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Twin City Events / compensation

1 Plymouth, MN, United States

I'm a former employee of this company. I used to work minimum 10-15 hour days for this company and was only compensated for 8 (if i mad any money at all that is). They would require us to come to meetings and if you were a leader or above position wise you were also required to stay late waiting for them to get done with their interviews and get everything ready for the next day. all without compensation. I hear there may be a lawsuit for former employees because of the lost wages and if anyone knows about that i would like to know how to get involved with it. One of the managers Valentina would also do very shady things with money. We suspected that they were taking items that were donated and reselling them to turn a profit. They would also charge $1 tax for every $10 which is more than mn tax actually is most times they would charge the dollar tax on items as low as five dollars as well, and than they would pocket all the money made on excess tax. At the end of the night we would have to settle up our money where we would count our money and make sure it added up to the amount of inventory we had, and if you were short they would make you pay out of pocket to come out even, This was a problem when they would intentionally mess with your tickets so than you would come out short and pocket your money. I was a victim of that, I lost $60 that day out of pocket, not to mention the many times i was one or five dollars short. That adds up.


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