Two of a Kind Limo / Poor Service & Not getting what we ordered

1 Woobridge, ON, Canada

I would like to start off by expression how I am disgusted and disappointed with the service I received from Two of a Kind Limo.

I booked your limo service a month ago to take a bunch of us downtown for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. I requested the Hummer Limo. A week before the event I called requesting to change the limo to a smaller one, unfortunately our group got smaller, I spoke to a gentleman about the option and he told me that unfortunately everything was booked and we could not change the limo. He even said to make sure I get the driver’s card just in case he needs to pick us up early if we get kicked out for fighting (I said why would you say that, he said your coming from Newmarket, then he continued to joke and say oh wait that would be a Keswick crowd), we laughed a bit and joked, he was very pleasant.

I thought, wow I got a great deal $550.00 all in, plus this company sounds professional and very accommodating. If I need to be picked up early we can, no matter what the situation is.

Saturday, March 16, 2013 comes around, the limo driver shows up at 8:45pm he’s on time, but to my surprise I don’t get the Hummer Limo that I specifically requested, I get a limo bus, granted it is an upgrade and I didn’t get charged for it, but that’s not what I requested or wanted, I made it very clear that I wanted the Hummer Limo. When I called a week before I was told that everything was booked and I couldn’t switch, so why did I get a bus? I did not request the bus nor did I want the bus…. It was the HUMMER LIMO I wanted and requested a month ago. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, the driver Martin had me sign the credit card slip, but did not give me a copy, why is that? I should definitely have a copy of something that I signed. I gave him the remaining funds and asked him for a business card with his cell number. He checked his clip board, and his pockets and had nothing, he said when we get on the bus he would give me one.

We now all get into this bus, and we ask him if the radio works he said I don’t know, what do you mean you do not know? the TV in the bus didn’t work either. After trying to get the radio to work he finally decides to help us, I guess he was getting frustrated that we couldn’t figure it out, but I mean if he just helped when we asked we would not have a problem.

Well let me tell you Martin could not drive, he hit the brakes and gas more than enough times, that people were getting thrown around the bus. How can you have someone drive a limo bus, when they can’t drive period?

We get to our venue by 10:00pm, everything is on schedule, again I had to ask him numerous times for his telephone number. He rips an envelope and writes a number down, and clearly says, if you need me to come early to get you just call me.

Our group goes into the venue, when one of the couples receive a call that’s an emergency so we have to leave. We are in this venue ½ hr. I’m sure Martin hasn’t even hit the highway yet, since he struggled with driving and turning the bus around. We all leave the bar and try to call Martin on the number we received from him. Well he didn’t bother turning his phone on, all we received was the automated recording that the customer you are trying to reach is not available. He just dropped us off how can he not be available.

Our group was now stranded downtown, your driver wouldn’t answer the phone, and after several attempts someone from our group got a hold of dispatch, who was rude and hung up on him. She told him, we werer stuck in Toronto until 2:30am when the driver returns. Apparently this was in the contract, which by the way I never received or signed a contract . Your representative and your driver said to me, call if you need an early pick up. I was never informed I was stuck downtown until 2:30am.

Two of a Kind Limo, had truly ruined our night, what was supposed to be a great night, turned into a $800.00 night and a nightmare. I got stuck paying an additional $250.00 to get two cabs back to Newmarket.

I am requesting that I receive my money back from Two of a Kind Limo. You provided poor service, did not give the car we ordered, nor did we get the service we paid for.

I have now sent several emails to the company, and no one has bothered to acknowledge them. I have telephone logs showing that we tried to call the driver and everything.

Mar 19, 2013

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