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TXU Energy / TXU is one utility to stay way far away from!

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I started service with TXU Energy and sent in the proper paperwork the proper way to get my $50 credit for new service. I was told it would be applied after 1 months service. I spent 2 months calling them and trying to determine when my credit would be applied. I was told the following month and then they couldn't find my paperwork I sent in for the credit. I had to call back more than once because I could not understand the person who was "helping" me.

I finally canceled my service and went back with Reliant. I got my final bill and called to have the $50 credit applied before I paid it. The customer "service"? person did nothing to help me nor did the manager on duty. The conversation with each of them started out with "did you send in the credit request form" and that is all I have heard these past few months.

To make a long story short, the "manager" said (after putting me on "ignore" for 15 minutes) that they would likely not credit my account since I had canceled service. I told him that them not crediting me was WHY I canceled!!!

It was like talking to a brick wall. He submitted a search for the form I sent in (the one that they said they had received and then couldn't find) but even if they found it I would likely not get the credit since I had canceled.

TXU is one utility to stay WAY FAR AWAY FROM!!

Does anyone have any idea how to get results? I have told them I won't pay the bill till the credit is applied. I have thought about sending them $10 a month which will take over 2 years to pay the account off. Can I legally do this???

Thanks in advance,

Houston, TX.

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  • St
      14th of May, 2007
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    Ive been going back and forth with this company since I switched from Reliant Energy back in February. My first electric bill from Jan. 5th 2007 - Feb. 5th 2007 was $430.16. My usual electric bill averages around $200-$250.

    I have been told every excuse in the book. It's useless to keep fighting so I'll just bad mouth their name every chance I get and when my time is over with them I'll switch back to Reliant. I disputed with them back in February and then waited until now to complain again . My bills since then when I initially argued with them have been in the $200 - $225.

    That's still not enough to warrant any kind of a credit back to my account. Just keep bad mouthing their name and I'll do the same.

    Signed ,
    Another unhappy TXU "customer"

  • Sy
      29th of Jul, 2007
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    EXTREMELY unhappy with TXU... how do i even begin to describe this company. I have seen company's set some bad standards, but guys if you have not dealt with TXU yet you haven't seen anything. Lets start with customer service, they have a bunch of dumb CSR's answering phones calls and are clueless, they make promises left and right just to get you off the phone, when you call back neither their supervisor NOT EVEN THE DIRECTOR knows what the heck is going on... They had a system glitch that caused the internet payment to not to post in system, therefore even before my bill was 30 days late they disconnected my electricity, i called the same afternoon by 12's and paid the bill and also a priority fee to have my electricity switched back on, i was given every assurance in the world that no matter what the power will be restored by midnight. It has been two days and nothing has been done as of now. I called TXU back they blamed the problem on Center Point Energy, when i called Center Point they said that its TXU's system thats messed up and its not only me but other customers are also mad at them, a supervisor from Center Point actually contacted TXU but again as usual NOTHING was done. I spoke with a Manager at TXU the guy said i am sending a priority connection notice right now and it should be there within 30 mins, i called Center Point and they said it takes up to 4-6 hrs to get that order and that he is lying, I called TXU MANAGER back at the phone number he gave (HE HAD CONFIRMED THAT NUMBER TO ME 3 TIMES) and as you have already guessed the number was incorrect, However then called the regular # and this time i spoke with a SO CALLED DIRECTOR who said the manager put in his notes that the electricity should be turned on by Monday (3 days after) and he called Center Point and they have no much work that they cannot do the reconnection; the so called director said the Priority fee was incorrect and it would be a refund and there is nothing she can do even if it is a system glitch and that the supervisor whom i spoke with cannot be brought on the phone, she was extremely rude, just simply didn't care. I have not come across another company with such heartless people. I called Center Point and they laughed at this and said if TXU can get a order to us we would reconnected your service even on a SUNDAY. During this entire process i spoke with 9 CSR;s with 9 different stories. One of them refused to transfer me to a supervisor, the exacts words were (I CANT TRANSFER YOU TO A SUPERVISOR JUST BECAUSE OF THIS) by this time i had lost it and blew off on her, i informed the csr that i have been out of electricity for two days due to TXU's fault and you are saying i cant get any help or answer and you just expect me to sit her and wait for days, she was like well there is nothing we can do... HOW DOES A COMPANY LIKE THIS SURVIVE PLEASE TELL ME...

