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Two Tulips Florist / Horrible experience with Two Tulips Florist

1 1441 Coit Rd.Plano, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 972-596-8500

My sister-in-law ordered flowers for Mother's Day through 1800Flowers and they gave the order to Two Tulips Florist. She ordered a bouquet of roses with other flowers in a purple vase from an advertised picture - a value of $95.00 for the special price of $75.00. The flowers did not arrive until 5:00 p.m. on Mother's Day. They sent an arrangement with no roses which was very skimpy, (mostly carnations and daisies) and some of the flowers were already wilted - definitely not a $95.00 bouquet of flowers. My sister called 1800Flowers who apologized and told her that the correct bouquet (with roses) would be sent as a replacement.

Two Tulips Florist did not send the replacement bouquet. My sister in law called 1800Flowers a week later to rerequest the replacement. Two Tulips Florist called my 90 year old mother to tell her that they did not want to give her another purple vase. I intercepted the call and told them that it did not have to be in a purple vase, but it did have to be a replacement bouquet of roses valued at $95.00. They sent a handful of carnations with a few roses in a vase with no greenery - you could get an arrangement like this at any supermarket for about $10.00.

I sent a picture to my sister-in-law who sent it to 1800Flowers. They gave her a complete refund and apologized for the horrible experience.

Two Tulips Florist called my 90 year old mother again - luckily again I intercepted the call. They told me that they would not give the refund unless they could come to pick up the purple vase and the other vase. I told them that as horrible as the flowers were, my mother was still enjoying the ones that were left, and that I would call them when all the flowers were gone and they could pick up the vases. They told me that that was not acceptable - that they would be at my house that afternoon to pick up the vases!

So it wasn't bad enough that they delivered the wrong, skimpy, wilted arrangement at 5:00 on Mother's Day, now they want to take what flowers weren't dead away so they could have the vases! I called 1800Flowers. They were furious. They told me that the refund had already been credited by them, and that Two Tulips Florist had nothing to do with the refund. They also said that it was completely unprofessional for them to have called my mother at all, much less twice, especially the second time when they resorted to extortion to attempt to get the vase back and threatened to come take it and her remaining few flowers from her when they had nothing at all to do with the refund.

I will never use Two Tulips Florist again.
L. Scoggin.

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  • Sa
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    I can't imagine this florist treated this customer in this way. Our company has used this florist for over 2 years without any complaints. We found out that what the wire service gets from the sender isn't what the florist actually receives, they add all kinds of fees and then take almost a third from the receiving florist. I'm sure they only wanted the vase back to recoup some of their loss.people should understand on a holiday, it's impossible for all the orders to get there at the time the sender thinks they should be there, we learned to send a day or 2 ahead, the flowers are the freshest and the the recipant has more time to enjoy them. If this person had talked to the owner I'm sure she would have had a better resolution.

  • El
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    I am the owner of Two tulips florist and I need to set the story straight on this complaint. As usual a customer has gone on line and ordered an arrangement thru a picture thaty is made to look larger than the actual item. The customer also paid alot of extra fee's for this order under the pretense of it being Mothers Day, which drove the price up even further. I received the order into my shop at 4.99 in spite of what the customer paid, out of that 44.99 the wire service takes 27% of it for the services(after they have ripped you off for another 35-45 dollors). The container was almost $8.00 and deliever as wer use extra help at holiday time was $10.00, so that left our shop with aaound 23.00 to make this arrangement with labor cost, flowers and profit. Unfortunatley this arrangement arrived to our customers disatifaction, a problem usually only during holidays as a result to a high volumn of busuiness. When we were notified of the problem we called and offered a new arrangement, they agreed and when we deleivered we asked for the original back and we were told "no", that the flowers were still"good". We tried to explain we couldn't leave the first as they had asked for a replacement, they slammed the door in my face, and then contacted 800 flowers and lied about everthing, we had already told 800 flowers to give the sender back the money as this lady had called us everthing in the book and we just wanted her to be happy, we never argue with a customer, and most of the time refund their money, but to let her have 2 arrangements free was really pushing the issue. She continued to hassel us and 800 flowers and then posted this complaint, enough is enough. We try so hard to keep all our customers happy and have very few complaints, If we had a large issue of complaints we wouldn't be a member of 3 major wire services. Sorry for her unhappiness but this is just too much over a 44.00 arrangement that she got twice plus her money back. Next time she need to call a "real florist" and not some 800 number that will rip her off.

  • Ca
      8th of Nov, 2012
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    Yep, when you order from someone and not direct from a florist you will get ripped off.!!!
    Florists do everything they can to make a customer happy, but you can't expect 2 things and your money back. If i didn't find my shoes to be what I ordered, the company won't give me a refund and the shoes, nope they want their stuff back, why shouldn't the florist have the same privalge!! Someone always wants something for free,

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