TWX / Unapproved charges

I filled out a serve and was offer a subscription for 2.00 for a year of two different magazines. So I paid the Two dollars and started to receive the magazines. the one i received every month but the other one I only received 3 issues. I open my bank statement and to my surprise there were 2 charges on there. when i called to find out what it was for i had to use an automated system witch was horrible. I finely spoke to a real person who barely spoke English. i was told that the whole amount would be refunded but then when i asked about the second one they gave me a different number to i called that number and this time it took me over 20 min. to get rid of the automated system and speak to a real person who of course did not speak or understand English very well. she told me they were only going to give me a partial refund. when i asked why she said i had received some of the issues. i tried to explain to her I didn't even receive all the ones i had paid for in the beginning. she said someone would have to call me back. meanwhile with both phone calls they r trying to get me to add subscriptions at a discount price. I kept telling them no. i just want them canceled and the money refunded. ugh. I will never be this stupid again. it is all just a big scam to charge you more and more.

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