  • Ho
      29th of Jul, 2007
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    Why phone your complaints, write a letter. Complaints in writing are always more productive. If you paid your bill on line you get whats called a confirmation number. Print the screen as the instructions tell you to do so you have proof you paid your bill.

  • An
      1st of Nov, 2007
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    I wish I had read this before I signed up with TXU. I called them for priority move-in and they told me my light will be on in 24 hours. I had hired people to work on my house and so they sat and waited the next day for the lights to come on and it never did. I called them and they said it'll be on in the next 24-48 hours. The next day I called back, they said it was scheduled to be turned on in 3 days. I was so furious I canceled and they told me it'll take 3 days to cancel and said that if the tech gets to my place before the cancellation goes through, then I'll just HAVE TO BE THEIR CUSTOMER!!! sure enough, I had to be their customer for 2 months, and I didn't even get my $25 credit. They told me I had to send in the coupon and that my account was no longer active so they can't give me the credit. I am so freaking frustrated right now. If anyone is pushing for a lawsuit, I'm in it all the way. Every single one of their employees are well trained liars.

  • Fo
      16th of Nov, 2007
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    This is how it works, I used to work at the call center where you call if you are from the Houston area. So, I cannot provide details, but I will only say that to me, there were only an approximate of 10 to 15 people that truly know what there job was/is about. I left the company after a night trying to help a customer, I was a customer care representative and this lady had no electricity and it wasn't her fault. So she is absolutely mad at me, I totally understand, I told her "I'm going to get up off my station, walk around this whole place and find someone able to find a resolution for this" and so I did. The answers i got were "tell her you're sorry" and "just let me finish my smoke, get back in, and then I'll send an email". And those were supervisors. So that might give you a good impression of the people running that call center, after that, I never showed back to work. I think it's not fair to treat people like that, plus, they promised me a promotion for approximately 2 months, and there I was... still in the front line. They tricked me just like they tricked you and your first month incentive.

  • Al
      5th of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    TXU is comprised of nothing but scam artists. They rip their customers off left and right, leave them in the lurch, then say sorry can't help you. I do not see how this is legal. Especially in the summer months in Texas, although we went without electricty for FOUR DAYS in August due to a storm knocking down power lines. And everything mentioned here about clueless, rude, incompetent, apathetic CSR/supervisors is absolutely true. They have the highest rates out there with the worst customer service but you can bet they are making money hand over fist. Crooks.

  • Ms
      27th of Jan, 2008
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    This is for Louise in Houston, Texas; I'm moving into a house and checking things out before I decide on an electric company. However, yes you can send them $10 a month and they HAVE to accept payment; if they refuse it, I believe in the State of Texas, it's considered payed in full; also, alot of people don't know this, but if you send them .10 cents on the dollar of your bill, which is 10 % of it and write "accord and satisfaction" on the back of the check, and they actually cash it - I'm pretty sure that's also considered "paid in full"; I am not an attorney and therefore nothing in this comment has any intent to be taken as legal advice; however, my suggestion is to consult w/ an attorney and ask about those options...

  • Ja
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    *General Correspondence:* TXU Energy Residential
    P.O. Box 227097
    Dallas, TX 75222-7097

    Ref. old account number 323 8942 99 3
    Gentlemen I received threatening letter from your office this morning in regards to an unjust billing
    I talked to some folks your office earlier in regards to this unjust billing..
    I didn't have to tell you again about the unjust way your folks almost forced me to sign a contract ,with promises that my energy bill would immediately go down. Well guess what the following months my energy bill was a hundred bucks higher than months the previous year for the same month, also higher then the two months prior. I paid for those two months. To make a story short, I am 78 years old ,legally blind and these sails folks made it sound so good, and I had ,had great service from the company in the past I took their word for the promised savings. I called the customer service and explained and they took me off that plan. This billing I feel is unjust and if you can not see fit to pull your claim I feel that a fraud suit might be in the making. I am not worried about you ruining my credit because mine is very good. I will not pay you this huge bill that you have sent.

