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Two Of Us Dating Services / Fraud and cheating

1 18300 Von Karman Ave, Ste 950Irvine, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 949-910-0090

I guess I fell for the trap. I am a selective person and never thought of myself as needing the services of a dating agency. I didn't realize that is what this was when I set up an appointment to come in and find out about what they could help me with. I originally responded to an online dating website called Turns out they sold my name to Two of Us.

The person I met with who is a Membership Counselor she came across pretty legit and serious. However, what I didn't realize is that I would have to sign up for their service on my initial visit. She explained they required that because this ensured all their members were serious about finding the right person for them.

I know I should have known better than falling for this but I did. The agreement I signed yesterday morning has a 3 day cooling off period clause so after reading this I will cancel and ask for a full refund. I typically do my homework before hand but I was too busy at work this week and had not time for it prior to my meeting. I figured I would have time to do it after the fact, but they are really good at getting you to sign on the spot.

Single women, please beware.


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  • Mo
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    Dating Services - Services
    The Right One
    United States

    I was a member and I do agree with the statements above. The dating service is just a scam. They sent me matches that were not within the criteria and they took a long time to reply or return phone calls. I decided to stop the membership payments.

    I was harassed on the phone by the customer representatives and they even threaten me to pay them back.
    I told them about the poor service, lack of professionalism and I was totally dissatisfied with the company, that in my point of view, I should not have to pay for services I did not get.

    I even went to the offices and they assured me that a representative was going to get in touch with me, I am still waiting for the phone call. I wrote them an e-mail about trying to sell the membership, I am still waiting for the forms they were going to send me.

    As you may see, I tried the best to get this solved, but it seems that they just want their money in the bank. The only time I hear from them is to collect money.
    I still owe $1, 288 of which I am not thinking of paying a single cent, even though it will hurt my credit but 7 years can go really fast.

  • Ro
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    Company information:
    Two Of Us Dating Services
    Pittsburgh, PA
    United States

    I totally agree. DO NOT USE TWO-OF-US FOR A DATING SERVICE. Like the person above I normally wouldn't even have considered using a dating service. And also like that person I responded to and also just like, Two-Of-Us contacted me. They were in a big rush to get me in there and asked what my spontaeity level was. Seemingly encouraged by this they wanted me to come in THAT NIGHT.

    I declined but came in the next day, on my day off, a Saturday which I really didn't want to do.

    Again like the person above, I met with a counselor who was persuasive and serious and for the mere price of $4000, yes four thousand dollars, I could join and be matched with up to 24 single women in my age group. They make you take a personality profile and also ASK you a few questions about the person you are attracted to. Questions about physical attributes...nothing in the form written down.

    They also ask for an ADDITIONAL $500 if you want to be a "preferred member" and put you at the front of the line so to speak. NO REFUNDS AT ANY TIME!

    Keep in mind YOU SEE NO PICTURE WHATSOEVER OF THE PERSON. Once you pay your bargain $4500 they enter your data into a piece of software and every 2-6 weeks the software matches you with another person. You have no say in the matter. Each person gets a very brief email stating the other person's name, city, home phone, age, race, eye color, hair color, and a couple interests. THAT'S IT. It's up to you to call her/him (I never got called), introduce yourself, and set up a date. You may be shocked when you get to the meeting place. They may look nothing like what you asked for. Needless to say I went on a few dates, I was nice, but the chemistry wasn't there.

    Then I called a couple girls and either got no return call or they acted like it creeped them out or I was bothering them.

    Therefore I can absolutely say it was a waste of money and I feel cheated. Complete waste of money, I might as well have flushed $4500 down the toilet. I asked for a refund after 2 dates, 2 rejections, and 2 setups that I didn't persue and they said they don't give refunds and they could put me on hold until I was ready. And oh by the way, if they don't hear from you for four months your contract is DONE. It's a total SCAM.

    I CAN't STRESS ENOUGH, DO NOT USE TWO-OF-US DATING SERVICE!!! I'm going to campaign hard against them...

