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two of us mature singles / dating

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I bought their service on December 16th. I wanted to cancel it within 2 days (December 18th 2009), but hey refused to refund me. I did not receive any service from them during these two days and I will not acept any service from them in the future. yet they refuse to refund me.

these guys rob your money. they are very manipulative and they use high pressure sale techniques. THEY ALSO HAVE COME UP WITH TECHNIQUES THAT PROTECT THEM AGAINST COMPLAINTS.below I will describe these techniques:

1- the picture they take from you for their dating profile does not need to be a ood picture of you. their employee just takes a picture of you without any preparation or something. This is becasue they are not going to use that picture for dating; that picture is only to be used for a proof that you had gone to their office (see below)

2- they deny that they had imposed pressure on you. They argue that since you have voluntarily gone to their office, there have been no pressure. For proving that you had gone to their office, they show the picture they had taken from you. The problem with their argument is that I didn't go there for the purpose of buying their service. I went there only to get some information about their rates to bring home and think about it. But when I was there, they put me under pressure and told that the ""discounts" that they were presenting to me would not be available to me if I take it home.

3- I had filled my contact information on December 15th in the website of another company called the "mature singles" dating service. I did this because I did not find any complaint against the "mature singles" company. later that day, someone called me and told she is following up the info I entered on the website. I asked for the rates, she told that she cannot give the rates over the phone. she scheduled an appointment for me to go to their office. I went to that office under the assumption that I was going to the "mature singles" office. Had the telephone agent told me that they are not the "mature singles" company I would have never gone to their office. Had the telphone representatie told me that the real name of their company is "two of us" I would have the opportunity to search thewir name on internet and find out about the numerous complaints that exist against them.

4- when I left there, they didn't give me any receipt to take with me, and I was "too warm" to ask for one. BEWARE about this. Now that I want a refund they blame me for not taking the receipt; they say that I was in a hury to leave; but this is wrong. Ironaically, while they agree they didn't give me any receipt, they refer to a stateent in the receipt that their sale has been an "iron clad" contract and cannot be refunded. beware, do not give you a receipt but then they blame you for not taking a receipt. even they may try to deceive you by saying that they rushed behind you to give you the receipt back or that they called you to ask you to coe again to take your receipt, but all these are staged.

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      6th of Jan, 2010
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    My free consultation experienced primarily mirrored the above complaint. I too requested the financial package information when I was called after submitting information online and was told the interviewer would go over all that because it's curtailed to the individual person's needs/budget. Initially I was asked if I could come that night, I declined.

    All of this began with the mature singles website, then getting to the location and finding "Two For Us", Corey (interviewer in the LA office) explained that Two for Us has a marketing strategy that targets various demographics ergo the name difference. One thing I did not do is fill out the financial information and that is because I am in the research phase. I was never asked to produce my driver's license because I made it clear that I would not be making any membership decision on that day and that I would be meeting with other matchmaking agencies. I asked to see the various packages in writing and did see some. I asked a lot of questions and they were answered. I was offered a more discounted rate but told that that discounted rate was only for a week. That's a sales tactic creating a sense of urgency and well that's what they do. Sales tacket-common. I was asked for the name of the other places that I was researching/comparing but I did not provide them. So basically the interviewer kind of had to sell me on Two for Us.

    I did notice that I was being asked for information that I had already written on line and filled out on the paperwork. That is a pet peeve of mine. An explanation was given for that but personally I think, don't require me to provide information that you aren't going to review. I dislike covering the same ground-over and over. Anyhow that didn't really represent a personalized approach to me although it was at the beginning. Overall I left with a good feeling, although I did think the experience was kind of like time share presentations if you've ever been to one you know what I mean.

    When I came home I continued online research, but now had the name of Two of Us and voila, pay dirt. All the truth came out in review after review. Person after person recommended going to the Better Business Bureaus website to file complaints and request refunds-many consumers had already done so. As I read the complaints on the BBB and the resolutions I noticed that Two of Us had become more savvy over the years in figuring out how to hold onto the money and get around refunds.

    So unfortunate because the concept is brilliant and could be done effectively if kept at a boutique style which would truly personalize the service. I noticed that several complainants were organizing online for class action lawsuits.

    Thanks so much for submitting your complaint and thanks to every one who took the time to report to the BBB. Kudos to the BBB for providing such an invaluable service.

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      3rd of Dec, 2010
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    Thank you so very much! I was just considering it... what a horrible thing to do to people when all they want is to be loved. :( If I had been taken, I would be contacting an attorney, blogging and anything I could to get as many people as I could find that has fallen for this together and stop them. I am so sorry for your loses, don't give up :) God surely doesn't want us to stay lonely. Merry Christmas.

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      17th of Mar, 2011
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    I too, filled out an online questionnaire i.e. Mature Singles Only. I thought I was filling out one for but was mistaken.
    A young girl called me the next day at least four times and the same the following days until I was home to answer. She was like a speed speaker and obviously reading from a cue card, as she stumbled over and over again. They asked the same questions that I had already answered which I felt was a waste of my time. And asked about my income and weather I had a criminal record. She was quite anxious to get me in for an appointment to discuss financial arrangements. I told her that I was on a fixed income and would like to know over the phone the cost of their service. She insisted that that information wasn't available to me unless I presented myself in person. I told her that I didn't want to waste her time if it was something I couldn't afford. Again she refused and I put her off 'til the end of April. I wanted to gather my thoughts and let her know what I think about their sales' tactics. BUYER BEWARE! ANYONE COMPANY NOT WILLING TO AT LEAST GIVE YOU AN APPROXIMATE PRICE RANGE IS A COMPANY THAT IS GOING TO BAMBOOZLE YOU INTO SOMETHING YOU REALLY DON'T WANT.

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