    James McBride
    Temple Texas 76504 6584

  • Le
      20th of Feb, 2008
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    I too have had a horrible experience with txu, how can a bill triple in just a few months with no extra activity? My husband and I both work in Garland we leav our home at 7 am and return home between 730 and 800 every night. Our light bill went from 178.00 during the summer with a window unit that stayed on 24/7 . Now our heater is on 70 degrees and has been that way since winter started. We have NO kids at all so its just us two. and the bill is 468.00 what the H_ _ _ TXU said that all is goo with the meter and that I must not be telling the truth about no kids. According to the bill i got 4days later the reading was 87_ _ _ _ (which was on the bill) I cked had my husband check then the neighbor it was 96_ _ _ _ I freaked out called again they were not to concerned of the reading i asked for manager he said the meters ok I aked to have them send someone out to reread the meter he said "the earliest I can have someone out is March that will not work I told him he had three days (72 hrs) to check the meter and I want a call. Four days later I had to call TXU to get the results they said they were with in the readings of my bill I asked for a meter replacement they refused. How can they justify raising rates and how can they legally do so? In our case we are paying for something we dont use isnt that against the law?

  • Sa
      26th of Mar, 2008
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    I called TXU from the city I was moving from, and was told by the person who took my order that I had to pay a $300 deposit. I asked if there was a way to pay the deposit in installments. She asked me if I received any assistance, and I told her I received food stamps.

    She said that TXU would mail a form for me to fill out and that it would be in my mailbox when I arrived at my new city, and that the deposit was due in 16 days, but the form would take that long to process.

    When I arrived, there was no form in the mail, so I called TXU to find out when to expect it, and they told me that what she said was incorrect, that the deposit was due by the 25th of the month, and if I didn't pay it they would disconnect my electricity. They said the process for getting installments was automatically done when I ordered service, but that it took up to 60 days.

    I asked what good that did, and they assured me if I qualified they would discount my electric bill. I completely missed the point for this. If getting installments was to help me with the deposit, but I still had to come up with the money by the cut off date, what exactly was helpful about that?

    I could only pay $240 of the $300, as my paycheck was held up in a change of address fiasco with the post office. I called them back and told them, and they said they were going to disconnect me anyway.

    God, I hate this company, talk about leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I will be getting rid of them as soon as I can.

  • Br
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    TXU really do change things I signed a contract with them for 3 years about 9 months ago at the rate of 13.2 and now they raised it to 14.3 and when I called them they said gas has gone up, so whats the point of the contract and I tried cancelling it and they want to charge me $200. i got involved with another company called affortable energy im happy with them so far. you can sign up at at the rate of 13.8-14.1 in houston areas. man I would not recommend anybody signing with TXU

  • Co
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    TXU, where do I begin? I signed up with TXU in 2004 when I moved to Houston, because TXU was the only company I called that actually answered the phone. After having service with them for about 2 years, TXU incorrectly entered my address for a different person who signed up with Reliant to be his electric provider. When I called TXU, I was told my account had been cancelled and I'd have to call Center Point for additional details. I called Center Point and was told that my address was assigned to someone other than me, and that person was using Reliant. I called Reliant, but they had no idea what I was talking about, because I did NOT have an account with them. I called TXU back, advised them of their error and asked that my account be restored. I also asked for safeguards, passwords, something to be put in place to ensure this would not happen again. I was told: "people make mistakes." In 2007, I had a sales contract on my condo and had purchased a townhouse in Houston. I placed a transfer order with TXU. The contract on my condo fell through, so I had to cancel the contract on the townhouse, and advised TXU the need to cancel the transfer order. Well you guessed it, TXU turned off my electricity anyway. When I called and reported the power outage, the customer service representative verified that the cancellation order was in place, but for some reason she could not explain, the cutoff order was processed. I was changed an extra $42 to turn the power back on the same day. Now 1 year later, I just built a new house in the Cinco Ranch area, King Lakes specifically. Back in July, TXU advised me that permits and inspections were outstanding on my new house, and they could not change service to my name without the necessary paperwork. Fine, I notified the builder, who informed me that the permits and inspections were already in place, because the meter was installed and the house had power. I called TXU the first part of August 2008 to make sure they had all the paperwork needed and that I was ready to go. Yup, everything was fine. An account was set up and began charging me for electricity on 8/15/08 and I closed on 8/18/08. On 9/8/08 I arrived home to find no electricity. When I called TXU, I was informed that there were no permits/inspections for my house. I spoke to 4 different people, got the same answer from everybody, despite the fact they could all find the paperwork showing that a new account had been activated for me on 8/15/08. I called Center Point who shows that no inspections/permits are needed and that it received a cutoff notice from TXU on 9/9/08 because I needed to find a different service provider. Again, TXU insists that an inspection is required from the city of Katy. I called the city of Katy's inspection office, only to find that King Lakes is outside the city limits of Katy, and the city doesn't and won't perform inspections or issue permits for this neighborhood. So, how can TXU turn off power to a house that's had power for more than 2 months, based on non-existent permits and inspections, especially when Center Point's records show that no additional information is needed? Sadly, this situation pretty much sums up a great many of my customer service issues since moving to Houston.