  • Fr
      9th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I too was scammed by Two of us (formerly Together) The scammer I had met with (Pam, manager in Bridgewater, NJ) actually played upon my emotions concerning a recent divorce, and I regret to say that she had me in tears. She told me that I deserved to love and be loved again and that they had a 90+ success rate among their members. I should have suspected when she said that there were 7000+ members in new jersey alone, (which sounds like alot) but I realized later that when you break it down, (by age, location, interest etc.) You wind up with very few prospective dates that are actually compatible! It is actually just as much a crapshoot as walking in to a bar scene! Contrary to some, I did not have a "cooling off" period in which to cancel, and felt "buyer's remorse" immediately afterward. I spent 3000 dollars on 5 introductions (after I had talked her down from 4000) and am now realizing it wasn't even worth 300. A fool and his money are soon parted. Better to take an ad in the paper, or deal with the internet sites bull than this.

  • Ff
      10th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree this is a total scam, unfortunately I fell for it as well. It was a great sales pitch (BEWARE THE PERSON I MET WAS MYRA IN THE BRIDGEWATER OFFICE AND THE MANAGING DIRECTOR IS PAM). The sales pitch was great but they have POOR SERVICE, HORRIBLE SERVICE (CALL BACKS TAKE FOREVER), and who knows what type of logic is used to match someone. It is a crap shoot; the person i met with said she has been doing this for over 10 years, and you would think there would be better matches but definitely no!

  • Mi
      14th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    ditto to all of the above. I fell for it, too. Is there any legal action being taken anywhere?

  • Ro
      14th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Correction on my earlier email. The cost was not $4000, it was $4783+500=$5283.

    I am embarrassed to admit that I blew over 5 grand on absolutely nothing.

    I am an Engineer and usually am more cautious and skeptical, but the sales pitch revolved around “you get what you pay for” and “imagine the quality of women who will pay this price for this service” and “we have a very high success rate”.

    Basically I plunked down 5 grand for filling out a form, going through an interview, getting my info entered into a program, then the program churns, puts out a match, and I get an anonymous email. The first two matches ended up being total flops. Then I have to go back and enter feedback on my own. So basically I am gathering and entering data and paying THEM for it. Think about that for a second.

    Agreed that who knows how the matching program works. I do some computer programming and I honestly feel with a little research I could develop a process that works better than this and still make a ton of money. I would also probably give a trial period where you could get a partial refund depending on how much time and effort had been spent. That way no one feels like it was a total loss.

    I think it’s unethical and bad business for them not to give at least a partial refund. I understand that they are trying to protect themselves from someone finding someone and they claiming that they did not. Then the scammer would try to get their money back, but damn.

    Honestly I HAVE done better with MySpace and FaceBook, and they are free.

    I look at the wording in the contract and it seems pretty solid.

    Currently I know of no legal action but I am thinking of contacting a lawyer. I am interested in helping to get the word out there for other people so they won’t have to go through what we did. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe a website or something?

  • It
      8th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Simply put, I find it rather ridiculous to have such strong opinions and to slam a company because you have "buyer's remorse." Two of us changed my life. I have been happily married for 2 years, even invited the office to my wedding and still continue a relationship with them, receiving anniversary gifts and continual contact to make sure I'm still happily married, to a wonderful man might I add. Comparing a professional dating service to the bar scene is unfathomable. Did you know 2% of married people met in bars and a tiny fraction of them stay married for more than 4 years. There is no comparison what-so-ever and continuing that pattern to find love will keep you lonely and susceptible to be scammed date after date after date with incompatible people.
    It's fine to have opinions, Jayne, but frankly, it's sad that you come here to complain about something YOU NEVER EVEN TRIED. Crying about your last divorce sounds like you aren't even ready to TRY! Or maybe it's because you can't afford it? Because it's not worth having to send in feedback? Seriously now, the feedback is to constantly improve future dates. I went through 6 dates before meeting my husband. All the men they set me up with were exactly what I was looking for, but there wasn't any chemistry. Whose fault is that? They can't control attraction. What they control is the compatibility and potential longevity of the relationship with the people they match you with. I suggest you keep looking online, keeping scrolling through endless pictures of people and never get out there at all. Just sit behind your computer with so much time on your hands that you want to create a website? You must be lonely. Or you can go to bar to meet that special someone who's likely to be an alcoholic anyway.

