TWX / Sneeky Company

About 2 weeks ago my teen daughter started receiving a magazine. I emailed the company saying she didn't order it & why did they start sending. No response. Then today a $78. debit in her bank acct.(causing an overdraft of course)from TWX shows. Thanks to the previous postings I called the [protected] number & kept hitting zeros til I got a real person. She said she couldn't do anything because she couldn't find the billing either by address or bank account number. I asked for a supervisor. He "found" the info & said my daughter did know all the terms & conditions. I said I wanted the written proof she had signed to that effect. He said she signed up on the phone through an infomercial. I said no way..I want proof. He said I would have to call the infomercial people to hear a recording. I told him I WAS NOT calling & stuck to my guns saying the charge WOULD be credited. I had to be very insistent & firm. He finally credited & gave me the confirmation number.


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