  • Ry
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I am very sorry to hear about your trouble relating to your TXU experiences. Unfortunately, TXU doesn't seem to care about their customers and their issues. They were once a giant monopoly here in Texas, as was Reliant. But since deregulation, you have the power to choose your electric provider.

    I work for Stream Energy via Ignite (the marketing arm), a competitor to TXU and Reliant in Texas. Unlike those two companies, Stream Energy does not advertise. They rely on word of mouth referrals from their customers to spread the word about the company. I am a Director with Stream Energy, and I'm here to offer you all a solution to your energy nightmare.

    TXU charges in upwards of 13.8 cents to 16 cents for some month to month plans. The kicker is that sometimes they lock you in for a low rate, but when that rate ends, they don't tell you about it and put you on some plan for a ridiculous rate. Reliant is similar. My mother was on a low rate forever, and when she called Reliant, she found out that her contract had ended and they had rate hiked her to over 15 cents per kWh!

    Let's assume you're on a Competitor's 12 month fixed rate plan. To be generous, I've calculated an annual electrical expenditure based on a 14.0 cent, 15.0 cent and 16.0 cent plan.

    A Competitor
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $140 x 12 months = $1, 680.00
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $280 x 12 months = $3, 360.00
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $420 x 12 months = $5, 040.00
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $560 x 12 months = $6, 720.00

    B Competitor
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $150 x 12 months = $1, 800.00
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $300 x 12 months = $3, 600.00
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $450 x 12 months = $5, 400.00
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $600 x 12 months = $7, 200.00

    C Competitor
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $160 x 12 months = $1, 920
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $320 x 12 months = $3, 840
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $480 x 12 months = $5, 760
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $640 x 12 months = $7, 680

    Instead of paying those rates, how would you like to pay 12.6 cents per kilowatt hour instead? Let's run the math on this and see what it comes out to be.

    Stream Energy Fixed Rate plan @ 12.6 cents (12 months)
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 1000 kWh = $126 x 12 months = $1, 512.00
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 2000 kWh = $252 x 12 months = $3, 024.00
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 3000 kWh = $378 x 12 months = $4, 536.00
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 4000 kWh = $504 x 12 months = $6, 048.00

    As you can see, the saving are huge in comparison. You should not be forced to pay a higher rate for your electricity to fund your electric company's advertising costs.

    If you are interested in saving money with Stream Energy, please visit the following website to Enroll for Service with Stream Energy. Http://

    My name is Ryan Hadley, and when you sign up for service, I will be personally responsible for monitoring your service plan. If your rate is about to expire, I have tools that let me know when it will expire, and when that time comes, you will be made aware of the new rate after your 12 month fixed rate is completed. It is my honor to service and support you.

    If you have any questions or comments, please, do not hesitate to call me or email me regarding your electric service. I am here to help!