  • In
      16th of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    TWO OF US IS A COMPLETE SCAM. They took my money and did nothing for me. Sent me one loser, the complete opposite of what I told them I needed, or wanted, and I never heard from them since. exept when is time for the harrassing call from the collection agency, they sell the accounts to. (Monterey Financial Svcs) another scam.

  • Ge
      6th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have the same views as most of the people who post-ed here, and have a response to the one woman who had success. I've been to more than one of these sites, and see the same thing at all of them. I found my first girlfriend through Great Expectations years ago, but they committed fraud in signing me up by making promises they could never deliver on, but it wasn't worth worrying about for the low price I paid. I final-ly realized, that if sob enough about the money, they'll buckle because they want the sale badly enough. I'm also sure that most, if not all, of this complaining is being done through this anonymous internet, so you're reading this without having the full effect of the human vocal emotions coming out. A BIG difference.
    I went to the office in Ontario, California twice, and didn't sign up because I also didn't like the idea of not being able to see a picture of the person I was be-ing matched up with. I don't like that idea. Looks, as superficial as this may seem, as a very important part of the equation and very subjective. That's just a fact of life. I also didn't like the idea of not being able to get a refund if you didn't meet anyone or didn't use your entire membership.
    They say you can transfer or sell the remainder of it. Well, I live in Southern California, and people are maybe nice and smiley on the surface, but not gen-erally sincere underneath. You have to have a circle of friends in order to be able to do that. I went home after my 2nd meeting with them, and as I was driv-ing I said to myself, "Self, I wonder what this all breaks down to per date before any actual money is spent on the date itself.
    Folks! Buckle your seatbelt for this. The lowest price came out to about $250 per date. I don't know about you, but that's expensive, and you never get to even meet the matchmaker. Now to the person who felt we were all complainers, here's my response. Whenever I look for reviews on anything now on the internet, I like to find out the ratio between the good and the bad. you have no idea who these people are and probably never will, and don't know if the god responses are shills or real people. I don't care anyhow.
    I read them all and look for the ratio. I try to egt a general idea and also look for how diverse they are as far as how much of they country they cover.

    Gene J.

  • Li
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Totally agree with the above persons commet. They are a scam and do absolutely no follow up. I refuse to make the 1sr call and should have followed my 1st instincts when I went for my appointment. Aslo on a Sat. and all I saw were these glamour girls (whom I thought were a little over-dressed for the job; as if they wanted these dates for themselves. Only have had 1 contact and the 2nd never did call after over a month called to complain and that has been over two weeks and to this day have not gotten another new contact. I was under the impression you got 5 total, so far in my mind have had only 1 and the 2nd does not count, has he did not call and I will not make the 1st call. Also was told alot of men in my area available??????Where are they.

  • Mi
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    lindalimone, I have had a similar experience that some times make me wonder if the person is actually real or not. I did go in and meet my matchmaker and have gone on a very nice date since. But, most of them never call in the first place.

    I am 55 and they told me the same thing..."many men your age group." I am curious if you are in the same age group? Actually, if would good ot know what age groups any of you are in. If it is happening to the younger people I would be even more suspicious.

  • Sk
      29th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I was contacted my "Two of Us" today telling me that they had my profile. I never sent my profile to them. The guy was very adamant that I make an appointment and didn't want me to get off the phone. Luckily, I was consistent and told him that I wanted to "check them out" and I would call him back. I'm glad that I did!!

