend and if you sent the money..when they ask for the larger amt the words are sucured arrival..DONT FALL FOR THIS ITS A BIG SCAM>>JUST LOOK AT THE NAME AND REMEMBER FROM 911 the LAST NAME of the person that had to do with what had occured back then..bewaee its abig scam!!! and they will always be calling you until they get enough money and then they say nothing at all!!! I got scammed for almost 800BUCKS!!!

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