    Kindest Personal Regards,

    Ryan Hadley

  • Ca
      1st of May, 2009
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    In response to a promotion that came in my mail, I called TXU and agreed to switch from Reliant. I thought that Reliant's prices were too high, and there was the added incentive of a $75 Visa debit card sent to me if I signed up with TXU. That was in January 2009. In February, there was some little card that I had to mail back to verify that I had requested a switch in my electricity service provider. In March, I received a 12-page letter explaining TXU's policies. I read the entire thing. That is everything that was sent to me. During these months, I continued to receive bills from my old provider, Reliant, and saw the very same meter-reader come to my house once a month.

    Then, on May 1, 2009, I received a disconnect notice from TXU. Disconnect! I didn't know I was even connected in the first place! I called TXU immediately. The customer service person did not have any of my correct identification information, so I began to suspect that the disconnect notice was actually meant for a different customer. Wrong! TXU wanted a $300 deposit or else they were going to shut off my power. There had been no notice at all, anywhere; nobody had even mentioned to me that I MIGHT need to make a deposit. A supervisor promised that she was waiving my deposit requirement and warned me -- as if I were a naughty child -- that I would have to pay the deposit if ever I was disconnected for not paying a power pill. In the thirty years of owning houses in Houston, I have never NOT paid a power bill!

    After getting off the phone with TXU, I called Reliant and asked if I could come back, please; that I had made a huge mistake by trying to switch to TXU. The Reliant people are so nice and so helpful and so clear -- it felt like coming back home. I feel nothing but relief.

  • Pi
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    OMFG i have had nothing but troublr with this company since the day i had my service hooked up, i am a canadian who moved to texas in august of 08, i would rather be draged 8 miles from a tractor trailor then to stay with this company, the have been charging me comerically when it is crazy since i am a single mom living in a house! Every time i called them i was not on the phone with them for less then 1 hour, which blows my mind,
    im am currently on hold with them as i speak, after the just hung up on me 6 times already and now i been on hold agin for 12 min and counting.





  • Md
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    I moved from Austin (and subsequently my wonderful City of Austin Energy... :( ... ) in April. I called TXU to set up service at the end of March.

    They told me that they were going to charge me a $400 deposit, but if I had my previous utility company send in a Letter of Credit it would be waived. Austin Energy did as I asked and sent the letter of credit to TXU. TXU told me that because I wasn't a customer with Austin Energy long enough (over a year with them BTW) that the letter of credit wouldn't be sufficient, even though I had never been late on a payment (even got my deposit back from Austin Energy).

    They then told me that it could be waived if another TXU customer was willing to act as a guarantor for the account. My grandmother has been a long time TXU customer and agreed to send them in a Letter of Guarantee. The first person that I spoke to in late March told me that all was necessary was for her to write a letter with her account number, my account number, and both of our service address on it, stating that she was willing to act as a guarantor for my account. The letter was faxed on April 3rd. I was told by the same guy that all was good, my deposit would be waived, and my service would start as scheduled on April 6th. Great, right? WRONG!

    On May 19th there was a note on my door from my apartment complex stating that they had been billed for electric service from early April to early May. I called TXU to see what the problem was. They told me that service was not started because the deposit had not been paid. I told them that a letter of guarantee had been sent in, in lieu of the deposit. The 'customer service rep' apologized for the error, told me that I was right, and service would be expedited and start in my name within 24 to 48 hours. Again, all was good, right? NOPE!

    In the middle of June, I woke up one hot, sticky, Texas summer morning to find that my electric was off. I called TXU to report a power outage (because surely it wasn't disconnected, as I had been guaranteed that it would not happen... TWICE!). They told me that it was disconnected for non-payment of the deposit. I requested to be connected to a supervisor, explained the entire situation again to her, she again apologized for the error, put in a request to have my electric re-connected, waived the reconnect fee as it was not my fault that it was disconnected to begin with, and again assured me that the deposit had been waived and the my electric would not be disconnected again due to the deposit issue. Not so fast...

    On Friday, July 10th, there were two envelopes in my mailbox from TXU. On was a bill for 551.78 dated 7/3 (keep in mind, I live in a 600 square foot apartment, hardly home, not nearly enough for a $500+ electric bill)... I look at the breakdown of charges and sure enough, there's the friendly deposit fairy waiting for me! I opened the second envelope and it was a disconnection notice for non-payment, dated 7/2. Um, is it just me or is it particularly bad business to send a disconnection notice a day before you send the damn bill?!

