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My husband and I rented a truck at the atlantic storage facility on shad road in jacksonville, florida. The woman's name was debbie that took our information. I just logged into my bank account today to see what the exact charges were. She drained my account! Over $5,000 in my account and it's all gone! The police are on the way to my house now so I can file a police report. Hopefully she will be arrested today. My bank was nice enough to contact the owner of the storage facility (He's from iran) and he didn't understand a word that they were telling him. My poor bank gave up trying to explain the situation and just told me to contact the police myself and they will credit my account back. No doubt the woman is no longer working there. What a complete disaster! As if there aren't enough bad comments on here about u-haul, you can add this one to the most extreme!


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  • Sb
      May 20, 2008

    I also had near run-in with a U-haul in Lansing, Mi. I rented a truck to pick up lawn equipment which took only about a hour, and I then returned the truck in excellent condition with the gas more than replaced in the tank. I did the walk-around when I first rented the truck, and it was pristine; not a mark or dent anyplace on it that can be seen with the naked eye. It would take a magnifying glass to see any blemish.
    When I returned the truck, a guy went out to check it's condition and claimed he found a dent. I said that this can't be. He asked the girl that checked me in if the truck had any small dents or blemishes. Fortuanately, she admitted that there was very small dent someplace on the door (that I couln't see), so I didn't get charged for this minute blemish, fortunately. It's a good thing, because I was on my way to see my lawyer if they tried to pull this crap on me.
    The point is, they were going to try to pull scam, and I think they saw that I was going to fight back and give them more trouble than they wanted to handle.
    I suspect that any one who rents cars or trucks needs to take a camera with them and take photos of the rental as proof that the rental was OK when you took it out.
    Watch this company as I can see that they do pull this game on people. I guess I was lucky that day not to have been screwed by them.
    I will never rent from U-Haul again. Sorry, idiots, but you just lost another, potential, regular customer!

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  • Bu
      Sep 26, 2009

    Natalie, so the only company that potentially has a thief working for them is U Haul?? There are alot of people that get credit card information and probably use it for their own use. Don't just single out U Haul.
    S. Barringer, the employee was just doing his job. He saw a dent that was not marked on your tag. That's what they are supposed to look for. Obviously, you need to look harder when you rent a car/truck to see dents and mark them on your tag.
    They were trying to pull a scam?? No, they were doing there job. You know the white peice of paper that is given to you? That's a binding contract. Everything is spelled out in there. Milage, due date and time, damage, etc. You weren't going to give them more trouble than they could handle.

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  • St
      Jun 03, 2016
    U-Haul - I will never rent from UHaul again
    United States

    I will never rent from UHaul again. If I need a trailer, I will buy one and sell when I am done. The last time I reserved a truck, I got a phone call on the day of my move. I had to drive 40 miles to pick one up, even though there was a dealer in town. The truck broke down.

    I was left at a fleabag hotel. It was 9:00 pm the next day before the truck was fixed. After I got back on the road, I was pulled over because the tail lights on the UHaul trailer were not working. Before I returned the truck, the brakes and power steering were beginning to fail. I was not fully reimbursed for the hotel room.

    They will only pay $50. Never mind the fact that they chose the hotel. Then I was charged for extra miles that I would not have driven if the piece of junk had not been towed 40 miles in the wrong direction. If that was not bad enough, the uhaul employee said, “Of course these trucks break down. Renters don’t treat them very well.”

    In other word, it was my fault. Then, when I complained, I was offered $100 worth of uhaul junk. The breakdown would not have been so bad, if I had not been treated so badly.

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