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TWX NSS / Umauthorized debit of bank account

1 TX, United States

Out of the blue, my bank account was debited with renewal fees for several magazines via TWX NSS. They literally wiped out my account and caused important checks to bounce, for which I was charged, of course. It left us without funds for groceries, and we care for a seriously ill person.

At this point, the bank considers it merely a dispute and can do nothing for 30 days.

However, I did not authorize TWX NSS to debit my account and did not know who the company was or where they were located. After I called them and after much frustration getting through their abominable voice menu, I spoke to a live person who promised to immediately cancel the subscription and, as I understood, return the money within 72 hours. That did not happen. When I called back, I was told it meant 72 business hours and that they had ordered the refund within 24 hours. I have called several times since and have been given different stories. They started saying it would be nine days.

This has caused deep harm to us already because the funds in our bank included grocery money and funds for our insurance policies. Not only did the debits wipe us out, the bank charges will be almost equal to the amount of the TWX NSS refund -- if it ever arrives.
I believe the problem started when I ordered window blinds from what is a nationally known company -- more than a year ago. They offered a "reward, " which was magazines. I thought I would receive a few samples and that they then would stop. I was shocked when I looked at my account and saw what happened. I am always cautious about things like that, but now it is painfully clear that this “reward” was a phishing attempt to slam my bank account.

When I told them they should have notified me about a pending debit, they told me they didn't have time to do that. I would never have authorized that use, of course.

I tried to get the call center personnel to let me talk to a person in billing to see whether they indeed had ordered the refund. They said they could not do that, and in the final call, they hung up the telephone. The hardened personnel do not care that we have experienced serious hardship because of their policies. What they are doing is truly devastating and frightening.

Meanwhile, I have cancelled my bank card so they and others who somehow may have obtained the number can't use it again. I have notified the FTC and am looking at other state and national agencies in regard to reporting their unethical and, in our case, devastating tactics. Even if the money is returned, bank charges will eat up that amount.

I do hope the government is investigating these “slip-through-the-letter-of-the-law” company policies. I am afraid that call centers in this country are mere barriers for companies and are limiting our means to resolve problems.

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