  • Ge
      6th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    They should call this company “Let Us Screw You Two Ways for Us”
    Stay away from this false service.
    I should have known better when we started negotiating the price. They start at $4, 500.00 and they go back forth to the “manager” like your buying a car. You sign a contract with a three-day cancel clause. They send you a phone number “hand picked” buy a computer two weeks later. I here some people actually pay $4, 500.00, I am so sorry for you. I got taken for a lot less but I got taken.

    The matching is really bad. You give them your money, your wish list and you get the opposite. They tell you to add more to your wish list so they can match you closer and you get something even worse. I believe they just want you to give up and go away. They have your money, you signed a “Your Are a Real Stupid Fool!” contract, you feel taken and they are fat and happy.

    If someone finds away to stop them, let me know.

  • Mi
      7th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    $4, 500 is nothing. They started me @ $20, 000. What a great salesman. perfect.

    I got them down to $2, 000. But, even that is ridiculous. Oh, well. I think the only way to do anything is through the better business bureau.

  • St
      22nd of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Wow! I'm lucky I happened across this site. I was just in the process of filing a complaint with the BBB regarding Two of Us, Inc., & I wanted to verify their address (Lawrenceville, NJ), when I saw this complaint board. I'm relieved, though I felt like I was punched in the stomach by them, but I they didn't get any money from me, unlike the rest of you! I was harrassed into making a hasty appt. with them, even though I initially felt uncomfortable, & then couldn't find a babysitter. I was called by Scott @ 6:00 pm on Fri. night to verify, told him I was having trouble finding a sitter & might not be able to make it . Prior to his call I just arrived at home after a hard day of work, didn't have much to eat that day, & I needed to take my son out for a few errands, I was a little frazzled needless to say. He immediately stated that I could not cancel, as it would be impossible to fill my spot at such short notice. I stated that I could still make phone calls to arrange care for my son, but he cut me off & said that I could not cancel either way. I got mad & hung up on him. He called right back & left an unbelieveable message for me! " It was rude of me to hang up & inconsiderate of me to cancel at the last minute, and probably explains why I'm still single!! Don't submit any profiles in the future, we are taking you out of our database & good luck in the single scene!! " I saved this message, it was actually more harsh, even hurtful, but I'm glad I hesitated going further with this, & sorry so many people are losing money this way, I feel so much better getting this off my mind, good luck & success to everyone! Anne

  • Su
      26th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I joined the two of us 3 wks ago, got 2 refferals 5 days ago and neither one of these men have called me yet, one match didn't even share the same interest as me! Wondered how they came to match us up. And yes, I too was taken for a large amount of money. They said if I wanted to meet quality men who were serious about having a relationship than I should be willing to pay this amount. They only except the "good" people who are looking for long term relationships. And ask me if I thought I was worth it. I thought the fact that they didn't put my info on the internet or put my picture out there for everyone to see, was a great selling point since I am a single mom. However, The amount took me by surprise, I drove home sick to my stomach that I had just spent this outragous amount of money trying to find a quality man for my son and myself, read the entire contract and saw there was no canceling at anytime, all terms were final. Wonder if there is any way to file a class action suit? Well another lesson in living and learning, i guess. I just feel bad that I should've put that money into my sons savings account instead. Guess single isn't so bad.

  • Mi
      28th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I would definitely be game for going after them.

  • Ar
      1st of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I would certainly say it is a scam too. I signed up in late 2005, and they STILL owe me my 5 dates (I "got" four which were best put as learning experiences but no real matches). It was for $2500, which breaks down to $500 a date. I figuired it was worth it if things actually went anywhere. Recently, I got a letter from a bankruptcy lawyer for the Bridgewater, NJ office that I signed up with saying I'm a creditor. I'm not sure if it is for the whole organization or just that "chapter". So much for going after them.

  • Li
      8th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    After $3, 000 of fradulent promises I am taking them to small claims court for breach of contract! BEWARE They have excellent sales people that say they have a data base of what you are looking for. After 3 months I got no one! The one person they sent me was NOT within my requirements. This is a scam and I intend to sue.

  • Li
      8th of Sep, 2009
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