    I called TXU, again requested to speak to a supervisor, and attempted to explain the situation from start to finish. While I was talking, he kept cutting me off. I pointed out that I was still talking and that he was interrupting me, not listening. He then said, "Keep talking, you seem to like hearing the sound of your own voice." EXCUSE ME?! What the hell did you just say to me? Completely and utterly uncalled for and unbelievably unprofessional! I requested to speak to a manager above him; he told me that there was no one above him. I called him out on that obvious BS and he then conceded that there was no one available and wouldn't be anyone available until Monday. I was so frustrated at that point that I just ended the call (I did let him know, and didn't just hang up; trying to be the bigger person...).

    I called Monday to request the fax number to have the letter sent (again!). I called again to ask about the time frame for getting the letter and was told that a written letter of guarantee would not be sufficient. For the very first time in more than three months I was told that the process for getting the deposit waived with a letter of guarantee was the following: First, pay the entire $400 deposit (how exactly is this helpful, if I had an extra $400 lying around, I wouldn't be doing this now would I?!) Second, have a three way conference call with TXU, myself, and my guarantor to establish her credibility. Third, TXU would send me a form letter. This letter was to be filled out, signed by myself and my guarantor, and returned to TXU. TXU would then credit the deposit back to my account. I informed him that no one I've ever spoken with has mentioned this 'process' to me before. He simply said, "I don't know what to tell you, that's how it is." I requested to speak to someone above him and was told that it wasn't possible. Again, once the TXU rep was called out on his BS, he conceded to a point, and told me that everyone else is just going to tell me the same thing. I stated that I still wanted to be connected to someone above him. He said, "Fine, hold". Next thing I know I was hung up on!

    To say that their customer service is bad is a complete understatement! The entire corporation is absolutely deplorable! I cannot even imagine how they stay in business with practices like these.

  • Ar
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    so i got home yesterday and noticed my electric was cut off. i looked around the neighborhood and saw that my neighbor had his lights on. so i called txu. the guy that was helping me was soo rude. i had asked why my electric was cut off and he said " you should know why" then he goes to tell me you were sent out a dissconnection notice twice. i told him i never recieved on then he cont. to say yes back in may and june ( it's sept. now)
    i told him yes i probably did but since it's sept. i obviously paid those. then he goes to say " so you're blaming us for turning your lights off for non payment?" " it's not our responsibility to keep up with your bills" i immediately asked to speak with a supervisor.

    after being on hold for 25mins. i supervisor got on the phone. said she was going to look over my account and then hung up on me. i called back this time i spoke to someone who actually took the time to try to figure it out. although i didn't quite understand him he was alot nicer. supposely a payment was made back in april didn't go through. i asked why i wasn't notified and he said " you are the fifth person i've spoken to who didnt rec. a notice it must have been a glitch."

    i really couldn't prove that it was paid because during that time my ex boyfriend was paying the bill from his account. so i just paid it. i'm going to find another electric company today.

  • St
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    I cut off my service over a year ago and paid my final bill. 11 months later I received a call from a collections agency saying that I owed TXU $30 without TXU actually calling me or sending me anything. After dealing with them for 3 months, countless arguments with horrible customer service representatives and non helpful supervisors, and filing an "investigation" I received the same exact response of "it says here that you owe us $30." This is pure criminal, you can't just raise a bill after the fact with no reason or even trying to contact them. I'm livid about the whole thing. They are losing a customer for life over $30, good job TXU, way to run a legitimate "business."

  • Bl
      21st of Jan, 2010
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  • Al
      25th of Jan, 2010
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    I switched to TXU with the promotion in hand of the $25 prepaid gift card and the lady on the phone confirming the gift card. Two months later and a couple of phone calls they act like they don't know what I'm talking about. I now have to go into my files and see if I can find the promotional material stating it. They said I should have received some coupon to send in. Coupon never came. The kicker is, that this coupon expires in 90 days. I'm so angry with them and customer service has been no help. It sounds like they just say whatever to get you off the phone. I should have stayed with Reliant.

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